Jura D6 VS. Philips 3200: 7 Distinctions You Should Be Aware Of!

Since their initial releases back in 2019, both of them have been competing with each other on the market. Both are viewed as ideal entry-level super-automatic espresso machines. But this fact doesn’t take anything from them, and we’re here to show you that as well.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense start to your super-automatic espresso experience, picking any of these two will be wise. The fact that the D6 and the 3200 have been on the market for this long underlines their popularity. Both of them are praised for ensuring a premium barista experience without demolishing your wallet.

Our comprehensive Jura D6 vs. Philips 3200 comparison is here to discuss all the contrasts so that you can ultimately decide between the two.    

Jura D6 VS. Philips 3200: The Comparison Tables

We’ve gathered all the aspects of these two espresso machines and pitted them against each other for your perusal. This table will help you understand what’s to come in later discussions as well as help you build a concise picture of their strengths and weaknesses.


CategoryJura D6Philips 3200
Power Consumption (Watt)14501500
InterfaceText Display with Buttons & DialsFull Touchscreen
GrinderSteel Conical BurrCeramic Flat Burr
Milk FrotherCappuccinatorePanarello w/ Integrated Carafe
Min – Max Cup Height (in)2.6 – 4.43.3 – 6.9
Water Reservoir (oz.)64.260.9
Bean Hopper (oz.)6.89.9
Used Grounds Container Capacity1612
Specialty Drinks35
Coffee Strength Levels43
Brew Temperature Levels23
Hot Water Levels23
Only Milk Foam OptionYesNo
Removable Brew GroupNoYes
Pre-Ground Powder ChuteNoYes
Weight (lbs.)1821.1
Dimensions (W x H x D) (in)11.0 x 13.6 x 16.314.6 x 9.7 x 17


CategoryJura D6Philips 3200
TypeSuper AutomaticSuper Automatic
MaterialPlastic & Stainless SteelPlastic & Stainless Steel
Grinder Levels1212
Boiler & Pump PressureSingle & 15-barSingle & 15-bar
2-Cup FunctionYesYes
Milk Temperature ControlNoNo
Hot MilkNoNo

Philips 3200 VS. Jura D6: Key Differences

Interface And Overall Construction

The intuitive plain text display of the Jura D6 isn’t anything fancy. But it’s perfectly efficient, easy to understand, and easy to operate—ideal for someone who doesn’t like to fuss over the controls. The Philips 3200 is more charming in this case, but don’t forget, that this one’s full touchscreen user interface is an absolute thing of beauty as well.

Its interface is sleek, easy, and always ready to serve. Even if the 3200 model is slightly bigger and heavier than the Jura D6, it has a more compact design than the Jura D6. Solely, because of how it was evenly constructed dimension-wise and the better combination of plastic and steel on its exterior.

Grinder Type And Settings

The Jura D6 comes with an integrated Aroma G2 grinder. It’s a stainless-steel-made conical burr grinder. Its 12 adjustable grind settings are great for espresso, coffee, and cappuccino. Its grinder is also capable of preserving the great flavors and aromas of the beans. Philips 3200’s grinder is a ceramic-made flat-burr grinder. Like the Jura D6, it also has 12 grind sizes—ideal for a broad range of recipes. The 3200 in this regard offers a better grinder as ceramic flat burrs are known for their consistency and longevity. Moreover, the Aroma G2 grinder of the D6 is quite noisy.

Dosing And Tamping

As the Philips 3200 and Jura D6 are super-automatics, you won’t have to handle the dosing and tamping steps. Ideal for beginners and convenient for all. Both models have their own brand-specific pre-infusion technology. Jura’s pulse extraction process (P.E.P.) produces impressive espresso and coffee shots. On the other hand, the 3200 uses an intelligent brewing system to pull the shots. Jura D6 uses 16 grams of ground per shot, whereas the Philips 3200 uses 14 grams. When compared, Jura’s shot quality was better than the 3200’s. But as we’ve mentioned already, both are still way better than the rest of their competition.   

Drink Customizations

You can only make 3 drinks (espresso, cappuccino, and coffee) with Jura D6. Philips 3200, on the other hand, is capable of making 5 drinks (espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano, and black coffee). When it comes to drinking customization, Jura D6 offers more, as you’ll be able to select between 4 different brew strengths, 2 brew temperatures, and 2 hot water temperatures. The Philips 3200 has more brew and hot water temperature levels (both 3 levels), but it has just 3 strength levels. Moreover, the D6 has only a milk foam option, which the 3200 doesn’t.

Storage Capacities

In this regard, both machines have crucial differences. The Philips 3200 has a smaller water reservoir and ground container compared to the D6. But the bean hopper is way bigger than the D6’s. But the bean hopper is bigger than the D6 hopper. The 3200 also fairs well when it comes to providing more adjustable height for cups, mugs, and glasses compared to the Jura D6.

Milk System

The Jura D6 doesn’t come with a carafe, unlike the Philips 3200. Additionally, it offers less control. The Philips 3200 has an integrated steam wand system with its own carafe and more control. Even though both machines can do milk froth microfoam, the Jura D6’s performance was slightly better. But if you like more control, then the 3200’s Panarello (the default) or LatteGo milk system performs way better overall.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Both models have very convenient automated cleaning cycles. It´s also possible to clean both of these espresso machines using cleaning tablets as well. The key difference is that the Jura D6 is entirely dependent on Jura’s cleaning solutions and tablets. Moreover, the Philips 3200 has the option of removing its brew group for a thorough cleaning process, which is not the same as the Jura D6.

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, 37 ounces, Black
Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo, Black, EP3241/54

What Are The Similarities?

  • Both of these machines have a single boiler heating system and a 15-bar pump pressure mechanism
  • You can use the 2-cup function with the Philips 3200 as well as with the Jura D6. But for both, it’s for non-milk functions only
  • Both of them have their own one-touch features. The Jura D6 has a one-touch cappuccino feature, and the 3200 has a one-touch Americano feature
  • Even though neither of these machines can control hot milk temperature, both of them are masters at making thick crema and silky smooth coffee crema

Overview Of Jura D6

The Jura D6 is an updated model of the Impressa C60 and C65 machines. This Jura model is intended as a low-cost, entry-level super-automatic espresso machine. The most eye-catching aspect of the D6 is its affordability as a Jura super-automatic machine. It has an impressive reservoir capacity, which means you can brew a lot without needing frequent refills. The Jura D6 is also a fine transitional piece from a semi-automatic to a modern-style super-automatic, as it offers programmability without giving off any intimidation factors. The D6 is one of the best compact Jura models ever.

You can bet your bottom dollar on the D6’s espresso brew quality, thick crema on top, and robust flavors. Yes, the recipes are limited, but the D6 is all about quality over quantity. Adjustable strengths, adjustable grind settings, and the one-touch cappuccino function are the epitome of Jura’s innovation. Another plus with the D6 is its smart CLEARYL water filter, which helps to carry out all the automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles. The D6’s Aroma G2 grinder is good, but it’s a loud grinder—quite uncharacteristic of a super-automatic machine.

Overview Of Philips 3200

The introduction of the Philips 3200 back in 2019, changed the market and consumer behavior like never before. Philips brought a super-automatic machine that is not only budget-friendly but also full of no-nonsense features. Moreover, its large bean hopper and pre-infusion technology ensure quality cups of coffee every morning for your family. And we can’t skip past that full, smart touchscreen user interface. You can access all the functions with a couple of swipes of your fingers, and voila, it’s done!

Just like the Jura D6, the Philips 3200 is also known for high-quality espresso extraction. Furthermore, it offers more recipes like latte macchiato, Americano, and black coffee—and don’t forget that the Americano has a one-touch function! With a simple connection to the milk carafe, you’re minutes away from delicious cups of cappuccino and macchiato. The 3200 is also compact, easy to move around, and fits in smaller spaces. Even after all of that, we’re kind of disappointed in its small used grounds container and limited control over the frothing process.


How do I prepare 2 cups of coffee at the same time with the Jura D6?

Just press the start button twice in rapid succession to enable double shots from the spouts.

Does the Philips 3200 come with a milk frother?

Yes, it does come with its own Panarello steam wand and milk carafe. This machine can also be upgraded to the automatic LatteGo milk system.

Does the Jura D6 have a powder chute for pre-ground coffee?

No, it doesn’t have that feature. So decaf coffee lovers have to look somewhere else.

Does the Philips 3200 have an automatic shutoff?

Yes, it does have an automatic shutoff feature. You can also set the idle time length before the feature triggers itself. By default, the 3200 turns itself off and rinses after just 15 minutes of idleness.

Can the D6 start brewing through the Jura app?

No, it can’t, unfortunately. It requires you to manually start the machine.


For the general masses, the Philips 3200 will be a more suitable choice, and honestly, we understand that. The Philips 3200 is a much more affordable super-automatic espresso machine than the Jura D6. And there’s no tomfoolery aspect to this machine either. Philips really wanted to challenge the market with the release of the 3200, especially when you consider the price.

So, what about the Jura D6? It has its following, and they have their legitimate reasons too! Yes, Jura machines seem overpriced most of the time. But very few people talk about what those machines offer for that price. Jura machines, including the D6, create unbelievable espresso shots with thick crema throughout the lifespans of these machines. The D6 is robust and aesthetically pleasing in most environments. Its fine foam texture is superior to all of its competitors. And if you want a safe, long-term investment, the Jura D6 is your prime choice.

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