Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder Review: Perfect Freshly Ground Beans For Your Espresso, Drip, and French Press

Only true coffee lovers know how freshly ground coffee beans always make the best-tasting coffee. The Mr. Coffee 18-Cup Automatic Burr Grinder is designed just for that — freshly ground coffee every day with one simple touch. Our Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder review will show how easy it is to grind beans with consistency and flavor. Grind range exists from regular drip coffee to finer espresso settings which covers all the favorite coffee beverages grinds. We already know that burr grinders are the best way to grind whole beans. So, let’s take an in-depth look at it here!

Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder Review: Key Features

18 Preset Grind Settings

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Grinder is designed with 18 grind-size settings. It starts from coarse and ends with an ultra-fine level. So it covers all grind levels for any desired brewing method – from French press to espresso brewing. It also helps you avoid wasting coffee grinds as you’ll see in the next section it has a setting to let you know the number of cups of coffee you want to grind beans for.

18 Different Cup Capacity

The cup selector setting allows you to measure the grind amount you need. It ranges from 2 cups amount to a maximum of 18 cups amount. It’s there for you to prevent coffee wastage for your grind. Please note that, in this case, a ‘cup’ of beans amounts to only one tablespoon of coffee grind.

The Bean Hopper Capacity

This burr grinder also comes with a large bean hopper. It can hold up to a maximum of 1/2 lb. of coffee beans. It’s also a detachable hopper which makes things easy for daily use and cleaning. Beneath, you have also a large-sized ground storage container. Many other burr grinders only facilitate a few tablespoons worth of grounds at a time. But Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder can also be used for bulk grinding with this hopper and ground storage capacities.

Detachable Grind Chamber

The dishwasher-safe grind chamber is easily removable for effortless cleaning. You must unscrew first and remove the hopper to clean the burrs. This means you also have to empty out the beans first into another container.

Safety Locking Switches

To ensure safety while operational it comes with safety locking switches. The manufacturer designed the safety lockings to make sure that the grinder and hoppers remain intact first before starting to operate. Also, these safety switches are hard to reach children. One of the underrated features that many Mr coffee burr grinder reviews missed.

Affordably Priced

Another reason why Mr. Coffee’s burr grinder gets praised for. It’s not only made more affordable than most of its competition but also made more affordable than many other blade grinders available on the market. For budget-conscious customers, this fact makes it instantly better than literally any blade grinder out there. Price is also very important if you’re considering replacements. This may become your 2nd grinder, so if it costs less, you could end up saving money.

Pros And Cons


  • Wide range of grind settings
  • Grind qualities are consistent
  • Detachable parts are easy to clean
  • Can grind and store a large number of beans at once
  • Customer support from further modifications or replacement supplies
  • Low maintenance machine and a relatively small to fit in upper kitchen cabinets


  • It’s a loud grinder
  • The bean hopper is not airtight
  • During the operation, it may wobble
  • Usage of cheap materials to match the asking price
  • Better equipped for grinding lots of beans rather than in small quantities
Mr. Coffee Cafe Grind Automatic Burr Grinder

  • Flat burr plates deliver a uniform grind size, for consistent coffee flavor every time
  • The fully automatic system allows for convenient, hands-free grinding
  • Designed with 18 grind-size settings
  • The 2-18 cup selector allows you to grind only what you need, for fresh coffee grounds every time
  • The large bean hopper holds up to 8 oz. of coffee beans and removes them for easy cleaning

Technical Specifications

Mr. Coffee’s burr grinder is an entry-level grinder that offers a full-automatic hands-free grinding experience. Its flat burr plates deliver uniformity and consistency while preserving the original bean flavor.

The Burr Grinder BVMC-BMG25 is available only in silver color. The machine has a modern-looking stainless steel finish that complements any kitchen décor. It requires 150 wattages of power to run and for greater safety, the grinder shuts off automatically when grinding gets complete.

The Mr. Coffee burr grinder has a sizeable dimension of 8.4 x 7.9 x 12.9 inches and it fits well in most kitchen storage areas. The package dimensions are 11.34 x 8.7 x 6.26 inches whereas the item weighs 3.75 lbs. It also comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleanup.

How To Use

Initial Safeguards

  • Always unplug the grinder after use and before cleaning
  • Remove the grinding chamber by pulling it out
  • Remove the hopper by twisting it counterclockwise until the arrow on the hopper is aligned with the unlock sign on the base. Then just simply pull the hopper out
  • Wash the hopper and the chamber with warm soapy water
  • Dry all the parts and pieces thoroughly
  • Never apply abrasive cleansers or use steel wool pads. Non-detachable parts are not dishwasher safe
  • Install the Hopper by aligning the arrow of it with the unlock symbol of the base and then twisting clockwise. The arrow should now be aligned with the lock symbol
  • Put back the lid on the grinding chamber and then install and lock it by pushing


Since there are 2 measurements required for balancing for grinding, we’ve gone and included the necessary steps in our Mr Coffee Burr Mill Grinder review to dispel any future confusion.

  1. First, install all parts correctly into their places
  2. Fill the hopper with coffee beans and put the lid back on
  3. Adjust the grind size using the “Grind Size” selector on the left side of the machine

NOTE: Changing grind size settings will also change the output of ground volume. Fine settings will produce fewer grounds volume. The coarse setting will produce more ground volume (even though the same cup setting is applied).

  • Set the “Cup Size” selector to the desired amount (2-18 cups)
  • Press the “On/Off” button to start
  • The grinder will automatically stop when the chosen volume has been reached

NOTE: You can also manually stop the grinding at any time by pressing the “On/Off” button again.

  • Remove the Grind Chamber and use it as needed
  • Use the cleaning brush (located on the bottom of the hopper Lid) and brush off the dust and residues from the chamber exit chute

Measurement Chart

Coffee Cups (5 oz.)Bean Quality Approximation (tbsp.)

*This chart is only for medium-ground coffee.

The amount of whole coffee beans required is almost equal to the quantity of 2 tbsps. of medium-ground coffee. The grinder will run for about 1 minute if you select the 12 cups setting.

How Fine Grinds Should Be Applied

(According To Mr. Coffee Grind Quality)

For espresso or cappuccino fine grinds, please grind the recommended amount of coffee grounds by the product manufacturer.

  • Mr.  Coffee recommended that for 2 oz. of espresso, use 2 teaspoons (0.6 tbsp.) of fine grind
  • 4 oz. of espresso apply 4 teaspoons (1.3 tbsp.) of fine grind
  • Using improper grinding settings will affect the taste of the espresso negatively

How Coarse Grinds Should Be Applied

(According To Mr. Coffee Grind Quality)

For your French Press and cold brews, the coarser grind amount recommended by Mr.  Coffee goes like this:

  • Set the coarse grind setting
  • Set the timer to 8-10 cups. This is enough time to produce grinds for 12 cups of brewed coffee
  • Coarse grounds take up more volume. So, always set the timer for 2-4 cups less than the actual amount you desire


  • Grind only coffee beans in this grinder
  • Do not grind flavored coffee beans in this grinder
  • Clean after every 3rd use for prolonging its best performance
  • Do not grind more than 2 full batches of whole beans without a break
  • After each grinding session, let the motor cool down to room temperature (requires 2 minutes)
  • After using it, dial the grinder back to the coarsest setting. Then run it empty to clear the grinding path
  • If the grinder halts working after consecutive cycles, unplug it from the main outlet and allow it to cool down (at least an hour)

How To Clean

With proper care, ensure grind quality and prolong the lifespan of this machine. We believe it’s best to mention how you can do so in this Mr Coffee Automatic Burr Mill review.

Always clean the grinder before using it for the 1st time. To ensure optimal functionality and durability, clean it regularly. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Always unplug the grinder after use and before cleaning
  2. Remove the grinding chamber by pulling it out
  3. Remove the hopper by twisting it counterclockwise. Twist until the arrow of the hopper is aligned with the unlock symbol of the base
  4. Wash the hopper and chamber in warm soapy water. Dry them thoroughly
  5. The upper burr is also removable (twist it clockwise). Clean off any beans residuals or foreign objects stuck between the burrs. Use the brush included for the cleaning
  6. To install back the top burr, place it into place and twist the burr counterclockwise until it stops (you will hear clicks once set)
  7. Re-install the hopper by aligning the arrow with the unlock mark and then twisting clockwise
  8. Put the chamber lid back on the chamber and then re-install it

Why You Should Buy It…

Well first of all it got ranges! From coarse to the finest blends – all in 18 separate choices. So, you’ll have no problem making espresso or latte, drip coffee, or French press brews.

If you like big-batch grinding, then it is perfect for you! Because the hopper holds up to a half-pound of coffee beans at a time. Also, it’s a removable chamber. So, maintaining and cleaning will be easier too.

This machine has been able to combine modern functions with simplicity. The LED on and off indicator light simply lets you know when the grinder is ready to use. Also, the auto shut-off feature will get rid of any headache while you were grinding. You don’t have to hang around or worry about the precise time to stop the grinding.

If you require to store a big batch of fresh ground, you can use its detachable ground chamber also once the grinding is over.

For preventing an untidy countertop, this grinder uses its convenient cord storage to safely gather the excess cord. It prevents any potential wire-related hazards and keeps the children away from their reach.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

If you’re into flavored coffee beans, then this coffee grinder will not be able to aid you at all.

If coffee static is an issue for you then this machine will not be able to solve your headache either. Coffee beans tend to stick inside the bean hopper very often.

Since the hopper lid was not made airtight for this model, this can cause spillage during grinding. So, if have already had a sour experience with this, steer clear of this model.


Why Choose Burr Grinder

Burr grinders over the years have been dominating over the other types (especially blade grinders). Burr grinder provides a uniform grind quality which leads to flavorful cups of coffee. Blade grinders produce uneven coffee grounds and regardless of their price come short of the Burr grinders.

Do Burr Settings Really Matter?

Burr settings will only matter if you plan to use them. It doesn’t matter that much if you only need one level of coarseness, those other settings are functionally nonexistent to you.

But if you want to experiment and venture into newer styles, then this is a key factor as always. Please note though, low-setting grinders are generally cheaper. So, your settings issue can also depend on your spending power also.

Mr. Coffee BMG25 VS. The BMH23 (New VS. Old)

Upon carefully observing these 2 models for our Mr Coffee Burr Mill review, there are only 3 worthy distinctions available. The older model (BVMC-BMH23) is available in red and silver colors but our new BMG25 is available just in silver color.

There is also a slight weight difference as well. The Old Automatic Burr Grinder weighs 4.3 lbs. whereas the New Automatic Burr Grinder weighs 3.75 lbs.

The final key difference is the grind size selector dial. The new model has it situated on the left side of the machine as a separate knob. But the previous model has it under the bean hopper base. If you turn the hopper clockwise, you will go towards finer grind sizes and anti-clockwise for coarser sizes. The base surface has also markings to show you how much you have to rotate for a certain level of grind size setting.



Can You Use Mr Coffee Without A Coffee Filter?

Although it is possible to use any coffee maker without its coffee filter, this can bring potential harm to you and your coffee machine. Because the coffee filters are there to remove an oil known as “Diterpenes”. This oil can be harmful to your health. Also, the coffee grounds will cause clogging and overflow in the absence of a filter.

How Should You Remove The Bean Hopper From A Mr Coffee Grinder?

Remove the bean hopper by twisting it counterclockwise. Keep twisting it until the arrow of the hopper gets aligned with the unlock symbol of the base.

What Kind Of Coffee Filters Does Mr. Coffee Use?

It uses Rockline filters. Rockline is one of the leading producers of retail and commercial coffee filters in the North American region. Their filters use firm, crepe-textured paper that works very well against oils and gritty sediments.

How Often Replace Mr. Coffee Filter?

In terms of the number of brew cycles you need to change the filter is 30. Basically, it’s around once a month.

How Many Scoops Of Coffee Do You Need For Making 12 Cups Of Coffee?

According to the official Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder guidelines, it will need 12 tablespoons of ground coffee for 12 cups of coffee. You can use more for a stronger taste.


With Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Grinder, no more boring mornings; grind fresh beans using this machine whether for your French press or for your espresso. Since the Burr mills are the preferred choice for any seasoned coffee connoisseur, our Mr coffee automatic burr mill review shows why it’s worth it for this price. This grinder offers a consistent, long-lasting, and rich coffee experience.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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