Best Non Acidic Coffee Reviews Of 2023: Why Buy Acid Free Coffee?

There is a saying, ‘The more you roast, the less acid in your cups’. Yes, we all know that dark roast contains less acid profile than light or medium roast. Still, there is a lot of acid profile in your cup. So, it is best to pick less acidic beans before roasting. What is the best non acidic coffee?

There are so many non-acidic beans on the shelf. But, you might get confused after checking a few packets. Do not worry. You will get the complete guideline in this article to pick the best acid-free coffee.

Acid Free Coffee And Its Benefits

Acid Free Coffee

Coffee usually has 2 major flavor lines, sour and bitter. It tastes sour due to the presence of acidity in coffee beans. And, it tastes bitter because of the lack of acid content inside the bean. The best coffee cup is an espresso cup. You can experience both the sour and bitter tastes is present in a balanced way. The taste of coffee drinks usually depends on the roasting and brewing processes.

The sour taste indicates the acid levels in the drinks. A pH scale uses for measuring the acid levels. Black coffee scores 5 on the pH scale makes coffee acidic. It may hurt your stomach and issue other health concerns. As a result, you might avoid a sour cup of coffee drinks. So, you need to know some of the best acid free coffee. If you roast the coffee beans to a higher degree, it reduces the acid content. It is the easiest way that makes coffee acid free. Else, you can use coffee beans from comparatively low elevations. Acid free coffees will not influence acid reflux in the stomach.

Benefits of Non-Acidic Coffee

best acid free coffee

There are countless benefits of acid free coffee. It is only not helping your indigestion but tastes too good. Because of these perfectly roasted beans, you do not need to cut your java cup from the daily list. It removes the acid in the roasting process and makes beans acid free coffee. It still holds the caffeine that you need to re-energize yourself during gloominess. The benefit includes.

  • Acid free coffee is safer for your tooth in the longer term
  • Acidic food is not suitable for digestion. As a result, you may face acid reflux
  • Acid free coffees are the source of higher caffeine content
  • Acid free coffees are work-out friendly. It can boost your metabolism and energy simultaneously
  • It helps to reduce the potential risks of diabetes and heart issues
  • It can provide you with a higher antioxidant than the regular one

You will experience all the benefits of regular coffee except the acidic components. Acid components do not help much with your health issues.

Best Non Acidic Coffee: Product Reviews

Tylers Regular Acid free Organic Coffee Ground

Organic and Acid freeHigher in caffeine
AAA Arabica coffee beansNot for espresso drinks
Single-sourcedHigher in price
2x natural caffeine content 
Doctor recommended (As per Tylers) 
USDA organic certified 

Tylers regular coffee is the world’s first acid free organic coffee. They offer AAA Arabica coffee beans with a medium roast. It is the finest Arabica beans that are single-sourced from the Chiapas in Mexico. Tylers uses its natural proprietary Z-roasting process. This process removes all types of harmful acids that manifest during the roasting. So, no more acid reflux, severe IC, and IBS for coffee drinkers. They do not mix any external caffeine in coffee beans. It got the green signal from doctors as it does not contain any harmful acids. Doctors recommended it for their patients who suffer from problems with acid.

People who face poor stomach and acidity problems like to drink Tylers regular non-acidic coffee. This product brings joy to java lovers that they do not have to cut off a coffee from their list. For more than 15 years, it is still at the top of the favorite list.

Tylers Acid Free Organic Coffee

  • AAA Arabica coffee beans
  • Single-sourced caffeinated beans
  • Medium-roasted ground coffee
  • Proprietary Z roasting process
  • Eliminated harmful acids
  • USDA organic certified due to no use of artificial caffeine

Alex’s Acid free Organic Ground Coffee

Organic and Acid freeNot a single-origin coffee
A mix blend of 3 sought-after beansBlend from different regions
sweet, nutty, and chocolate flavor lines 
Approved by specialist 
USDA organic certified 

Alex’s acid free coffee beans are 100% organic and caffeinated. It is a blend of the same category of highly 3 sought-after beans. It contains 50% Chiapas, 25% Nicaragua, and 25% Honduras coffee beans. As a result, this blend produces balanced, mild, and delicate coffee drinks. Alex’s uses their patented convection technology for the roasting process. They roast beans on a fluidized bed of hot air. It completely removes all chlorogenic acids. These are responsible for indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, and others. Professor Dr. Taka Shibamoto approved it as stomach-friendly coffee beans.

A prominent amount of coffee drinkers are satisfied with Alex’s acid free coffee. They have no acid reflux or other issues after drinking. They will buy the product for their following use. The mixed blend makes drinkers glad to have a balanced taste of sweet, nutty, and chocolate.

Alex's French Roast Acid-Free Organic Coffee

  • Acid free coffee beans
  • Caffeinated beans
  • Blend of Chiapas (50%), Nicaragua (25%), and Honduras (25%)
  • French roasted ground coffee
  • Alex’s patented convection technology for the roasting process
  • Complete removal of Chlorogenic Acids
  • Approved by professor Dr. Taka Shibamoto
  • USDA organic certified

Tylers Full Flavor Decaf Acid free Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee Higher in price
Medium Roasts Not for espresso drinks
Neutral pH
Protect Teeth Enamel 
Organic and Acid free 
Doctor recommended (As per Tylers) 
USDA organic certified 

Tyler’s Decaffeinated coffee is the world’s finest single-source acid free organic coffee from Chiapas in Mexico. A medium roast of AAA Arabica whole coffee beans makes your expectation higher. Tylers uses its proprietary Z-roasting process. This process removes all types of harmful acids that manifest during the roasting. So, no more acid reflux, indigestion, and other issues for drinkers. Doctors recommended it for their patients who suffer from problems with acid.

People like to drink Tylers decaffeinated non-acidic coffee who faces poor stomach. This product brings joy to java lovers that they do not have to cut off a coffee from their list. It is still at the top of the favorite list since 2004. The whole bean pack of Tylers adds more points for coffee connoisseurs. They can brew fresh ground to taste the authentic flavor of the Tylers regular whole coffee bean.

Tyler’s Full Flavor Decaf No Acid Organic Coffee Beans

  • Protect Teeth Enamel
  • Single-sourced decaffeinated beans
  • Medium-roasted coffee beans
  • No Bitter Aftertaste
  • Eliminated harmful acids
  • Gentle on Digestion
  • USDA organic certified

Choosing The Best Acid Free Coffee

best no acid coffee

Of course, you need acid free coffee if you are here. You might be facing indigestion, reflux, heartburn, or other health issues. So, you cannot drink regular coffee as the doctor excludes it from your daily list. But you predominantly depend on your java cup. Hence, the solution is non-acidic or acid free coffee. Here, I will show you the picking way of the best acid free coffee.

1. Removes Harmful Acids during Roasting Process

Some brands mention their roasting process on the pack. So, it is best to pick the bag which focuses fully acid removal roasting process. They might have different roasting processes according to the diverse brands. Check if they remove all the chromogenic acids. It is a significant issue to be the best non-acidic coffee.

2. Acidic Contents in the pack

Check out the acid contents of your coffee bag that you are buying in just a few minutes. Coffee scores 5 in the range of the pH scale. So, it is wise to grab a less acidic packet if you have acid-related health issues.

3. Low Altitude Coffee

Coffee plants from low altitudes produce less acid coffee naturally. You can remove acidic elements during the roasting process. But, naturally grown non-acidic coffee beans are more effective. The soil, climate, and water made differences between coffee beans of lower and higher altitudes. The higher elevation needs more time to grow fruits. The ripening period is longer too. But, lower altitude coffee trees are growing fruits and ripe quickly. It preserves less acidic components in the short growing season. So, pick a bag of lower-altitude coffee that is naturally low acidic.

4. Buy One That Your Doctor Suggest

Your doctor must suggest non-acidic coffee if you have indigestion or stomach problems. You can directly buy that coffee pack. If you used to drink another one, you could discuss it with your doctor.

Acid Free Coffee Brands

It’s very sad that there are not many acid free coffee brands. But there are many for low-acid coffee. It will be a long section if I describe all the brands. So, I will make it very short and provide a good essence. So, you will be well known about other brands except for the above 3 non-acidic coffees.

  • Lifeboost Organic Low-Acid Coffee
  • Java Planet Organic Coffee
  • Puroast House Blend Organic Coffee
  • Lucy Jo’s Low Acid Coffee
  • Volcanica Low Acid Coffee
  • Tieman’s Fusion Coffee
  • Mommee Coffee Half-Caf

Though, all of the above coffees of different brands are not fully acid-free. Some of them contain acid but in a small amount. It is like a checklist, and maybe you are already a regular drinker of a few of them. If you are not, you can try something new from this list.

Tips For Reducing Acid In Your Cup

If your health condition is not poor enough, you do not need to visit a doctor. But your personal preference might tend to be less acidic. Except for using non-acidic coffee, you can reduce the acid levels of your cup.

  • Use the dark roasting profile for coffee beans. It reduces the acidic compounds in the beans
  • The Cold brew technique will be helpful for regular coffee drinkers. The chillness never lets acids come out into the cups
  • Pick a coffee bag of lower-altitude coffee beans. It contains fewer acids than the higher altitude
  • Sometimes the soil and climate are also responsible for making coffee beans acidic. So, carefully pick the origin of coffee beans


Which coffee does not cause acidity?

Dark-roasted coffee does not cause acidity. It does not contain acid components in a higher amount. Except for this, you can use the cold brew technique or pick a bag of low-acidic coffee beans.

What kind of coffee is easiest on your stomach?

Less acidic coffee is suitable coffee on your stomach. Otherwise, non-acidic coffee is the best. Acidic coffee can make your stomach upset. But, non-acidic coffee will not create the same type of problems.

What coffee can I drink with acid reflux?

Simply non-acidic coffee is the best for acid reflux. Tylers brand is very acceptable for producing and supplying the best non-acidic coffee. You can try other aforementioned suggested non-acidic or less acidic coffee as well.

Is Espresso less acidic than coffee?

Yes, espresso drinks are less acidic than coffee drinks. Unlike regular coffee, espresso beans are dark roasted. It also has a short brewing time. So, espresso drinks must be less acidic than coffee.

Is light or dark roast coffee more acidic?

Light roast coffee is more acidic than dark roast. A dark profile takes more roasting time. In the meantime, the toxic acids get destroyed. It does not happen for the light roasting profile.

Is decaf coffee better for acid reflux?

Decaf coffee might be better for acid reflux. It removes all toxic components since the decaf process uses mountain spring water. But, it cannot remove all the acidic elements. As a result, it has low acid in coffee beans.


In the end, I can conclude that acid free coffee is the best thing for your stomach. So, no more acid reflux and heartburn with your favorite cup of java. You will be more active and focused on your work and responsibilities. No more extra medicine and fully energized. What else do we need to be happy in single life? Just pick the suitable packet for your brew and stay fit. Negotiate with your doctor if you are already facing acidic problems with coffee.

Happy life, happy drinking!

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