Breville Barista Touch Review 2022

Breville’s array of drip brewers, espresso machines, and grinders aim to make gastronome coffee effortless in the home. From the perfect beginner espresso machine to powerful, smart brewers. Breville offers something for all. Founded in 1932, Breville is famed for making espresso grinders, machines, and drip brewers that embrace dependability without forgoing performance.

With the Breville Barista Touch espresso maker, the ambition of becoming your own barista has never been so easy. From a built-in grinder to an automatic temp-sensing steam wand; the Barista Touch is constructed from the ground-up to rationalize your espresso experience. New attributes to the Breville Barista model include an upgraded thermocoil design for quicker heat-up periods and a crystal-clear touchscreen display for customizing your preferred drink recipes. So let’s jump into the nitty-gritty of the Breville Barista Touch review.

breville the barista touch review
Breville Barista Touch – Top Features
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Breville Barista Touch Review: Key Features

The Breville Barista Touch espresso machine is using the 4 keys formula offers third-wave specialty coffee at home.

  1. Rich, full flavor
  2. Perfectly balanced taste
  3. Irresistible body
  4. Silky, velvety mouthfeel

It is part of the Barista series that extends all in one espresso machine. The Barista line allows us to create top notch coffee drink like coffee shops at home. Frothing barista quality microfoam, creating latte art have never bean so easy. This series is built with integrated grinders. The grinder helps you to go from beans to espresso in under a minute.

breville barista touch reviews
  • Dose Control Grinding: With a solitary touch, the precision fused conical burr grinder with dose control gives the accurate amount of coffee on demand ensuring maximum flavor. By using the right dose, the machine brings out true coffee shop quality result featuring incredible aroma, intense flavors and distinctive character of the coffee.
  • Hands-Free Functioning: With the help of this coffee machine you can easily get the espresso grounds directly to the portafilter. As the portafilter positions suitably in a cradle, it is simple to grind to it instantly. Since the length of the grind is being synchronized for each drink, it will finally halt as soon as the time has finished. Hands free operation allows any at-home-barista extract a great coffee.
  • Optimal Water Pressure: Low-pressure pre-infusion eventually rises pressure at the start. It helps during the extraction to bring out all the flavors evenly for a balanced tasting drink. Breville uses ClaroSwiss Water Filter for Barista series and some other machines. Keeps your water fresh and machine clean.
  • Personalized Espresso Settings: It is quite significant to have full control while you make your coffee. For this purpose, this machine provides programmable and self-modified feature – personalized coffee settings. You can easily make customized coffees and also save up to 8 custom drinks. Also, Breville Barista Touch espresso machine made it simple to save with a name you like. On top of that, you can program the milk foam, dose, milk temperature, shot time, and so on.
  • Faster Heat Up Time: Modern ThermoJet heating system secures the ideal extraction temperature in just 3 seconds. Saves your time to make your desired coffee drink.
  • Automatic Milk Texturing: Automated steam wand lets user adjust the milk texture as well as the temperature to fit his/her taste. Enabling barista quality micro foam that amps up the flavor of your coffee. Thousands of tiny milk bubbles, enhance the flavor and mouthfeel of your coffee drink. This is important for making perfect latte art at your home.
  • Precise Espresso Extraction: Digital temperature control also called the PID, delivers water at exactly the accurate temperature. Ensuring ideal extraction of your perfect espresso. When you have control over water temperature, you can choreograph the flavor notes. PID ensures you the perfectly ‘balanced’ taste.
  • Touch Screen: The intuitive touch screen display unravels how to brew your dearest café coffee in 3 steps. They are grinding, brewing and milking. Easily shift the strength of a coffee, texture of milk, and temperature to fit your taste. Brew and save as much as 8 self-modified coffees.

Technical Features

breville barista touch espresso machine review
  1. 5 pre-programmed cafe favorite coffee drinks.
  2. You can create, name, and save 8 modified recipes.
  3. Automate descaling and cleaning cycles.
  4. Warming tray on top for heating up the cups.
  5. When not in use storage tray stores accessories.
  6. For tall glasses and mugs extra-tall cup clearance.
  7. A finger hole for simple withdrawal from the power outlet.
  8. All parts that can be in contact with the coffee are BPA-free.
  9. You will get Razor Precision Dose Trimming Tool in the box.
  10. 54 mm tamper and portafilter.
  11. The box features Single and Double Wall Filter Baskets.
  12. Italian-made pump for 15-bar consistent extraction pressure.
  13. Adjustable from fine to coarse grind size for ideal extraction.
  14. Automatic purge takes out residual milk from the steam wand.
  15. Devoted hot water outlet. For preheating cups and making Americanos.
  16. Disposable water filter for removing impurities and preventing scale buildup.
  17. The brushed stainless steel body will serve you long term.
  18. 480ml Jug (Stainless Steel) to froth milk.
  19. You will also get Water Hardness Test Strip and Cleaning Kit in the box.
  20. In filter basket dry puck feature pulls out extra water from ground coffee after extraction for effortless disposal of the coffee puck.

How To Use Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine

First Use

  1. To turn the machine on, press the POWER button.
  2. Follow the directive on display to guide you through the first use setup.
  3. After finishing setup, the machine will signal to you that it is set to use.
  4. Touch the “Guide” option. The machine will guide you to make your first cup of coffee step by step. Touch the “tick” sign. Then go to the Drinks Menu. Or left arrow to repeat the setup. You can repeat the Guide any time. Just go to the settings menu for such.

Note: If your water hardness is found between 4 and 5, we strongly advise you to change to an alternate source of water. Bottled spring or mineral water, filtered will extend both the life of the filter as well as descale periods. It will also help you retain the superior taste.

Please make sure to test the water hardness. Avoid using excessively filtered water also. Like RO water. Unless some other mineral content is being put into the final water. Do not use distilled water. Even water with low or no mineral content because will hamper the taste.

Grinding Operation

On top of the Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch espresso machine, install the bean hopper into the position. Turn the dial to lock-in. Fill the hopper now with fresh beans.

Tip: We recommend 100% quality Arabica beans. Pick the ‘Roasted On’ date marked on the bag. Do not buy ‘Use By’ or ‘Best Before’ dated coffees. After the ‘Roasted On’ date, the coffee beans are best used between 5 to 20 days. Stale coffee may flow from the portafilter too quickly. That spouts and tastes watery and bitter.

Drink Selection

To get into the Drinks Menu, touch the icon ‘Home’. Swipe and select your choice of drink. Now touch the icon ‘Help and Tip’ to read the Barista Touch guide.

Note: Please maintain the touch screen clean and dry to ensure that your machine works properly.

Selecting Your Filter Basket

Select and insert the filter basket into the Portafilter. Select the number of strengths and/or coffees you will be brewing. For making a single cup use the single-cup filter basket or a weaker tasting espresso. For making 2 cups or a stronger tasting espresso use the double cup filter basket. Usually for larger cups or mugs. Follow the ‘TIPS’ portion in the manual for detailed guidance.

On the touchscreen, select the chosen filter basket. By touching the toggle option. The grind size will make an influence on the filter basket through the coffee’s water flow rate and the taste of the espresso. When setting up the grind size, it should be fine. But also not too fine and powdery.

When trying out a new coffee, it might take 2 to 3 tries to find the correct size of grind for your coffee. On the touchscreen, there are numbered settings. The lesser the number, the finer the size of the grind. The grind size will be coarser with the larger number.

Automatic Dosing

  1. Make sure the hopper is locked into the position. And filled with fresh beans.
  2. The filter basket has to be completely dry before locking the portafilter into the grinding cradle.
  3. Touch once the ‘Grind’ button, or push and release the portafilter to switch on the grinding activation. Then let fresh ground coffee fill-up the portafilter.
  4. Automatically grinding will stop. However, if you want to end grinding before the cycle has completed, push and release your portafilter.

Manual Dosing

  1. If you like manual dosing, insert the portafilter in the grinding cradle. Then push and hold the portafilter to engage the activation switch. Continue this holding until the targeted amount of coffee ground has been dosed.
  2. To stop the grinding, let go of the portafilter. This will stop the activation switch and halt the grinding function.

Tamping The Ground Coffee

  1. Once grinding is finished, from the grinding cradle, carefully remove the portafilter.
  2. Several times tap the portafilter to distribute and collapse the coffee evenly inside the filter basket.
  3. Tamp down firmly using approximately 15 to 20kgs or, 30–40lbs of pressure. The amount of pressure is not more important than the consistent pressure.
  4. The top border of the metal lid on the tamper should stay on level with the top of your filter basket after tamping the coffee.

Espresso Extraction

Align the portafilter handle on the group head with the ‘insert’ position. Lift up to enter portafilter into the group head. Rotate until aversion is felt to the LOCK TIGHT position.

Now, touch the ‘Brew’ button on the screen to begin the optimal coffee extraction. You can change between single shot to double shot. Or customize by touching the Custom ‘Single’, ‘Double’ buttons. Even though the duration times are predefined, you can customize them also.

Texturing Milk

Different types and brands of milk and alternative kinds of milk will have different textures. You may have to adjust the frothing level accordingly.

Begin with cold fresh milk. Fill up the milk jug under the spout position. Lift up the steam wand and insert it into the milk jug. Lower the steam wand and make sure it is fully down. The milk jug should settle on the sensor of milk temperature found on the drip tray. Around the steam wand tip, the milk should cover the ring. Under the ‘Milk’ button the toggle button will display whether you correctly placed the milk jug.

Note: On the screen use the indicator for the correct position of the milk jug. If you look beneath the ‘Milk’ button, the froth level and temperature level are shown. They are set to default based on the beverage you’ve chosen. But you can modify by touching the options.

To begin, press the ‘Milk’ button. The screen will show the temperature of the milk while it heats up. Texturing will halt automatically when the targeted milk temperature is reached. Lift the steam wand then and remove the jug. Wipe the wand clean and the tip with a damp fabric. Lower the steam wand to the downward position. Then the wand will purge automatically.

Before texturing the milk, we recommend purging the steam wand momentarily by touching the ‘Milk’ button first. Again touching the button will end steam delivery.

Manual Milk Texturing

Auto shut-off and auto milk texturing are disabled when manual milk texturing happens. Lift up the steam wand. Touch the button and begin frothing. When frothing is finished, touch again to stop. Wipe the tip and wand with a damp clean cloth. Lower the steam wand downwards and the wand will purge automatically.


  1. When the machine generates steam, a pumping sound will be heard. This is because of the Italian pump.
  2. After 90 seconds of non-stop steaming, the machine will disable the steam function automatically.
  3. Use only the stainless steel jug given in the pack for frothing the milk. The use of plastic or glass material jug to froth may lead to hazardous conditions.

Extracting Espresso

  1. Place pre-heated cup(s) under the portafilter. Touch the ‘Brew’ button for the craved volume.
  2. Because of pre-infusion time, the espresso will not begin to flow right away.

Quality espresso is about having the ideal balance between acidity, sweetness, and bitterness. The taste of your coffee will rely on multiple factors. Such as the type of beans, roasting levels, coarseness or fineness of the grind, freshness, dosage of the ground, and tamping pressure. Experiment by altering these variables one at a time to find the taste that fits you best.

Correct Extraction

  1. Flow begins after 8 to 12 seconds.
  2. Flows slowly like warm honey.
  3. Crema is colored golden brown with a mousse-like texture.
  4. Espresso is colored dark brown.

Under Extraction

  1. Flow begins after 1to 6 seconds.
  2. Flows fast like water.
  3. Crema is pale and thin colored.
  4. Espresso is pale brown colored.
  5. Tastes sharp/bitter, watery, and weak.

Over Extraction

  1. After 15 seconds flow starts.
  2. Flow may or may not drip at all.
  3. Crema is spotty and colored dark.
  4. Espresso is colored very dark brown.
  5. Tastes burnt and bitter.

Care and Maintenance

Color Touch Screen Display

The touch screen should be kept dry and clean to guarantee that your machine functions alright.

Replacing The Water Filter

  1. Program current month.
  2. Soak the filter for 5 minutes.
  3. Assemble all of the water filter parts.
  4. Ensure that the parts are connected.
  5. Install the filter in the tank.
  6. Now install the water tank.
  7. Replace the filter after using 40L or after 90 days.

The water filter which is provided helps avoid scale build-up in and on of the multiple inner functioning parts. Replacing the water filter after every three months or 40L/10.6 USgal will cut down the need to descale your machine. The limit is 40L/10.6 USgal based on level 4 water hardness. If you are in an area of level 2 area, you can rise this up to 60L/16 USgal.

Cleaning Cycle

There will be a message alert when a cleaning cycle is needed. This is a back-flushing cycle which is different from descaling. Follow the guide on the screen.


If regularly used, the hard water can create mineral build-up. And it builds up both in and on many of the interior functioning parts. Damaging the brewing flow, the temperature of brewing, power level, and taste of your espresso. Even if you have used the proper water filter, we advise you to descale.

If you see any scale build-up inside the water tank. The Breville Barista Touch espresso maker has the ‘Settings’ option where you can select ‘Descale cycle’. Then simply follow the instructions on the display.

Cleaning The Steam Wand

  1. After texturing milk the steam wand should always be washed. With a damp cloth wipe the steam wand.
  2. If inside the tip of the steam wand, any of the holes become clogged, it may diminish frothing performance.
  3. Go to the ‘Settings’ and select ‘Steam wand cleaning’. Follow the manual guide on the display.

Cleaning The Filter Baskets And Portafilter

  1. The portafilter and filter baskets should be washed under hot water. Immediately after each use to remove all excess coffee oils.
  2. If the holes in the filter basket become clogged, use the pin on the end of the cleaning tool to unblock.
  3. If the hole(s) still stay blocked, melt a cleaning tablet in warm water. Soak in the filter basket and portafilter in a solution for about 20 minutes. Then rinse completely.

Cleaning The Shower Screen

  1. The shower screen and group head inland should be cleaned with a damp cloth to take out any particles of coffee grounds.
  2. Regularly purge the machine. Place an empty portafilter and filter basket into the group head. Then touch the ‘Brew’ button. Run a short flow of water. It will rinse out any excess coffee.

Cleaning The Drip And Storage Tray

  1. The drip tray has to be removed, emptied, and then cleaned at regular intervals. Especially when the drip tray full indicator is displaying EMPTY ME sign.
  2. The grid should be removed from the drip tray. Lift up the coffee grind separator and then dispose of coffee grounds. From the drip tray the EMPTY ME! indicator can also be removed. Pull upwards to release the side latches. Clean all parts in soapy warm water with a soft fabric. Thoroughly rinse and dry.
  3. Located behind the drip tray is the storage tray. It can be removed and cleaned. Use a damp, soft cloth. Do not use abrasive pads, cloths, or cleansers that can scratch the surface.

Cleaning The Outer Housing And Cup Warming Tray

Both can be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth. Polish with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use abrasive pads or cloths, cleansers that can scratch the surface.

Transporting And Storing

Press the POWER tab to switch your machine off. Then unfasten the plug from the power outlet. Remove excess beans from the hopper. Clean your grinder, empty out the drip tray and the water tank. Cool down the machine, dry and clean. Keep all tools into the storage tray and store them upright. Do not keep anything on top of this machine.

Why It Is Perfect Fit For You

  1. It has a one-year limited warranty.
  2. The touchscreen control panel is fully automated.
  3. Eight customized coffee drinks and five pre-programmed drinks options.
  4. Temperature and pressure controls deliver harmonious drinks all the time.
  5. Grinding coffee, brewing espresso, steaming, and foaming milk all can be done by this machine.

Why It Is Not Suitable For You

The Barista Touch has its own drawbacks in comparison to similar commercial-grade competitors. Although it is great at making espressos whenever you need it, the flavor profile of the coffee itself is not purely extraordinary for coffee fanatics who enjoy varied sampling profiles and different depths from the “single-origin” coffee beans that need a more nailed down unit to extract.

Furthermore, its automatic milk frothing technology is not harmonious for the users who relish their specific milk foam along with uniform quality. However, for the expense of the Breville Barista Touch espresso machine, we were incredibly astonished and you would be confronted to find anything better than this machine.

Comparing With Similar Products

Breville Touch VS DeLonghi La Specialista

The Specialista has a stouter pump. At 19 bars against Breville’s 15 bars. But either is more than enough to make a true espresso with a lavish crema.

Both machines provide stylishly and easy-to-clean exterior.

The Breville espresso model is easy to work with. It has a touchscreen to navigate a huge collection of pre-programmed cuppas. DeLonghi espresso machine gives a one-second head start. Switch the power on and begin grinding. The machine will be set whenever you want.

This is a tie! Both of these models give a mean espresso. We prefer the DeLonghi for its higher pressure pump and dual boilers. But if cappuccinos and lattes are your things, then Breville’s milk frothing system is better.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso VS Oracle Touch

Like any other purchase resolution, it begins with the budget. Since the Oracle Touch is more advanced as well as has more features, it is costlier than the Barista Touch.

In terms of features, the Oracle Touch does it all for you. Grinding, leveling out any excess grind, and tamping too. Texturing milk is also done for you. Extraction of espresso and foaming can be done all at the same time. As it has a dual boiler. So no waiting involved.

If you don’t bother doing some of the tasks, such as holding the portafilter to get the grind and tamping by hand, or to wait between the extraction and foaming, then you will be content with less costly Barista Touch.

On the other hand, it’s crucial to keep in your mind that the Oracle Touch is larger, compared to the Barista Touch. With 18” height, you’ll want to ensure you can fit in the Oracle Touch under the cabinets, or have the room for it before you purchase it.

Breville Barista Touch espresso machine, overall offers better value for the money. And the Oracle Touch is for those who desire the maximum convenience when brewing a perfect cup.


Overall, the Barista Touch is the easiest machine to” dial-in”. Because its intuitive traits will let you adjust the grind size and weight without any toil. Exactly what made it really wonderful was how ideal it is for espresso drinkers who are at varying levels of brewing mastery. For the intermediate users, they can definitely check out the tutorials obtainable on the touchscreen. Even troubleshoot any problems which may happen. For pro drinkers, at the same time, the modification and versatility can offer them the creative space in pulling a prime shot.

In the end, our Barista touch review explained that this coffee maker grinds beans, brews espresso, and also foams milk along with automatic touchscreen controls made for immaculate consistent, coffee-house quality drinks every single time.

It is indeed an excellent espresso machine for folks who wish to have options in terms of brewing espressos.

The Breville Barista Touch espresso maker is easy to use. It offers high-quality properties. Also, the overall performance it provides is the best. As for the price, we must admit it is really worth your money.

FAQ on Breville bes880bss review

  1. Is the Breville Oracle Touch worth the money?

    The Breville Oracle Touch will have a hefty cost and such cost is well above any entry-level portafilter machines as well as super-automatic bestselling machines. Yet, we think this is a worthy investment. Because the Oracle Touch is a mix of the best of both portafilter and super-automatic world.

  2. Is Breville Barista Express worth it?

    Yes. Its convenient design, customizable settings, and high-quality espresso make it well worth the price.

  3. How tall is the unit including the grinder?

    The Breville BES870 Barista model height with the grinder is approximately 15 3⁄4  inches in total.

  4. Is Breville made in China?

    Yes. But designing and engineering take place in their own country, Australia.


The Barista Touch brings down the skill needed to make frequently excellent barista-quality beverages. It’s easy to utilize. Even if the user is a total beginner it’s quick and clean. The froth quality is amazing also. You get premium features like PID brew temperature control, pre-infusion, and more at a lesser cost than an orthodox separate grinder and machine package.

The Breville Barista touch espresso machine is a contemporary take on the espresso machine. If you have further questions on this model or anything related to coffee use please interact with us and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading and we hope this Barista Touch Review has helped you make up your mind.

Happy Brewing!

2 thoughts on “Breville Barista Touch Review 2022”

  1. I find pullng subsequent cups immediate after the first on my Barista Touch ends up overextracting (takes 12-15secs to output despite same beans and grind setting). Even after drying the inside of the portafilter, the 2nd and other shots end up being burned (overextracted). Why is this?

    1. The beans’ grind size should be not too fine, just fine. The grind size affects the rate at which the water flows through the ground. Consequently affects the taste of your coffee.
      If the grind you’re doing is too fine (it will look like powder. And feels floury when rubbed between your fingers), the water will not flow through the coffee (even when under pressure). This is when your espresso will be OVER EXTRACTED. Also will be dark in color and bitter flavored.
      So change the grind setting, test, and readjust until you get it right. Also decrease grind amount. Test and readjust until you get it right.
      Tamp using 30–40lbs / 15–20kgs of pressure. The top edge of metal cap on your tamper should be level with the top of the filter basket after your tamping. Trim the puck to the right level using any trimming tool you have.
      Thanks for your enquiry. We are always happy to help. Also let us know if it works or even you have found any other solution to this issue.

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