Our Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

For all the coffee lovers and the masses who don’t know this, but safekeeping your coffee maker clean is absolutely indispensable. So if you are going to buy a Ninja coffee maker or already have one then you are naturally thinking about how to clean Ninja coffee maker. Cleaning the Ninja coffee maker regularly is important if you want to keep it running efficaciously.

Not only for making a delicious-tasting cup of coffee but for keeping your machine operating the way it should. Over time, the minerals in water and the oils inside from coffee build up in and around your coffee machine. So, without genuine cleaning, these minerals and oils will eventually create impediments in your coffee maker’s internal pipes and water inlets and outlets.

How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

Cleaning Ninja coffee maker includes two different types of cleaning.  One is, ‘after each use’ or ‘a daily’ kind of cleaning. This is a superbly simple process and keeps your coffee-tasting experience good from day to day. The other type of cleaning is a ‘deep clean’. You need to do that every couple of months. The deep clean is performed mainly to keep the coffee maker free of mineral and oil build-up and will provide your machine carrying out like new.

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How To Clean The Ninja Coffee Maker: Daily Cleaning

First, let us take a look at how to complete every day, keep kinds of stuff “tasting good” type of cleaning. This is a super easy type of cleaning that should be performed after every time you use the machine. It should take as little as a couple of minutes and it is worth every second of yours, we promise!  

Part 1: Cleaning the filter basket

Once your coffee has finished brewing, detach the filter basket from the maker and throw away or compost the used coffee grounds. You can even use them to make a body scourer! Clean the mesh filter with dish soap and water and rinse properly. We warn you that you don’t like any dishwashing soap left on the maker’s filter. So really pay heed when rinsing. Finally, place the filter back into the coffee machine.

Part 2: How to clean a Ninja coffee bar’s exterior

Next, you will give the exterior of the machine a good wipe-down. Use a non-abrasive, damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of your coffee machine. This will just take off any coffee that has spattered onto the body of your coffee machine.

Part 3: Cleaning the carafe

The final step is to clean the maker’s carafe. This can be cleansed in the same way you would wash a mug or a glass. Just some soapy, warm water and a good bath will do the trick.

How To Clean The Ninja Coffee Machine: Deep Cleaning

To execute a deep clean on the Ninja coffee maker, you need to make use of some sort of cleaning solution. Both a Keurig and a Ninja coffee machine can be cleaned with white vinegar or a descaler. We will describe the step-by-step guide for both below!

How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker With White Vinegar

Part – 1: Starting the Clean Cycle
  • Step – 1: Clean your Ninja coffee maker whenever the “clean” light lights up. The “clean” button is positioned at the bottom right of the coffee maker. You will know it’s time to cleanse your unit when a thin red light pops up under the word “clean.”

Although you will still be able to prepare a pot of coffee if the clean light signal is on, you will still want to hose down your machine as soon as possible.

  • Step – 2: Pour water and a descaling solution into the reservoir. Make sure you pour up to the “Max Fill” line. The descaling solution helps eradicate calcium buildup from your coffee maker. So it can improve the flavor and performance of your coffee. Look at the instructions on the particular bottle of descaling solution you are utilizing to find out the precise amount of how much descaling solution to use.

You can buy descaling solutions at your local market, or on the manufacturer’s official website.

  • Step – 3: Instead of a descaling solution, we advise our readers to use white vinegar to save money. White vinegar works just as well as any descaling solution and at the same time also a cheaper option. Begin by pouring white vinegar into the water reservoir. Right up to the “travel mug” border, or about 470 mL (16 fluid ounces). Then, pour water into it until the liquid touches the “Max Fill” line.

Please, use only white vinegar though. Because other types of vinegar such as balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, or black vinegar will not work.

On your water reservoir, the second line from the bottom is the travel mug line. Please, beware never to fill the reservoir beyond the Max Fill line.

  • Step – 4: Turn the dial on your machine to the “Full Carafe” size. Then put up the carafe. To perform such, turn the dial on the machine all the way to the right. Make sure to also keep the carafe under the brew basket before beginning the whole process.
  • Step – 5: Now, press the “clean” button to start the coffee maker’s cleaning cycle. When you press the clean tab, the letters “CLN” and the countdown timer of the cycle will emerge on the clock display. Do not press any other tabs while the clean cycle is going on.

A ninja coffee maker cleaning cycle will usually last around an hour. Although, cleaning cycle times may vary slightly based on the model you have and we advise you to follow the Ninja coffee maker cleaning instructions before performing the cleaning process for the first time to adapt changes based on different models.

Part – 2: Flushing Your Unit with Water
  • Step – 6: Empty the carafe when the clean cycle stops. The light next to the machine’s clock display will light up, and the word “Flush” will emerge on the display when the clean cycle comes to an end. Simply pour the liquid into the sink to empty the carafe.

Do note that, the liquid in the carafe will be boiling hot. Just like any freshly brewed coffee. So please be careful when performing this task.

  • Step – 7: With tap water refill the reservoir. Then press the “clean” tab once again. After you have poured the liquid out of your carafe, put this carafe back beneath the brew basket. Then, le the reservoir fills up to the “Max Fill” edge with water.

This first flush will take approximately 8 minutes.

You do not require to add white vinegar or a descaling solution for this step.

  • Step – 8: Now you have to run another clean cycle with water only. Once the clean cycle with water completes, dump out the water. Follow it up by repeating the flushing process. These multiple flushing cycles will help clear out the white vinegar, or the descaling solution, out of your coffee machine. Which will result in keeping your next pots of coffee tasty and fresh.

How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker Without White Vinegar

Some people prefer to clean or descale their coffee maker without white vinegar. It can be due to an array of reasons. But the most common reason is to remove the taste of vinegar from the coffee. Several other options can effectively cleanse your ninja coffee maker without leaving a lingering taste.

One such substitute is lemon juice. The citric acid grounded in the lemon juice acts to kill mold, and bacteria and, importantly, breaks down the deposits of calcium. To apply lemon juice, mix the juice with equal parts of water and follow the same steps for cleaning with white vinegar we have detailed above.

Another wonderful alternative is baking soda. Baking soda is used for so many other things in a regular home. Thus, it is not a surprise that such a multi-purpose ingredient can also help you clean a coffee maker.

Difference Between Cleaning And Descaling Your Coffee Maker

To comprehend the difference between descaling and cleaning, we have to count on the factors that contribute pollution to in your coffee maker. Coffee, in itself, is an oily material. As you frequently use your coffee, the coffee oils gather up in the machine and form a foul residue. Cleaning your coffee machine is the only solution to get rid of such residue. It is important to clean the machine every now and then. Because you cannot brew delicious coffee using a grimy coffee maker with a significant accretion of rancid residue.

On the other hand, descaling is the process of getting rid of mineral buildup inside a coffee maker. How to clean a ninja coffee maker’s mineral buildup? Well, your cup of coffee is almost completely made of water. You cannot make a cup of coffee without water.

The water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. These chemicals go through the coffee maker. So, over time, they get built up on the heating system of your coffee maker as limescale. Through descaling, you will be able to remove this buildup.

It is key to descale your coffee maker because limescale can infect a coffee machine’s heating system negatively. It also stops the water from reaching the correct brewing temperature. Furthermore, it clogs the flow of water, thus eventually spoiling the coffee experience. Your coffee will taste slightly unpleasant and tepid.

General Rules Of Thumb For Prolonging The Coffee Bar’s Lifespan

  1. Make sure to employ only quality coffee beans. Your precious cup of coffee will only taste as good as the quality of the coffee you use.
  2. Clean your coffee maker frequently. This cleansing should be done after every use daily. For the deep cleaning, every two months is a good way to go about it. Or when the generally clean light gleams on, whichever comes first.
  3. Take benefit of the different brew strengths. There is an option to infuse a concerted coffee directly over ice. Similar to a Japanese iced coffee. The perfect cup for a hot and humid summer day!
  4. Use good-quality water to fill the Ninja Coffee Bar. If the water in your zone is suboptimal for making coffee, look at investing in a water filter like the Britta water filter.
  5. Do not try to cleanse your machine with anything other than a descaling solution or white vinegar. Dish soap may entirely destroy your coffee machine!
  6. Do not use any abrasive fabrics to wipe down a Ninja Coffee Maker. Sponges or an abrasive cloth may scratch the exterior of the coffee maker.

Things You Should Know About Your Ninja Coffee Bar

  • Other than being very easy to operate and, looking graceful on your kitchen counter, a Ninja Coffee Bar offers much more:
  • It offers six different brew types. Whether you like your cup of coffee cold, over ice, rich, hot, robust, and lively, or you prefer a more specialty coffee, the Ninja Coffee Bar can help its users out thanks to its incredible thermal technology.
  • You can adjust the size of the cup as you see fit.
  • You don’t have to measure water while making coffee. The Ninja Bar’s Auto-IQ system can do this task on its own. You just have to simply select the size, and that’s it.
  • The machine has a 24-hour delay and also an auto-shutoff program for convenience and added safety.
  • The permanent filter of the Bar reduces any paper wastage.
  • Ninja Coffee Bar offers you multifunctionality at its finest.


  • How much vinegar do I have to use to clean my Ninja coffee maker?

    For a Ninja coffee maker, you need 16 ounces of white vinegar in the water reservoir which is also up to the Travel Mug line. After that, fill the mug with water to the max line.

  • How often should someone clean his/her ninja coffee maker?

    For daily uses, we recommend after each use a general cleaning should be done. But every two to three months you should do a deep cleaning.

  • Can I be able to run dish soap through my coffee maker?

    Any part that you can entirely rinse out with water and dry is okay to be washed with regular dish soap. Otherwise, it is best to avoid it completely.

  • What happens if we don’t clean our coffee maker?

    Machines that aren’t cleaned properly will clog up and mess up the heating mechanics of a coffee machine. The water will not flow well and the machine either starts leaking or stops working.

  • How do I turn off the clean button on my Ninja coffee maker?

    Fill up the reservoir with clean fresh water up to the Max Fill line. Then set the carafe under the brew basket. Press the clean tab to start the Flush stage. This flush stage takes around 8 minutes. Once completing the flush stage, the CLEAN light will turn off automatically.

  • Why does my ninja coffee maker keep saying clean?

    A Coffee Bar will take an entire 60-minute descaling process. It may dim during the cycle, but do not turn your machine off or even unplug it until the process is fully finished. Interrupting this cycle might cause your cleaning indicator to remain on.


Cleaning the Ninja coffee maker is not a difficult task. You don’t require much, to begin with. Just some of your time and some descaling liquid or white vinegar. You will see a big difference once you clean the machine. The machine will last longer, your coffee will have improved flavor, and you will get rid of that irritating clean light signal once it pops up!

Just remember, vinegar works well for touch-up cleanings. But we recommend that you really want a descaling liquid for any big clean-out every three months or so.

If you are one of those Ninja coffee radicals as well, then we sincerely hope this article was able to clear your confusion regarding Ninja coffee maker cleaning and help you realize that maintaining the Ninja Bar is as easy as using it every day.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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