Jura E6 VS. De’Longhi Dinamica [2023]: 6 Striking Differences

Whether it’s your first time deciding to go for an at-home espresso machine or you’re a veteran barista, it’s always a time-consuming and difficult task to pick the right machine. After all, there are many competitors in various price ranges, each with different pros and cons. Another fact is that your next machine must be compatible with your drinking habits.

If you’re looking to start your search in the entry-level to high-end price range for an automatic machine, then we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you. Jura E6 and De’Longhi Dinamica—before saying anything else, yes, both of these brands are incredibly popular and reliable. In fact, it’s a bit surprising that you’ll be able to get them at their current prices.

The problem is, which one will suit you best? This is why we’ve made this comparison guide for you all! So let’s not waste your precious time and dive in!

Jura E6 vs. De’Longhi Dinamica: Comparison Table

CategoryJura E6De’Longhi Dinamica
Weight (lbs.)21.821
Dimensions (W × H × D)  (in)11 × 13.6 × 17.59.3 x 13.7 x 17
Specialty Drinks75
Programmable Coffee Strengths85
Brewing Temperatures24
Hot Water Temperatures22
Adjustable Spouts Max. Height (in)4.45.5
Water Tank (oz.)6361
Bean Container (oz.)9.910.5
Grind Levels713
Used Coffee Grounds Container16 Servings14 Servings
Iced CoffeeNoYes
Pre-ground Coffee Powder ChuteNoYes
User InterfaceTFT Display, ButtonsFull Touchscreen
Milk SystemHP1Panarello Steam Wand
Heating SystemSingle ThermoblockSingle Boiler
GrinderAroma G3Integrated Burr Grinder
Milk FrothingAutoManual

Jura E6 vs. De’Longhi Dinamica: Focusing On Major Differences

Design And Build Quality

First, let’s focus on the Dinamica (ECAM350). It looks sleek and modern. And it comes in 2 colors: silver and black. Both its frame and housing materials are made from metal and plastic. The addition of plastic keeps the price down and makes the machine lighter. But it’s a sturdy machine nonetheless.

The display and buttons on the touchscreen are all easy to read and use. Drink selection, coffee strengths, drink types, and frothing buttons are all available on the user interface. The machine performs an initial rinse when turned on and a final rinse just before switching off. The Dinamica doesn’t have a warming cup tray, unfortunately, but you can use its hot water spout to warm up your cup before brewing.

The Dinamica weighs about 21 lbs. Compared to other super-automatic machines, the Dinamica has a compact size and dimension (9.3 x 13.7 x 17 inches), making it good for tight spaces. The Dinamica has a front-accessible 61 oz. water tank, a 10.5 oz. bean hopper, and a grounds container that holds 14 servings.

The Jura E6 has that quintessential Jura uber-modern look, instantly recognizable for its modern aesthetic. Like the De’Longhi Dinamica, the Jura used plastic and metal in its construction.

It all starts with the minimalist front panel. Its TFT display screen works with 6 buttons on both sides. They give you access to the drinks, menu, and settings. The solitary rotary dial on the front helps you switch on the milk foam and hot water functions. Like the Dinamica, it doesn’t have a warming tray. It does, however, have a smart energy-saving auto switch-off mode.

The E6 weighs 21.8 lbs. It has a dimension of 11 × 13.6 × 17.5 inches, on par with many Jura machines. In the E6, Jura has managed to fit a generous 63 oz. water tank, a 9.9 oz. bean hopper, and used grounds container big enough for around 16 servings.

Pre-Programmed Drinks

The E6 has 7 specialty options: espresso (with a double shot), coffee (with a double shot), cappuccino, steamed milk, and hot water. Yes, it’s not as big a list as we’d expected. But all of the options produce top-notch results. You can tweak the milk foam volume and adjust coffee strengths, water volumes, and water temperatures with the E6.

Dinamica, on the other hand, offers only 5 drinks, or 6 if you consider hot water an option. These drinks are espresso, cappuccino, latte, coffee, and Dinamica’s unique specialty, “TrueBrew Iced Coffee”. The Dinamica also has dual spouts for pouring double shots of coffee and espresso.

Jura E6 vs. De'Longhi Dinamica

De’Longhi Dinamica was the first super-automatic machine that offered this iced coffee option. De’Longhi has implemented the “brew over ice” method to deliver the result. It works by modifying the brewing process a little so that the coffee gets a smooth taste without the dilution from the ice.

It takes a little longer for the coffee to brew period. Dinamica also gives it a longer grinding time, a longer pre-infusion, and a higher dosage of coffee to compensate for the ice. All of these factors combine to produce a more concentrated espresso with a longer extraction time. The end result is fantastic, with all the right notes and a full body.


The Jura E6 has the Aroma G3 grinder. It’s another exciting addition to this model, as the previous E-series releases had the Aroma G2 models. This G3 grinder is more efficient, less noisy, and includes more grind levels. The burrs are stainless steel conical burrs and produce very consistent results. You can choose between 7 grind levels with it for your recipes.

De’Longhi Dinamica comes with a built-in bean grinder. The grinder has 13 settings that allow you to experiment and find the optimum extraction for your espresso. Unlike the E6’s Aroma G3, this isn’t a quiet grinder, but it’s on par with other espresso machines. Similar to the Jura E6, this is a conical steel burr grinder. Since its grinder system has a tubeless grinding chamber, there’ll be no or minimal leftover grounds for the next shot. Another important feature of the Dinamica’s grinder is the bypass grind function. It means you can use pre-ground and decaf coffee.

Brewing System

The De’Longhi Dinamica has a single-boiler brewing system made of steel. This arrangement has helped De’Longhi keep this machine on the smaller side and at a lower price point. The boiler does its job very well. It has rapid steam technology; it takes about 40 seconds to heat up the machine. Because it is a single boiler machine, it cannot brew and steam at the same time. Fortunately, the waiting time is not that long either, as you can switch from brewing to steaming in a matter of seconds.

The Jura E6, on the other hand, uses the Thermoblock brewing system. Jura specializes in its Thermoblock-based espresso machines. It works by channeling water through a narrow pipe inside a metal block. The heat is carried and maintained by this metal block, which in turn heats up the water. This method eliminates water waste as it can heat small amounts of water at a time very quickly. The Thermoblock combines with PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) technology to brew rich, more crema-filled cups of coffee.

Milk System

Even though the De’Longhi Dinamica is an automatic espresso machine, its milk frother is a manual system. The Dinamica has a Panarello steam wand on the side of the brew head. You can produce good microfoam with the wand. It’s also an ideal steam wand to work with for beginners. You’ll have to wait 20 seconds to switch from brewing to steaming or foaming.

As it also facilitates the hot water option, you can make tea and hot chocolate with it. You can choose between thick, medium, and relatively thin consistencies with the wand. So, if you’re into foam experiments, this will come in handy. Please note that the wand has to be cleaned manually as it doesn’t have any automated features.

The Jura E6 is sure to produce pretty fantastic-quality milk foam. It uses the HP1 milk system. It allows you to connect your milk carafe directly to the E6’s brew group with the help of a plastic tube. You can adjust the foam volume for your lattes and cappuccinos. Since it has a Thermoblock, you can’t prepare coffee and milk simultaneously. That’s why the E6 grinds the coffee before dispensing hot milk, so it’s ready to drink once the milk foam pours into the cup.

Cleaning And Maintenance

De’Longhi Dinamica is designed to make its brewing and maintenance processes easy. It has a removable and dishwasher-safe drip tray for easy cleaning. Even the brew head is detachable for thorough rinsing. Dinamica requires warm water to rinse the machine and its various parts. The water tank is also detachable and comes with a water filter. Meaning, you can expect less cleaning and descaling. With the help of its descaler alert, you don’t have to keep track of descaling by yourself. The milk frother needs cleaning after each use.

Jura seems to lean on more automation when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It lets you know when to run a cleaning cycle. Although you can choose to run the cycle at any time manually. The brew head is non-removable. The water tank and the drip tray are detachable for easy rinsing. The drip tray, HP1 milk tube, and frother needed to be rinsed daily. The unique thing about Jura E6 is that you won’t have to perform descaling if you use its CLARIS/CLEARYL water filter. You’d only need to do descaling when using other water filters.

Similarities Between Jura E6 And Dinamica

  • The Jura E6 and De’Longhi Dinamica are two excellent bean-to-cup automatic espresso machines
  • Both models have a built-in coffee grinder with multiple grind settings
  • The Jura E6 and De’longhi Dinamica both come with a 2-year warranty
  • Both machines are easy to maintain as they have removable parts like the water tank, drip tray, and easy cleaning cycles

Overview Of The Jura E6

The Jura E6 is minimalist to look at but bold in action. It makes quality specialty drinks with its cutting-edge programmability. Other than having superb brewing quality, it also offers plenty of storage options and an ideal entry-level price tag for a super-automatic machine.

One of the underrated aspects of the E6 is its quiet yet powerful Aroma G3 multi-level grinder with 7 different grind settings. The E6 also uses fewer coffee beans, wastes less water per espresso shot (because of Thermoblock), and cuts out 60% of ground waste. The Jura E6 uses P.E.P. technology to generate exceptional brew shots. With adjustable strengths, temperatures, IWS filter technology, and a smart Jura water filter, you can ensure both the quality of the shots and the hygiene of the machine.

For decaf lovers, the E6 is not an ideal choice, as it doesn’t have a pre-ground powder chute. Moreover, it has a limited (7-item) recipe list, no one-touch function, no cup warming tray, and no 3D brewing technology.

Overview Of The De’Longhi Dinamica

The Dinamica is one of the most sought-after super-automatic models by Delonghi. Its engaging full touchscreen user interface tells you what you can do with it in a single glance.

The De’Longhi Dinamica has a small footprint and weighs just 21 lbs. So, it’s a great option for small kitchen spaces. You can serve you 5 drinks: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte, and iced coffee. Obviously its “TrueBrew Iced Coffee” is a big plus point as not all automatic espresso makers can offer it. And its iced coffee is very good as well, it’s not just a marketing façade. Among all the automatic and programmable features, its milk frother is not an automated component. But it’s good news if you love to control that part of your brewing, otherwise, it’s an obvious bummer.

It comes with a stainless steel boiler system. With its rapid steaming technology, it gets ready to go in 40 seconds after switching on. The steel conical burr grinder has 13 grind settings and performs with efficiency. It also has a decent used ground container that has 14 servings capacity. If you want automated coffee and manual milk frothing, De’Longhi Dinamica is the pick for you.


Is water ever in contact with aluminum in the De’Longhi Dinamica?

The Dinamica doesn’t come into contact with aluminum at all. However, the water does pass through BPA-free plastic after being heated.

Where is the Delonghi Dinamica made?

The Delonghi Dinamica is engineered in Italy but manufactured in Romania.

Can the Dinamica’s water reservoir be filled without having to detach it?

No, you can’t. The water tank must be removed first and then filled.

Does the E6 come with the tube for foaming?

Yes, the machine comes with a silicone tube, but you’ll have to buy the milk container separately.

What is the maximum drink size you can brew at once with the Jura E6?

The E6 has a dual spout, and each of them can pour 8 ounces at once, meaning you can have a 16 oz. drink in a tall glass.


Even though these machines are automatic espresso machines, please remember the fact that these are also entry-level super-automatic machines. So, it’s obvious why some key aspects such as pre-programmed drink recipes, grind settings, and milk texturing customizations are limited.

The Jura E6 is a very good upgrade from its predecessors. It’s a hassle-free machine that gives you a few good drinks. Although, if you can also acquire the JuraCool for your milk, you can enjoy the lattes and cappuccinos way better.

For Dinamica, it’s a solid investment as well. Plus, the freedom of manual milk frothing has surprisingly added value to this model. Many like to control their foam texture, and that can be done with Dinamica. Dinamica also sticks with its single boiler heating system, which is better when compared to E6’s Thermoblock heating system.

All that remains is to pick your favorite and decide to bring one in for your home barista setup!    

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