The Best Burr Grinders Under $100 In 2023

Grinding your coffee beans is a prerequisite to ideal coffee brewing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a top-of-the-line coffee machine or one of the highest quality coffee beans for your daily cup of joe – if you’re not grinding your beans for your desired brew method, no machine or bean quality can help you to achieve perfection.

This is why a good coffee grinder is always present in a good barista setup, whether it’s a home or professional one.

Needless to say, of the various types, burr grinders are dominating the scene. Ideally, the questions are how to pick and which one to pick for yourself.

So, let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Check out our take on the best burr grinders under $100 right here, right now!

Why Burr Grinders Are Better Than Blade Grinders?

A burr grinder is precisely made for grinding coffee beans. It’s made up of 2 revolving abrasive burrs. Burrs are either made of stainless steel or ceramic. Furthermore, there are flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders. Both grind coffee beans very well.

A blade grinder comes with a blade in the center of the grinder. It looks like a propeller and most of the time it looks similar to a blender blade. That’s why sometimes blade grinders are called spice blenders as well.

The reason that seasoned baristas and coffee aficionados tend to prefer burr grinders over blades is that the coffee beans are ground to a uniform grind size. This happens as the distance between the burrs can be changed – which, in turn, changes the size of your grind.

Meaning, you’ll have precision and control over your brew method. Obviously, blade grinders can’t provide such advantages and control. A uniform coffee ground is much harder to pull off with a blade grinder, especially if you’re going for coarser ground size. Moreover, burrs last way longer than blades. For such reasons, burr grinders are wholeheartedly recommended for elevated grind quality.

Reviewing The Best Burr Grinders Under 100 Dollars

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

  • Get a consistently uniform grind with the adjustable 18-position selector
  • Easy to access and remove both bean hopper and grind chamber for cleaning
  • Grind enough beans in one cycle for 32 cups of coffee – no need to repeat!
  • The power bar is separate from the unit and the timer shuts it off when done
  • Heavy duty yet space-saving design – enjoy cord storage and extra scoop/brush for easy cleaning

The DBM-8 is an automatic burr grinder that provides a uniform grind with its 18-position grind and cup selectors. Just move the slide dial from ultra-fine to extra-coarse. Cuisinart as a brand is already known for making user-friendly kitchen appliances. Thus, this model has an 8-ounce bean hopper and a grinding chamber that can be fully removable. The grinding chamber can store enough coffee grounds for 32 cups of coffee. Another notable point is its one-touch power bar. It’s separate from the main unit and complemented by an electric timer. It automatically shuts off the unit once a cycle is completed.


  • It’s a small and compact design that’s convenient for small kitchens
  • The removable grind chamber is large (32 cups), which saves frequent grinding
  • The one-touch power bar, 18 grinding settings with cup selectors, and automatic shut-off make the grinding a breeze!


  • It’s a noisy burr grinder
  • The motor is prone to sudden malfunction

OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Durable stainless steel conical burrs ensure uniform grounds for optimal flavor extraction
  • 15 adjustable settings plus micro settings to accommodate various brewing methods and tastes
  • Easy-to-use one-touch start timer remembers your last setting each time you grind
  • The convenient hopper easily holds up to 0.75 lbs of coffee beans for your grinding needs
  • Anti-static grounds container can accommodate up to 110 grams (enough for 12 cups!)
  • Quick and easy cleaning with no need for water or liquids inside the grinder/burrs

Oxo is another popular brand when it comes to offering a wide range of coffee makers and grinders. And this grinder has the strongest shout-out to be the best coffee grinder under 100. It’s equipped with durable 40 mm stainless steel conical burrs. These burrs, with 15 grind settings and micro settings, guarantee uniform grounds for optimal flavor extraction for any brew style.

It has a smart one-touch-start timer that keeps your last setting saved. Its hopper holds up to 0.75 lbs. of beans, and the grounds container holds up to 4 ounces (110 grams), which is good enough for 12 cups of coffee. Please note that you should never use water or other liquids to clean its internals or its burrs.


  • It’s quiet, affordable, and compactly built
  • Steel conical burrs are reliable and able to create a consistent grind
  • The coffee beans feed into the grinder and don’t back up while grinding
  • Minimalist stainless steel design, suitable for use at home or in the office


  • The ground container is difficult to lock in
  • The bottom burr is irremovable, which causes buildup and blockages with time

KRUPS Precision Grinder

KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr
7,315 Reviews
KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr

  • Enjoy a smoother, more flavorful cup of coffee with a 33% more grinding range
  • Achieve precision and uniformity with a premium metallic flat burr grinder
  • Customize your grind size to suit any brewing method or espresso blend
  • Automatically grind the exact quantity you need with 2-12 cup selection settings
  • Grind up to 30-32 cups of coffee with the 8 oz. bean hopper and removable grounds container

Next up, is a precision burr grinder from the famous German kitchen appliance brand KRUPS. It’s a flat burr grinder and ideal for drip, espresso, pour-over, and cold brew grind sizes. It has an impressive combination of 12 grinding ranges and 12 cup selectors to provide precision grinding for all types of coffee brewing methods.

The grinder has a convenient auto-stop function to automatically grind the exact quantity you need for your coffee. The ground container is removable and specious. You can store 30–32 cups’ worth of coffee grounds in there. Moreover, you’ll also have an 8-ounce bean hopper on this model. The top burr is detachable and KRUPS provides an embedded cleaning brush for effortless cleaning.


  • Both the whole bean hopper and the ground container are large
  • Another small and compact model that’ll barely take up any space on your kitchen counter
  • It has 12 main grinding settings with intermediate settings for precise grinding (33 settings in total)


  • The grinder also generates lots of static buildups
  • Like all the flat burr grinders, this model also generates more heat

Capresso Infinity Plus 570.01

Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder

  • Commercial-grade conical burrs ensure a precise grind every time
  • 16 fineness settings let you choose the perfect texture for your favorite coffee
  • An 11-ounce bean container and a 4-ounce ground coffee container give you plenty of storage capacity
  • Gear reduction motor creates less friction and heat, preserving maximum flavor and aroma
  • Safety lock system for safe operation during and after use
  • Auto-off feature when the bean container is not locked
  • Slowest grinding action (<450 rpm) for the most accurate consistency

The Infinity Plus is a home grinder that has commercial-grade functions and capabilities. First off, it has commercial-grade, solid steel conical burrs for high-precision grinding. Its innovative gear reduction motor creates less friction and heat, which helps to preserve maximum aroma and flavor.

And it can do high-precision grinding in 16 different settings, from extra fine to coarse grinding, for every type of method. It has a see-through bean container that can hold up to 11 ounces of beans. In terms of the ground container, it’s only a tight-fitting 4-ounce container. One of the standout features of this model is that it has a safety lock system for safe operation during and after use. It automatically switches off when the bean container is not locked-in.


  • It has a simple operation method
  • A heavy-duty commercial grinder, but a lightweight one
  • Most of the detachable parts come apart easily when cleaning
  • Its multiple-gear motors generate the slowest grinding action (<450 rpm) for the highest precision


  • It’s hard to clean the grounds hopper
  • The control wheel is just a timer and doesn’t correspond to any quantity of coffee

De’Longhi Ariete Conical Burr Electric Grinder

Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

  • High-quality conical burrs for an ultra-fine grind suitable for Turkish coffee
  • Stylish design to complement any décor and save counter space
  • Removable bean hopper to store beans in a dark, cool location
  • 15 grind settings to customize your cup of coffee
  • Adjustable cup size with a helpful user manual guide
  • ETL certified for safe and efficient use
  • Award-winning design recognized by Red Dot and Quiet Mark in 2007 and 2012 respectively

Another professional heavy-duty electric burr grinder is on our list. Ariete is an Italian machine brand, well known for its many award-winning designs. Currently, under the DeLonghi group, it’s not shying away from essential coffee machines and tools. Needless to say, this model has a sleek design that will complement any decor and save lots of counter space.

Ariete uses heavy-duty conical burr discs for ultra-fine grinding. The stainless steel burrs can work with 15 grind size settings and adjustable cup sizes as well. The finesse is suitable even for Turkish coffee. Its bean hopper can hold up to 13.3 ounces of coffee beans, while the ground container can hold up to 6.5 ounces. The bean hopper has an auto-lock and can be removed with beans inside, convenient for avoiding spillages and safe to store somewhere else.


  • It’s a quiet grinder
  • You can remove the bean hopper when it’s full
  • The grinding head assembly can be cleaned thoroughly
  • You can stop grinding manually as well as set a timer according to your grind sizes and coffee cups


  • The static buildup is a constant in this model

JavaPresse Manual Burr Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse

  • Durable stainless steel construction to last 5x longer than other grinders
  • Enjoy fresh, flavorful coffee without all the noise from electric burr grinders
  • Professional grade ceramic conical burr for an incredibly consistent coffee grind
  • Get complete precision and control over the coarseness of your grind with 18 manual grind settings
  • Make a positive impact on the world with a portion of profits going towards the coffee supply chain & local communities

Our only choice amongst manual grinders. It has adjustable settings and a stainless steel-made conical burr. JavaPresse grinder is equipped with over 18 grind settings – all providing 100% precision and control over the coarseness of your grind. This hand crank grinder is suitable for all methods as well.

JavaPresse is a unique entry in our list because it’s one of the quality manual grinders that‘s convenient, portable, and easy to use outside. JavaPresse has taken it to the next level by equipping the grinder with a professional-grade ceramic conical burr.

Its hand crank mechanism eliminates over 90% of the noise when compared to an electric grinder. JavaPresse hand coffee grinder doesn’t require any batteries or electricity to operate. This is why it’s perfect for camping, hiking, or backpacking trips.


  • It’s a small but robust manual grinder
  • Its ceramic burrs last 5 times longer than steel burrs
  • The side window helps users stay aware of the grind size
  • The built-in grind selector generates very accurate grind sizes


  • Since it’s a small machine, it can’t hold many fresh beans
  • The grinding process is slow (since it’s manual) and can take 5 to 10 minutes

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder
7,414 Reviews
Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Precision grinding for consistent flavor and aroma
  • Push button timer ensures fresh coffee with no waste
  • 12 adjustable grind settings to make any type of coffee from Espresso to French Press
  • The friction clutch keeps the grinder safe from damage
  • Borosilicate glass catcher with grip reduces static cling and mess

Bodum is a certified celebrity when it comes to making grinders. The Bistro model has a stainless steel conical burr grinder. It has a simple push button for easy usage. You can also use its pre-set timer function to grind the exact amount of coffee. Bodum Bistro comes with 12 adjustable grind settings. With this grinder, you can easily grind for espresso or French press.

The notable feature of this grinder is that it has a friction clutch that protects the grinding gear from impurities present in coffee beans. All the parts of this machine are dishwasher-safe, and Bistro’s borosilicate glass reduces the static cling of coffee grounds. The bean hopper can store almost 8-ounce beans and has a protective lid. Moreover, this lid provides a built-in measuring guide. The silicone band around the grinder provides a strong grip for the user.


  • One of the best burr grinders under 100 dollars
  • Even though it’s a lightweight grinder, it’s durable and well-built
  • The anti-static borosilicate glass for the ground container is a genius addition
  • This machine is quiet, doesn’t vibrate, and sits on the counter with minimal space


  • Grinder demands a learning curve
  • The rubberized body with silicone band is difficult to clean properly

Tips For Buying Best Burr Grinders Under $100

At a glance, the task of picking the right grinder in this price range isn’t easy, and we’re certain that all of you’re aware of that. That’s why we’ve prepared a few expert tips, and by following them, you’ll be more likely to end up with the burr grinder of your choice.

First, make up your mind about what type of grinder you’d like to have. Do you require a retro hand-cranked (manual) grinder? Or, an electric grinder? Electric grinders can come with either blades or burr grinders.

Then, pick your preferred blade type. Blade grinders usually don’t perform better than burr grinders. Burrs do have a prolonged lifespan.

Grinder size is important and it mainly depends on your drinking demands and habits. Choose according to your needs.

Before purchasing, snoop around the online reviews and customer feedback on your grinder’s compactness and user-friendliness.

Ease-of-cleaning of coffee grinders is one of the most difficult tasks for most brands because of the static nature of the coffee grounds. It’s absolutely essential for you to select a machine that’ll be easy to clean as well as not messy when operational.

If you like small burrs, you must pick one of the low-speed grinders only, as they are compatible with small grinders. On the other hand, bigger burrs are suitable for high-speed grinding.

In this price range, not many will offer you more than 20 grind settings. Truth be told, most of us wouldn’t need that much either. Make sure it does well for your type of brew method.

Manual VS Electric Burr: Which One Is Better?

Electric burr grinders are the most popular choice right now. But manual grinders still have a strong following. Really, it all comes down to what you want and need. Both manual and electric burr grinders have their pros and cons.

For a quick and easy grind, a manual grinder is a way to go. Moreover, manual grinders don’t require any electricity, which makes them more suitable for outdoor use. An electrical grinder is an ideal choice for more efficient and faster grinding.

Electric burr grinders offer more consistency than manual grinders. Electric ones are easier to use between them too. Manual grinders are louder than electric burrs.

However, most electric grinders do break down easily when compared to manual grinders.

Manual grinders are ideal for frequent travelers and lone drinkers. Manual grinders don’t have enough capacity to grind for multiple drinkers at once. Conversely, electric grinders are ideal for homes, cafés, and offices. They’re also capable of grinding many cups.

Key Differences Between Conical And Flat Burrs

There are 2 types of burr grinders: flat and conical.

Flat burr grinders come with 2 parallel plates (burrs) and crush the beans between them. And conical burr grinders have a rotating cone and a static cone to crush the beans.

The conical burr design is known to generate less heat than the flat burrs. As a result, the ground aroma and flavors remain intact, far better in a conical burr grinder.

For general purposes with a budget, flat burrs are ideal choices. Conical burrs tend to be the high-end grinders on the market.


What are the types of burr grinders?

Basically, you’ll either have an electric or a manual burr grinder machine. The burrs themselves can be found in two different styles: flat and conical. In terms of material, burrs can be made with ceramic or stainless steel.

How to clean a burr grinder?

Switch it off and unplug the machine from the outlet. Take off its bean hopper and ground container. Now you can take off only the outer burr. Rinse and clean all 3 components, and brush off the grounds from the inner (attached) burr inside of the machine.

Can you purchase a good burr grinder for less than $100?

Yes, especially the flat burr grinders. Just make sure to do prior research on your preferred targets in this budget.


Our list of the best conical burr grinder under 100 is not only accurate, but it is also up-to-date for the year 2022. Burr grinders are by far the best option in terms of ensuring a quality coffee experience. It’s also true that, generally, burr grinders are a bit pricey, but if you’ve read this article, it’s clear that they’re worth the investment.

No matter your preference, you must research the market before making a purchase. We recommend you see reviews and feedback before you decide to go out and spend the cash.

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