Jura E8 VS. Jura ENA 8: Seven Differences You Must Discover

If you’re thinking about getting your first or next automatic espresso machine, then you’ll stumble upon Jura machines for sure. The craze of brewing espresso or espresso-based milky drinks (latte, macchiato, or cappuccino) at home all started when companies like Jura started to simplify the espresso-making process. Coffee lovers around the world could finally have an automatic espresso maker for their home kitchens.

Among all the Jura models, the E8 and ENA 8 are majestic samples of how simple an automatic machine can be. Operability, consistency, and user-friendliness—you name it, they offer it all. But which one should be picked among them? Let’s find out in this Jura E8 vs. ENA 8 article!

Jura E8 vs. Jura ENA 8: Comparison Tables


CategoryJura E8Jura ENA 8
Intelligent PreheatingYesNo
Wi-Fi ConnectionYesNo
Specialty Drinks1710
One-Touch AmericanoYesNo
Dosage (g)5 – 166 – 10
Milk SystemHP3HP1
One-Touch Milk System CleaningYesNo
Adjustable Dual Spout Height (in)2.6 – 4.42.2 – 5.4
Adjustable Hot Water Spout Height (in)4.4 – 6.22.2 – 5.4
Adjustable Cappuccino Spout Height (in)4.4 – 6.2N/A
Water Tank (oz.)6437.2
Bean Hopper (oz.)104.4
Used Grounds Container16 Servings10 Servings
Weight (lbs.)2124
Dimension (W x H X D) (in)11 × 13.8 × 17.610.7 × 12.7 × 17.5


CategoryJura E8Jura ENA 8
GrinderAroma G3Aroma G3
Coffee Strengths1010
Boiler & PumpSingle Thermoblock & 15-barSingle Thermoblock & 15-bar
Pre-Ground Powder ChuteYesYes
One-Touch FunctionYesYes
3D BrewingYesYes
Automated Cleaning, Rinsing, & DescalingYesYes
Maintenance Status DisplayYesYes
Adjustable Water AmountYesYes
Programmable Milk FoamYesYes
J.O.E AppYesYes
 Brewing Temperatures33
Hot Water Temperatures33

Jura ENA 8 Vs. Jura E8: Key Differences


The E8 is slightly bigger than the ENA 8 but surprisingly lighter than the ENA 8. Starting from the top, the E8’s water tank is way bigger than the ENA 8’s. The same goes for the bean hopper capacity as well: the E8’s hopper is almost 2 times bigger than the ENA 8’s. Now to the bottom, we’ve got the used grounds container. The E8 also excels here, with space for 16 pucks. The ENA 8 can only store 10 pucks in its container. But when it comes to offering more leg space for taller cups, you’ll be better off with the ENA 8. It has an adjustable spout height of 3.2 inches, whereas the E8 only offers 1.8 inches.

Drink Recipes

The Jura E8 offers way more drink options than the ENA 8. The E8 has 17 recipes: espresso (2x), coffee (2x), caffè barista, Americano, espresso doppio, cortado, macchiato, cappuccino (with an extra shot), flat white (with an extra shot), latte macchiato (with an extra shot), a portion of milk foam, and hot water. On the other hand, the ENA 8 has 10 recipes: ristretto, espresso, coffee, espresso doppio, macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, latte, a portion of milk foam, and hot water. It’s obvious that, if you like more choices, the E8 is the clear favorite here.


Even though both of these espresso machines use Jura’s Aroma G3 grinder, the ENA 8’s comes with a sharper grinder and wider blades. That makes for a smoother and finer grind while producing less coffee residue. Also, the ENA 8’s grinder is faster than the E8’s. So the grind time reduces, but it also means that the heat from the grinder can warm up the grinds, resulting in the loss of fresh aroma and flavor. One thing that the E8 has over the ENA 8 is the pre-ground powder chute. This chute is a savior for decaf coffee drinkers!


The Jura E8 is already famous for its brewing excellence and how fast it does the job. The double spouts also allow you to make 2 shots at once. The ENA 8, on the other hand, only has a single spout. It’s true that both machines have pre-infusion technology, which ensures the correct coffee-to-water ratio for each drink. But the E8 offers one more thing: the one-touch Americano function, making it easier than ever before.

While both machines feature the Thermoblock heating technology, the E8 comes with a special temperature control that’s missing in the ENA 8: the Intelligent Preheating feature. It makes the first cup of coffee piping hot and reduces the overall waiting time compared to the ENA 8.


You’ll also have a better dosage setting with the E8. The E8 implements 5–16 grams of ground coffee per dose. But the ENA 8 offers much less—6–10 grams per dose. Combined with the 15-bar pump pressure, the E8 extracts the perfect amount of strong espresso. The ENA 8 short dosage may lead to a smaller volume of coffee.   

Milk System

The milk system on the E8 comes with a separate cappuccino spout that sits on the corner of the E8. The ENA 8’s milk spout is right next to its coffee spout. Moving forward, the E8 has a better HP3 milk system. And the frothing system on the ENA 8 is the older HP1 version from Jura. The E8 does allow some adjustability over the foam texture, whereas the ENA 8’s is fully automatic.


The ENA 8 and the E8 actually have identical cleaning systems. But the E8 has an additional feature: one-touch automatic milk system cleaning. It makes the frother always as good as brand new and runs the cycle automatically. Even though both of these espresso machines have full-automatic rinsing, cleaning, and descaling functions, you’d be better off with the E8. Because the E8 has a bigger water tank and bean hopper, you wouldn’t require frequent cleaning cycles.

Jura E8 (NAA) 4th Gen Automatic Coffee Machine (Piano Black)

Similarities Between The Jura E8 And Jura ENA 8

  • Both machines have 3D brewing technology. It releases the hot water into the grounds in multiple layers, ensuring maximum aroma, smoothness, and rich crema
  • The Jura E8 and ENA 8 both have the same 15-bar pump system, pulse extraction process, and single thermoblock heating system
  • You’ll also have the same amount of brew strength levels (10) from both of these two automatic espresso machines
  • You can also monitor their status from the user interface displays. It’s one of the Jura’s quintessential additions
  • The E8 and the ENA 8 have both the same number of hot water and brewing temperatures (3 levels each)
  • When it comes to customizing the water volume and milk foam for a recipe, both of these Jura machines offer those customizations
  • Jura has included all the energy-saving functions with a programmable switch-off timer in both of them
  • Last but not least, the E8 and ENA 8 both can connect to the J.O.E. app so that you can select the drinks and customize them from your smartphone. Moreover, they’re also compatible with Bluetooth

Overview Of Jura E8

The Jura E8 is part of Jura’s E-series and the successor of the E6 model. The E-series has always been renowned for its broad drink options and ease of use. The E8 has 17 different coffee beverages, ranging from a simple espresso to a delicious cortado. With some of Jura’s finest brewing technology, like the pre-infusion, 3D brewing, and PEP technology, it pulls the most flavor out of the coffee grounds each time, giving you a richer, crema-filled cup of coffee.

The E8 automatic coffee machine is compact and suitable for smaller kitchen spaces. It performs all the cleaning and maintenance cycles by itself. You can hook it up with your home Wi-Fi network, a mobile app, or Bluetooth. Not only does it have one-touch functions, but it also provides a one-touch Americano function. And most importantly, it offers plenty of storage for water, fresh beans, and used coffee pucks, saving itself from frequent maintenance.

The only drawback is that the milk system should have provided more control for its users. But then again, the existing features of this super-automatic machine also demand a steep learning curve from its users. 

Overview Of Jura ENA 8

The Jura ENA 8 is a special model as it’s the most recognized machine from the entire ENA series. This relatively smaller Jura machine has all the bells and whistles to offer without consuming a ton of space in your kitchen.

Even though the Jura ENA 8 is small, it still packs all the punches from Jura. Individually programmable features like 3D brewing, 10 specialty recipes, energy-saving modes, Aroma G3 grinders, 3 brew and hot water temperatures, and self-cleaning functions are all there. It even has a one-touch function for selecting your favorite drink directly from the user interface. Anyone interested in a high-quality espresso machine that makes brewing and maintaining it a breeze will love the ENA8. It’s got all the convenient features you should look for when you’re looking for a powerful coffee maker.

If we focus on the drawbacks, it doesn’t have an impressive programmable milk system for latte art lovers. Adjusting the milk foam and its temperature can be difficult with the ENA 8. And you’ll only be able to serve one espresso at a time, as it’s a single-spout machine.


Does the ENA 8 produce good espresso?

Yes, thanks to its Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), pre-infusion, and 3D brewing, the ENA 8 makes excellent, full-bodied espresso that has a thick and aromatic crema.

Who should not go for the Jura E8?

Those who’re looking for a more expensive, more feature-filled, not big on milk-based drinks, or looking for a budget machine shouldn’t go for the E8.

Does the Jura E8 offer value for the money?

Absolutely, the Jura E8 is feature-laden, reliable, quick, easy to use, easy to maintain, and has a long lifespan. All things considered, it represents a very good value for the money.

Does the Jura ENA 8 coffee machine fit into small spaces?

The Jura ENA 8 is one of the smaller machines from Jura. But it’s very compact and made to comfortably fit in kitchens with limited counter space.

What is the average lifespan of a Jura machine?

Jura machines can last around 9 years if taken care of properly and you don’t skip any of the maintenance tasks.


Both machines are winners, depending on your needs. The Jura E8 is a winner for those who’re looking for an espresso machine that has a longer lifespan and caters to a large household. The E8 produces more coffee, in different recipes, and makes taking care of it as easy as pushing a button. It also has faster heating, programmable milk frothing, and comfortable aesthetics.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a machine that’s suitable for a smaller household and a machine that’ll give you the super-automatic experience without costing much, the Jura ENA 8 will be ideal for you. Its P.E.P. technology, reliable HP1 milk system, 10 brew strengths, 3D brewing, one-touch function, adjustable spout height for taller cups, and automated cleaning and maintenance cycles all quench your coffee thirst for a long time.

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