Jura vs Breville Espresso Machines: Which One to Select In 2022?

If you’re seeking the next superautomatic coffee machine, the market today offers two of the most promising gadgets in terms of style, operation, and features. Both Jura and Breville are unquestionably the best among the high-quality products, but what about Breville vs Jura and the critical distinctions between the two?

Continue reading for a summary of the Jura vs Breville dispute to see which one is best for you.


Leo Henzriohs founded Jura Elektroapparate AP as a manufacturer of high-quality household appliances. They are a Swiss company that tennis star Roger Federer endorses.

Jura devices are autonomous and superautomatic; therefore, this manufacturer may not be for you if you prefer a semi-automatic machine. Jura machines are loaded with technology, such as their Pulse Extraction Process and Aroma grinders, which bring out the finest in your beans.

Jura gives you total control over every element of your coffee, from the amount of the froth foam to the coffee grinding, temperature, and intensity, as well as self-cleaning options for the machine and sterilizer. At the push of a button, the gadget will grind, tamp, and brew, producing a variety of beverages.

Jura also allows users to create and preserve unique settings for all available drinks. Nevertheless, the Swiss business has advanced the technology by developing an app! Imagine being able to prepare your coffee drinks from your phone—no longer!

Here are several well-known Jura espresso machines:

Jura ENA 8 – A Multifunctional And Compact Choice

This automated coffee machine features ten drink selections and is outfitted with cutting-edge technology.

Jura A1 – For Espresso Connoisseurs

If your favorite coffee drinks are espresso and ristretto, this is the machine for you.

Jura E6 – Ideal For Cappuccino & Latte Drinkers

If you like espresso and ristretto but occasionally want a milk-based espresso drink like cappuccino, the Jura E6 is an excellent choice.

Jura Z8 — A High-Quality Option

This Swiss-made superautomatic espresso machine is made entirely of aluminum casting.

Jura D6 – Best Jura Coffee Machine for the Money

The Jura D6 is an attractive choice for espresso & cappuccino enthusiasts on a tight budget.


Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville launched Breville in 1932. Breville, like Jura, received its first major break in different areas of home appliance manufacture.

Breville produces semi-automatic & automatic machines, but not superautomatic ones like Jura. For consumers who desire a little more manual control, Breville has both hands-on and hands-off options.

Most Breville machines include PID temperature control, which allows you to regulate the brewing and frothy temperatures through a button or a touch screen when that alternative is available.

The Oracle is Breville’s top-of-the-line machine, and it costs roughly around $2400. It is in between semi-automatic and automatic devices with remarkable technology. Swipe touch screen features and a limited amount of programmability make beverages available at the press of a button.

Several of their devices have a pre-brew infusion mechanism, which means you get good taste and fragrance when combined with adequate pressure. They also include self-cleaning features for the steaming wand & machine.

Here are a few well-known Breville espresso machines:

BES878BSS Barista Pro – The best Breville espresso maker

The Barista Pro includes a built-in cylindrical burr grinder with dosage control, allowing you to grind just the quantity of coffee grounds you require at the press of a button.

BES888BSS Barista Touch – The Most Convenient

It reduces the process of producing a complex cafe-style espresso drink to a few buttons; therefore, it wins our title for Easiest to Use.

BES840XL Infuser – Best Semi Automatic Espresso Maker

It contains Breville’s top renowned coffee makers and accessories like single and twin wall filtration baskets.

BES990BSS Oracle Touch – The Most Comprehensive

This is the espresso machine for you if you’re searching for a personal barista in your kitchen.

BES500 Bambino Plus – Excellent Value

The Breville Bambino Plus delivers a plethora of sophisticated capabilities in surprisingly inexpensive and user-friendly packaging.

Key Differences Between Jura And Breville

Jura vs Breville coffee machine – is a big question now! But, neither the Jura nor Breville began producing espresso machines at first. Instead, they came late to the automatic coffee game: Jura mainly in the 1980s, then Breville in the 2000s.

The sheer number of variations between these two makes for an excellent comparison. While both companies provide completely automated coffee makers, their features are vastly different, giving each a distinct set of benefits.

Below, we go deeper into the distinctions of Breville vs Jura to help you choose the best one for you.

Cleansing and general maintenance

Regular cleaning is vital for every coffee machine. Jura devices are self-cleaning, and when turned on and off, they will wash out all the pipes, including brew heads.

Jura has a specific milk cleaning jar with a cleaning solution in an external milk tank. The device will clean itself once the frother is installed.

Breville machines require a more laborious procedure, and so that you can rinse the device out, cleansing it is more of an effort than the Jura, which can be instructed to rinse and clean via the maintenance menu.

Both will signal when the machine needs to be descaling and provide information. Using a suitable descaler will eliminate limescale accumulation and keep the coffee tasting harshly.


Many coffee enthusiasts can attest to the outstanding taste quality of a Jura device, and this renown is well-deserved. Their dedication to an essential component of coffee—the depth of flavor and taste—drives their constant innovation and pursuit of the ultimate brewing technology.

Breville has recognized the need for high-quality taste, and its burr-grinders and pre-brewing systems, like Jura’s, give great-tasting espresso on demand.


Jura devices have never been shown to be inexpensive, which is on purpose, BUT very few (if there are any) will dispute that any expenditure, whether $1000 or $5000, in a Jura machine, is a waste of money.

Breville provides low-cost and high-end devices, so Breville may have been a better alternative if the price is an issue. However, we feel that the functionality and technology supplied by a Jura machine will easily balance that equation.

Froth & Foaming

More and more people desire to make milky coffee drinks quickly and easily, and both Breville and Jura machines, especially at the top end of the range, provide this capability. The top-of-the-line Jura machines include an integrated frothing technology and generate some of the best micro-foam available today. While Breville supplies an external pressure washer, Jura machines feature an internal frothing mechanism coupled to an external dairy tank.

Regardless of the option being utilized, both produce high-quality micro-foam patterned to your specifications, so the choice is whether you want the simplicity of foam at the push of a button or the manual capability to steam it manually.

Machine Dependability

The Jura S8 received two of the world’s most prestigious global design awards in 2018, the RedDot Design Award and the iF Design Award. They are solely manufactured of high-quality materials. Furthermore, Jura Giga 6 and Z8 are also winner of iF Design Award, and Jura E8, ENA 8 (Signature Line) are also winner of RedDot Design Award.

Jura makes this a non-negotiable, and they add various design aspects to make their devices both sturdy and visually beautiful. Nonetheless, these devices are pretty sturdy and will survive for decades.

Breville is well-known for its robust stainless steel construction and more classic look. It features a combination of current technology and a vital structure that provides its machines exceptional robustness, with big gauges and buttons.


What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Breville Espresso Machine?

Breville coffee machines are extremely high-quality and may last far longer than similar equipment from other companies. Many individuals say their Breville coffee machines have survived for ten years or more.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest In Jura Coffee Machines?

Any Jura machine will produce excellent coffee in your home. It’s also a nice day if you can begin your day with a delicious cup of coffee.

What Is The Lifespan Of The Breville Filter?

Replace the charcoal filter in your Breville Premium Single-Cup Brewer or Barista Espresso machine every two months to get the greatest cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The pollutants that impact the smell and taste of water are removed by these replacement charcoal filters.

What Makes Jura Coffee So Special?

Only the best polymers, stainless steel, and moveable components are used by Jura. Whilst some automatic espresso makers are content to provide you with a variety of stunning (but quite u0022ordinaryu0022) coffee beverages, Jura goes a step further by including a professional frother.

Is It Possible To Use Breville Or Jura Without A Filter?

u0022No,u0022 is the short response. However, if you don’t have time to properly pre-filter the water before putting it in your device, this is a very safe and easy solution to guarantee correctly filtered water every time.

Final Verdict

So, we are at the end of the Jura vs Breville. They both are a close second in terms of quality coffee and technology, with good designs and features. It really comes down to whether you desire a bit more control or great coffee at your hands.

Breville is available in nearly every way conceivable. Customers are the driving force behind this brand, from the price range to the features. Breville is the way to go if you want to get the most value for money. However, if money is no problem and you want to strive for the stars as far as your machine can go, Jura is a viable option.

Caffeine aficionados, cheers!

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