Meet Your Electronic Barista: The Jura Z8 Review

Coffee is such a versatile beverage. You can drink it brewed in a pot, pressed into an espresso, or infused in any number of fancy milk-based combinations. With times the way they are, you might not be able to go to your favorite cafe to get a latte or a macchiato. It seems you’re out of options. At least, it might seem that way, but it won’t for long.

Meet the JURA Z8 Coffee Machine, an espresso maker with built-in latte and Americano functions. In this Jura Z8 Coffee Machine review, we’ll go over what this product has to offer, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and give our final thoughts on it.

Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Touch screen
  • Aluminum
  • 21 different drink options
  • 4.3” Touchscreen color display & rotary Switch
  • Save, copy and personalize products
  • Allows for other coffee varieties to be used

A Closer Look at Jura Z8

To start this Jura Z8 review, we’ll analyze the features the coffee maker offers. This section will include the machine’s functions, the associated products, and the appliance’s look. You’ll find there’s a lot more to this product than just brewing coffee!

Beverage Variety

The Jura Z8 can prepare up to 21 different drinks. While the focus is necessarily on coffee and espresso-based products, you can also make tea, get a cup of milk, and have a mug of plain hot water. If you wanted, you could simply make a serving of milk foam! You can select any possible drink from the small touchscreen, and the machine gets to work.

How does it make these brews? In the case of an espresso shot, it starts a speedy yet efficient grinding of the beans and goes to injecting them with water heated to the perfect temperature. Then, for a drink like a latte, the dual pumps pour the exact right quantities of milk and coffee (both heated in their separate blocks) into your cup. The machine even knows when to switch from milk to foam, guaranteeing precision with every drink.

An Assortment of Compatible Parts

The Jura Z8 is an efficient product on its own. However, if you want to get even more out of this versatile machine, there are numerous add-ons you can purchase.

For instance, they have cups and glasses for:

While most of the drinks are assigned one variety of vessel (e.g., the drip coffee cup is a mug), espresso gets both a mug and a clear glass.

Jura also has a “cup warmer” that is compatible with the Z8 Coffee Machine. This accessory can both heat mugs to precisely the right temperature for your hot drink and store the dishes when you’re not using them. It can hold four drip-coffee mugs, five espresso mugs, or six cappuccino mugs at one time.

There’s more to serving coffee than just cups. That’s why they sell specific spoons for drip coffee, espressos, and macchiatos.

Of course, none of these parts are beneficial if your Jura Z8 is dirty. Jura offers specially-formulated cleaning products, such as washing tabs, bottled cleaner, and filters.

Sleek Design

Not only is the Jura Z8 a practical machine, but it’s an aesthetically pleasing one, too. Its polished chromium and black look give it a genuine cafe sensibility, and it will fit in fabulously with the presentation of your kitchen. As it measures 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches, it will fit in physically well with your kitchen, too!

Jura Z8 Review : Pros and Cons

In this part of our Jura Z8 review, we’ll discuss what we found to be the highlights and the lowlights of the device. The positives outnumber the negatives, but it’s best to be open about everything so that you can make an informed decision.

What We Liked

The Array of Possible Drinks

This aspect of the Jura Z8 is the absolute best part. How many coffee makers can pull ristretto shots, prepare a flat white, and pour milk all in one? This apparatus is for the true coffee lover—and one who can appreciate a gamut of hot beverages.

The Digital Layout

Modern kitchens need modern appliances. Jura understands this, which is why their Z8 model uses a versatile touchscreen. You can cycle through and select any of the possible drinks with the touch of a finger.

Not only can you choose from the preset beverages, but you can also add your own! The Jura Z8 is a must for the contemporary coffee lover.

The Size

For something so productive, the Jura Z8 is compact! Imagine the counter space you could save by buying one of these instead of several different appliances. It’s almost unbelievable how small the Jura Z8 is. You wouldn’t expect something so multipurpose to fit in the corner of a room, but that’s precisely what the Jura Z8 can do!

What We Didn’t Like

The Price

There’s no getting around it: the Jura Z8 is expensive. Many people might expect a high price tag on a premium espresso machine. That said, a steep price point isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you want and can afford to sink thousands of dollars into a coffee maker, then you should consider the Jura Z8. Otherwise, look for something less expensive.

The Weight

The Jura Z8 weighs over 40 pounds. Suffice to say that not everybody can handle that. If you are able (and willing) to handle a relatively hefty piece of equipment in the name of hot beverages, go with the Jura Z8. If you aren’t (or don’t want to), consider something lighter.

Final Words

Overall, the Jura Z8 Coffee Machine is excellent for anyone serious about their coffee. With its industrial-style range, design, and attachments, it’s like having a whole coffee shop right in your kitchen. The product’s cost and weight aren’t for everyone, but if you can handle those, you’ll find the Jura Z8 to be a fantastic addition to your morning routine.

We hope you have found this Jura Z8 review helpful. Be sure to check out the product for yourself to see how it might work out for you. Above all, enjoy your hot, delicious coffee!

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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