Pour To Perfection: Maestri House Electric Gooseneck Kettle Review

Gooseneck kettles are an essential kitchen item for making that perfect cup of pour over coffee. Traditionally, kettles are straightforward and require full-fledged human control. As for almost every product in the 21st century, gooseneck kettles also have electric and semi-automated versions.

With its electric gooseneck kettle, it does save a lot of daily trouble and offers more convenient features. And this is why Maestri House has come forward with its very own innovative electric pour over gooseneck kettle.

So, let’s not wait any longer and take a closer look at the Maestri House Electric Gooseneck Kettle!

Key Features

Maestri House Electric Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle
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Maestri House Electric Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • Professional coffee experience with precisely controlled strength and speed of water flow
  • 1200W heating power technology boils water quickly within 5 minutes
  • Accurately control the coffee extraction time for releasing the coffee taste and aroma
  • Intelligent customized temperature setting for different types of coffee
  • Two modes of water boiling – normal mode and heat preservation temperature mode
  • Superior safe design with child lock, 304 food-grade stainless steel, buzzer prompts, ergonomic anti-scald handle, and NTC sensor & Strix thermostat for preventing dry burning

Capacity And Electric Parameters

The electric gooseneck kettle has an impressive capacity. From 0.5 liter to a maximum of 1 liter (33.8 oz.) of water capacity is available within this kettle. This is more than enough to make 4 cups of coffee at the same time. It consumes 1200 watts of power at 120 volts. It weighs about 3.7 pounds. Please note that this is not a universal standard. This electric parameter is suitable only for American and European household standards.

Aesthetic Design And Build Quality

The gooseneck has an aesthetic design with the Carbonado Black color. It has elegant and minimalistic lines for the kettle. This accessory will look at home in any kitchen: big or small, modern or traditional, with its sleek design.

The build quality is well worth mentioning, as it has stainless steel that contains at least 50% iron and chromium. It prevents oxidation and uses nickel to ward off corrosion. Long-term use also prevents internal odor. The result is a sturdy and heat-resistant kettle that has a long-lasting lifeline.

Maestri House Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Control Panel

The digital screen display has 2 knobs on both sides. The left knob is for heat preservation, and the right one is for the water boiling switch knob (On/Off). See, it’s simple to use and understand, but it’s also ergonomically elegant!

The LCD display screen shows water temperature, counting time, heat preservation time counter, heat preservation mode, time display, temperature unit (°C/°F), alert mode, child lock mode, temperature settings, and temperature settings display.

After a few uses, you’ll be able to get used to the time and temperature controls. So, your pour over coffee will have the optimal amount of hot water every single time.

Performance And Temperatures

The Maestri House electric gooseneck kettle can heat water from 86 to 212°F (30 to 100 °C) with precision. That is a wide temperature range that you will not find in many other electric kettles. You can switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit units with this electric kettle.

More interestingly, you can use its temperature-holding function to maintain a desired temperature if you’re not ready to pour. You can keep it at this stage for up to an hour! It’s a handy addition that will save you water because you can keep your water warm in it and pour over one cup at a time.

You can monitor the duration of your coffee extraction using the built-in stopwatch. Perfect for those who want to have complete control over their brewing time! Plus, the kettle reaches the desired temperature in 3–5 minutes.

Ease Of Pouring

Coffee lovers know that the temperature of the water and its pouring motion are absolutely crucial for extracting the right amount of flavor from coffee beans.

That’s why the Maestri House electric kettle has a unique spout designed for pouring. It’s easier to control a precise pour on the coffee grounds. Its elongated spout provides a stable water flow at a 90° angle. This optimum water flow methodology brings out the full taste and flavor every time.

On the other side of the spout, you’ll have the ergonomically designed handle. It comes with a textured grip to give more comfort and stability. Continuous pour or pulse pour technique: the kettle handle ensures that the coffee grounds are agitated to extract the most flavor.

Built-In Timer

A convenient built-in brew stopwatch feature is built into the kettle. It can keep track of your coffee extraction time. Because timing the pour is a key step for creating a perfect cup of pour over coffee. Ideally, one should pour for 2–3 minutes, depending on the dripper and coffee beans. And guess what? The Maestri House electric pour over kettle heats up the water in just 2–5 minutes as well.

Easy Temperature Control

Many coffee experts recommend heating the water to 205°F for the perfect cup of pour over coffee. Maestri House pours over a gooseneck; turn the knob to adjust the temperature to your liking.

The wide temperature range (86 to 212°F/30 to 100 °C) makes the pour-over gooseneck kettle superbly versatile. Additionally, this device can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees if needed.

Maestri House pour over gooseneck kettle

Child Lock Function

The child lock button is located at the back of the warmer plate. When toggled on, it disables the control panel in front of the warming plate. This simple yet distinctive feature distinguishes this electric kettle from the competition.

Strix Dry-boil Protection

The Maestri House pour over gooseneck kettle is capable of maintaining the water’s temperature for hours thanks to its keep-warm function. However, hot water can evaporate in the meantime as well.

The kettle features STRIX intelligent technology. Its high sensitivity and induction temperature control can automatically switch off the kettle when the temperature reaches your desired degree or if there isn’t enough water left in the kettle.

Buzzer Switch

The beeping of these smart devices is convenient, given, but it’s also an annoying sound in your kitchen. If you value quiet mornings when preparing your pour over coffee, you can enable the buzzer switch to turn off the alert/noise the kettle is programmed to make.

Pros And Cons


  • Adjustable temperature settings and units
  • Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic design
  • Only takes 3–5 minutes to boil nearly a liter of water
  • It has built-in auto shutoff and built-in timer functions
  • It has a child lock, silent mode, and the STRIX dry-boil feature
  • The spout and handle allow for a slow and steady water flow for consistent results


  • There is only one color available
  • Electric parameters are not universal

How To Use

Normal Operation Mode

  • As mentioned before, the left knob is the heat preservation switch knob, and the right knob is the water boiling switch knob
  • The display screen lights up when the power is on. After half a second, the default conventional water boiling mode will be displayed on the LCD

Note: Whether the buzzer is turned on or not, it emits a sound.

  • The default setting is 212 °F (the maximum temperature). The current real-time water temperature will also be displayed at the same time
  • After 3 minutes of idleness, the screen will automatically turn off and trigger hibernate mode. To break the hibernation mode, perform any operation
  • Click the switch button (right knob) to turn on/off the water boiling. If the button is turned on, the indicator light will light up
  • During the water’s boiling, you can turn the knob to set the desired temperature (86–212F)
  • When the temperature reaches the target temperature, the indicator light will turn off

Note: As soon as the temperature reaches the default setting’s temperature, the indicator light turns off

Timing Function

  • In the power-on state, press the switch button for 1.5 seconds. It’ll start the timing, and the timing icon will light up on the display screen
  • Click the switch button again to reset the timing. To exit timing, long press for 1.5 seconds

Note: The timing range is 00:00–59:59 (1 hour).

Heat Preservation Function

  • If you click the heat preservation button, it’ll turn on/off the heat preservation
  • The default heat preservation temperature is 205 °F, and the default preservation duration is 1 hour
  • If the mode is turned on, the indicator on the left will light up, and the water will begin to boil
  • The boiling mode will stop automatically when the temperature reaches the set or default temperature

Note: It will activate the heat preservation mode. Or wait until the temperature drops to the set temperature to start the heat preservation.

  • During this period, you can turn the knob to set a specific heat preservation temperature
  • When the heat preservation mode ends, the indicator light will go off. The display screen will return to the boiling mode

Note: After 3 minutes of inactivity, it will enter sleep mode without operation.

Heat Preservation Time Length

  • In the heat preservation mode, you’ll be able to see the “HOLD” and “KEEP WARM” icons light up
  • If you press the heat preservation button for 1.5 seconds, it’ll take you to the adjustment mode for the heat preservation time
  • Rotate the knob left and right to adjust the length. The range goes from 00:10 to 24:00
  • After the adjustment, press the heat preservation button briefly to confirm. The time cursor will stop flashing, automatically confirm, and exit the time setting
  • In the heat preservation state, if you press the switch button for 1.5 seconds, the TIMER icon will display and start timing
  • Press the switch button again to reset
  • Long press for 1.5 seconds to exit the timing and continue to display the heat preservation countdown

Temperature Switching

  • Click the left and right knobs at the same time. It’ll show the temperature unit in F/C, and the LCD displays the real-time operation

Pot Lifting Effect

  • When you grab and lift off the kettle from the warming plate, the display screen will display the “—” sign
  • After you put the kettle back on the plate, it returns to the previous display state
  • If the kettle has not been put back on the base for 15 minutes, the display screen stops automatically and goes to sleep mode

Who Should Buy It…

Typically, the Maestri House pour over electric kettle is ideal for those who:

  • Want to upgrade from an ordinary kettle
  • Are not doing well with their regular stovetop gooseneck kettle
  • Are trying to improve their pour over coffee experience and skills
  • Are looking for an easy-to-control and easy-to-use gooseneck kettle
  • Love the no-nonsense, smart, and eloquent electric kettle for their kitchens

Who Shouldn’t Buy It…

Typically, the Maestri House kettle isn’t ideal for those who:

  • Are on a slim budget
  • Are not a fan of pour over coffee
  • Are experts with their regular manual pour over kettles

Customer Reviews

The Maestri House as a brand is in its infancy stage. Yet they have made a positive impression on customers and experts with their innovative and no-nonsense electric kitchen products.

With this electric gooseneck kettle, customers did make it clear that the pricing is a bit high when compared to its competitors. But they’ve also expressed that the product they’re getting is a premium-quality product.

Customers have been showing their love for the brand since Maestri House released their detachable milk frother and integrated milk frother on the market. And just like those, this electric pour over kettle seems to be offering the same value for the money and receiving the same love from coffee lovers.

Maestri House’s innovative, feature-filled kettle is also a big reason why it has overwhelmingly positive reviews on the web. The features are all practical, which makes everyone eager to use them daily.

This electric pour over appears to have captured many hearts on the aesthetic front as well. Additionally, because of its quality build, customers are highlighting the fact that it’s made to fit into most kitchens without any problem.

Maestri House offers a 30-day refund for all its products and replacement parts. The shipping fee from their online store(s) is free as well. Thus, hundreds of comments from verified purchases have mentioned their excellent customer service for their high-quality products.

About Maestri House

Maestri House is a coffee appliance brand. It offers premium coffee products for wholesale and retail distribution. It’s based in Cypress, Texas. Maestri House offers innovative and exceptional products to achieve the kind of accuracy you need to prepare a great-tasting home coffee experience.


Is a gooseneck kettle worth the money?

If you are a pour over coffee lover then it’s absolutely worth investing in a good gooseneck kettle.

Where is the Maestri House from?

Maestri House is a coffee appliance brand hailed from Cypress, Texas.

What are the other significant products from Maestri House?

Their detachable and integrated milk frothers are other significant products that are also hugely popular and available in their stores.


While there are other electric gooseneck kettles to consider as well, Maestri House offers a product that stands out – purely because of its quality, features, and attention to detail.

Its simple but the modern design has food-grade stainless steel construction, smart controls, and safety locks. The design allows for a timely pour over with precision – a factor that’ll ensure optimal flavor and taste from your pour over coffee.

In conclusion of our review, we can confidently say that the Maestri House electric gooseneck kettle is highly recommended to those who are looking for a pour over kettle. It sits pretty in the ideal zone of “offering great value with awesome features”.

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