Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review 2024: Bean Bluster In The Spotlight

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the few glees of life. For the unpretentious drinker, it might not look like a big deal. That is because they drink only one or two cups during the day, and that is it. However, for those who discern the dormant potential of coffee as an energizer, they can’t simply get enough of it.

They are coffee lovers, aficionados, and followers of coffee. They want the best and the only best that this drink has to offer. They don’t leave any stone unturned for this purpose. This is why today we’ve brought this Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder review article to educate the enlighten the aficionados and everyone in between.

Sboly Coffee Grinder Review: Key Features

Simple design with 200g or 0.45lb. The electric burr grinder has total ease of use. It runs with a one-button-based system and can do a maximum of 12 cups. Always try to use the finest ground coffee. Use the exact desired amount with an automatic shutdown when the grinding is finished. Start your day with the finest grounds for the finest cup of coffee!

Grinding: Sboly conical burr coffee grinder has offered enough adjustability. Even though some burr grinders have more settings than Sboly. But too many settings start to become too much also! As the distinction between these modes starts to become vague. The grind of this machine is pretty consistent. But please do note that it’s not quite consistent with the $500+ top-of-the-line grinders offer. Yet the consistency level is definitely light years better than any blade grinders. It does coarse and medium superbly. For a non-pressurized portafilter, it doesn’t grind fine enough. But fine for pressurized ones. Grind length relies on the number of selected cups. From 7-8 seconds to half a minute maximum. Considering all of it, we can see why so many coffee enthusiasts love Sboly SYCG-801 grinding machine.

Lower-rpm Grinder: Reduces the heat and noise. Its working noise level is under 62dBA. Which is far below the standard 85 dBA.

19 Precise Grind Settings: The grinding texture’s customization keeps the original flavor of the coffee beans. The ultra-uniform grinding burr grinder can take care of extra fine to coarse, and anything in-between.

Stainless Steel Conical Burr Design: This conical burr coffee grinder’s professional-quality conical burr ensures none of the essential bean oils are lost through oxidation. Ensuring the profuse quality aroma and flavor.

1-12 Cups Adjustable Grinding Amount: Select the amount freely. From 2 to 12 cups to fit your grinding cravings. The re-sealable dust-proof lid keeps your coffee afresh longer.

Safety Lock: The safety lock formula ensures the grinder work safely. The indicator light will flash according to the various working states.

Fits Into Any Lifestyle Any: Better compact design for storage and ease of use with a contemporary stainless steel build.

Sturdy And Durable: With ETL and FDA Certifications, the Sboly conical burr coffee grinder is equipped with a safety lock, powerful motor, and blue light completion indicator. Making sure to pack a punch for you to enjoy your Sboly conical coffee burr grinder at home.

Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review: Pros And Cons


  • One of the best coffee grinders
  • For easier cleaning, it can be taken apart. It works in a comparatively quiet way
  • Adequately user-friendly as well as comes with a wide range of options for brewing coffee
  • The flavor that you achieve with the Sboly conical burr grinder is just utterly delicious and irresistible


  • Every time you unfasten the ground container, the residue grounds coffee falls all over the place. This is quite frustrating. Also probably the only complaint that we have heard and seen with the product

How To Use

Before First Use

  1. After low-temperature storage or transportation, store it at room temperature for at least 3 hours before powering it on
  2. Remove the coffee grinder from the initial package box carefully. Take good care of the packing box. Now, install the product according to the official instruction manual
  3. Clean all detachable parts (coffee bean hopper lid, coffee bean hopper, coffee powder container lid, coffee powder container, and spoon). Use neutral lotion and warm water for the cleaning and then dry them thoroughly
  4. Clean the upper blade components and coffee grinder body with a soft, wet fabric and dry them fully. Be careful while you are at it as the blade is very sharp
  5. Do not submerge the upper blade’s grinding wheel into any liquid or water
  6. Do not put the grinder parts in the dishwasher
  7. Clean the parts which are in direct contact with the food in the 1st step. Make sure to disconnect the power while cleaning
  8. After every single usage follows our “Cleaning And Maintenance” section below for proper care of your product
  9. Check and recheck the coffee container to see if it is installed and fitted correctly before using it. Please avoid running it with an empty load

Setting It Up For Usage

  1. Fit the upper blade components into the proper buckles. Rotate it then clockwise. Lock it on the main body of your Sboly conical burr grinder
  2. Install the coffee powder container lid into the coffee powder container. Now install the powder container into the relative base of your coffee grinder body. If you hear any clicking sound, it means that the installation is complete and it was fitted inaccurately
  3. Now attach the coffee bean hopper. Attach it to the main body of the grinder. You have to turn it in clockwise on the relative position. Put the coffee bean into it and cover your coffee bean hopper lid
  4. Remember, the coffee grinder will not properly work if the bean hopper is not installed in the correct place of its main body
  5. The coffee bean hopper can only be installed in one position of the main body accurately
  6. Only power on the grinder when – you have plugged the plug into the power outlet
  7. If the button point keeps on the 0 cup scale, the ring indicator will light up 5 times
  8. The ring indicator will flash only 3 times if the button point stays over 2 to 12 cups
  9. Utilize the control dial to set up the grinding thickness by the indicating dots. They are under the coffee bean hopper

How To Grind

  1. For French/filtering coffee, please pick the coarse grinding mode
  2. For coffee brewing, kindly select the medium grinding mode
  3. For your espresso, select the fine-grinding mode
  4. The Sboly conical burr coffee grinder can only grind whole complete beans
  5. Turn the rotation knob to dial in the position you want (2-12 cups mode)
  6. When you do turn the rotation the light ring will flash 3 times to signal the setting of the amount for the desired level of coffee powder
  7. Press the start/stop button again to begin the grinding procedure automatically
  8. Remove the coffee powder container. Take out the lid of the powder container. Use the spoon to pour out the ground coffee. Now you can dive into brewing your coffee

Grinding Related Warnings

  1. If you see that the coffee beans are not reaching the grinding section during the operational mode, we advise you to stop the machine first. Then restart it after stirring the grinding section with the spoon
  2. The coffee bean grinding is made as an inclusive running program. So it automatically turns itself off
  3. While in operational mode, if your coffee bean hopper is empty, or you require it to halt grinding immediately, press the start/stop button again
  4. Always clean and empty all parts of this machine after each grinding operation
  5. To avoid the deterioration of the taste of powdered coffee, remember to store the freshly ground coffee powder in a sealed or vacuum package/can 

Number Of Grinding Cups And Relative Time

Number of Grinding CupsGrinding Time
27 – 8 seconds
411 – 12 seconds
619 – 20 seconds
823 – 24 seconds
1027 – 28 seconds
1229 – 30 seconds

Things You Must Know…

So what is a Burr coffee grinder? A burr grinder, also known as a burr mill, is made up of two burrs revolving in between themselves inside the coffee grinder. The beans are crushed between a non-moving surface and a moving grinder wheel.

So which type of grinder you should pick between a burr and blade grinder? A good quality burr coffee grinder truly is a better selection than a blade grinder. Whether grinding beans for an espresso machine or a coffee maker.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Conical burrs have a ring that is cone-shaped and sits inside another hollow cone-shaped ring. Conical burrs are quieter, Bi-model, and yet give a more consistent grind, and are good for home usage and espresso grinding.

Flat Burr Grinder

Flat burr grinders have two rings of burrs that sit horizontally to the ground. One faces upwards and the other face down. Coffee beans get dropped in between the burrs and are ground through the burrs. Then they get dropped again. Flat burrs are more expensive, give incredibly even bean particle size, and are best for commercial usage.

Grinder Settings – How Many Is Too Many?

A coffee grinder with hundreds of modes or settings can be a case of over-engineering. Yes, having more grind settings will let you do more with the machine. But do you really need that many of these?

This fortunately or unfortunately, totally depends on the user, though. As humans, we like to fall victim to the ‘more is better’ trope when buying new objects.

Instead of picking a grinder based on the number of grind settings, we recommend:

  • You Will Require 40 Or More Settings If you need to use ALL brewing styles. Including the espresso and the cold brew. Because you love to experiment as a true coffee nerd
  • 20 To 40 Settings Will Work If You require to brew the most casual brewing styles. And yes, sometimes you like to experiment a little here and there also
  • Less Than 30 Settings Are Fine Only If: You use only standard brewing styles. Such as French press and pour-over styles. Also, you are content with leaving it at that

You’ll have to have super-fine grounds for your Turkish coffee. It is finer than espresso. Such a small size grind is usually out of the range of the typical electric burr grinders. You will need to buy a Turkish grinder for that. Likewise, you’ll also need something that can grind beans extra coarse for your cold brew.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The detachable accessories must be immediately cleaned after every single use. To clean it, please follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off the power. Then empty the coffee beans from the coffee bean hopper right before cleaning
  2. Unscrew the bean hopper. Then unscrew the upper blade components by rotating them counterclockwise. Take out the coffee powder container on the opposite side of the coffee grinder body
  3. The upper blade and lower blade components inside the main body of your grinder can only be washed with a brush. The exterior of the main body can be cleaned with a damp fabric. Other parts can be rinsed by applying direct tap water
  4. After rinsing the parts should be fully dried up
  5. If it is not in use for a while, please leave the machine in a dry and ventilated place. Such will prevent the main components like the motor from getting moist and affect regular use of it


ISSUE – 1. The grinder can not work.

CAUSE – The power supply voltage has to be matched with the voltage marked by the product.

SOLUTION – Select the supplying power which is on par with the voltage supply.

ISSUE – 2. A Rancid smell appeared in the first use.

CAUSE – The motor did not get run-in. Or, the coil protection layer needed to be heated up.

SOLUTION – This is a casual phenomenon if the voltage is in agreement with the product.

ISSUE – 3. The shell of the machine is hot.

CAUSE – Large processing or excessive processing in a short period of time.

SOLUTION – It is recommended to abide by the given Sboly conical burr coffee grinder manual instructions and utilize them in your spare time.

The Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

  1. There are two key sets of coffee grinders. Blade and burr mills or grinders
  2. Burr grinders will give you predictable and more consistent grinds every time because of their construction
  3. Beware of faux burr grinders. Which are appealing and cheaper. But they are made of less durable materials. And will not do as well as an authentic burr mill
  4. Coffee stales very quickly once it is grounded. The coffee grinder resolves this obstacle by letting users grind just enough quantity of coffee each time for brewing. It preserves the aromas, robustness, and flavor profile as much as possible
  5. Coffee grinders do come in different sizes. Ranging from small portable grinders to full countertop models
  6. Coffee grinders can grind a variety of levels and they are adjustable. From very fine grind to coarse. Depending on what kind of brewing technique you plan to apply. The more expensive grind machines usually have more well-tuned grinding adaptations
  7. Grinders let you switch easily between various brewing methods. So, experimenting with fine grinds for espresso or for Turkish to all the way up for cold brewing coarse grinds and all in between
  • Customers who self-grind their beans for Turkish coffee find it hard to have grinders grind finely enough that do not cost them a lot of money. Sboly conical burr coffee grinder solved that for them, according to their feedback
  • Critics and customers both have praised the grinder’s price point and what they provide
  • The brand, Sboly, makes a good coffee grinder – as most of the reviewers stated. The grinder is overall well built as they have advertised
  • Users liked the fact that in about a minute, they can make enough powder for about 3 days’ worth
  • Users have claimed that this is a quiet machine for a grinder. So much so that in the mornings while you grind the coffee, their children can sleep in the other room
  • The convenience it provides is also appreciated by all!! The 1 – 12 cups amount of grind can make enough quantity and quality cups for you in the morning is so convenient about it. They even raved that it’s worth grinding and making coffee every single morning with this machine
  • There are some complaints that the coarse grind level is not coarse enough to be applied in a French Press
  • The only thing’s needed to be improved is their ground coffee container
  • When it comes to cleaning, users did not experience this kind of feed problem or messy problem that many other people have at all
  • The coffee container makes a huge mess! – As overwhelming complaints are always found regarding this machine. The ground residue is difficult to get out. It makes a real mess. Especially when you try to empty the grinds it spreads everywhere. You have to use both hands and it makes a real mess dumping into a pot and removing the lid
  • Creates a lot of coffee dust. Some just gave up hope and returned this product because of this exact issue
  • Critics and customers alike seem to like the fact that it’s easy to clean as well as compact for fitting in tight places. Easy enough to wash and clean up with a paper towel. The grinder is considered an adjustable device. Easy access to the conical burr grinder’s head when you want to clean it
  • Critics emphasized that the Sboly conical burr coffee grinder takes up very little space on a kitchen counter. So, it can also be regarded as one of the kitchenware to have if you are also kind of a kitchen aesthete connoisseur

About Sboly

Sboly is a company concerned with technological transformation for ease of use and convenience for customers. Sboly’s main duty is to produce affordable, safe, and reliable high-quality kitchenware. Sboly’s main office is situated in Guangdong Province, within the city of Zhuhai in China. Their company currently employs more than 1000 active staff members.

Their current highest-performing kitchenware is as follows:

Coffee maker, coffee grinder, blender, vegetable spiralizer, as well as an array of other machines that are more than fitting for any modern kitchen worldwide.

Sboly has advanced manufacturing procedures. They test and evaluate products to ensure that they retain the highest quality and safety standards. Sboly’s team of product designers, engineers, and development center team all work to achieve this same end goal.

Sboly is focused on excellence in quality along with, the best quality service. All with the target of conveying better living through understanding, convenience, and ease of use. Sboly offers the required tools for feeling better, living better, and being better.

Cheaper Alternatives To The Electric Burr Grinders

Yes, hand or manual coffee grinders are cheaper options than electric burr grinders. However, most of these are only efficient for grinding enough coffee beans to make only a single or two cups of Joes. You can take a look at the models on our listed manual best coffee grinders to help you pick one.

1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder

The 1Zpresso Q2 model is the smallest of the 1ZPresso branded grinders. As well as the compact reduced size, the 1zpresso also arrives with a lower price tag also. However, fortunately, there have been no compromises were made to the build quality or the materials. Meaning that Q2 is pretty much a premium product in a travel-friendly, tiny package. The only real headache with the 1Zpresso Q2 is the 20g of small bean capacity. It can be lower depending on the kinds of beans you will be using.

Pros – Small and light, built with premium quality materials, easy to grind beans, and excellent value for money.

Cons – The user can get frustrated by the small capacity of the machine.

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder

The Zassenhaus coffee grinder is expertly crafted and has a delightful mahogany finish. It’s regarded as one of the finest hand grinders on the market because of its 25-year warranty, conical burr, and high-quality grind abilities. Its grind functionality makes consistent results. It has a huge number of grind modes due to its grind dial size. Meaning one can grind for every method of brew, even espresso and Turkish. It’s usually perfect for espresso. With a guarantee of a 25-year warranty, you know that you are buying a high-performance grinder.

Pros – 25 years of no-break warranty on the grinding mechanism. World-class build materials. Conical burrs preserve the integrity of the grounded coffee beans.

Cons – Expensive machine. Slightly heavy also. It makes portability a challenge. The grind dial setting has no numbers. So achieving consistent results is difficult.

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Grinder

Porlex Portable Coffee Mill is designed to grind evenly, quickly, and accurately. It is great for those who are always traveling or need coffee on the go. What makes this model a great travel buddy? For one, it is a portable and easy-to-grip cylindrical shape. That makes it easy to bike, hike, and pack in a suitcase. Or even stash it in your car.

It fits perfectly inside an Aeropress too! Making the convenience of packing simple. Plus it weighs in at only just 10.4oz. The stainless steel solid exterior body build makes the Porlex virtually indestructible and effortless to clean. The adjustable grinder makes accurate grinds for fine to coarse and grinds levels in between. It has a dial neat and little. The dial will ensure to remind you of that perfect grind you have just finished making. It has 13 modes. Each on the burr wheel is defined by a ‘click’.

Pros – Easy to use, comes with versatile features, perfect portable design for the coffee radicals who are on the go regularly.

Cons – Simplistic features not designed for any complex users, small capacity; 1 to 2 coffees on each grind.

Grinding Coffee Beans In A Food Processor Or A Blender

With A Food Processor

  1. Pour a few scoops of coffee beans into your food processor bowl. Then place the lid on top firmly
  2. On your processor, use the “pulse” technique. Grind in short bursts. For optimal results, slightly tilt the processor from side to side while grinding. This causes the larger particles of the beans to move closer to the blades
  3. Empty the food processor. Add new beans, and repeat the first 2 steps until you reach the desired level and amount of ground coffee

That pulse technique is crucial to making a quality cup of coffee; even if it is not that much of a great cup of Joe. Grind in successive, short increments. Also, shake the processor in between the grinds. Turning on your machine in quick, short bursts will help coarsely grind up the coffee beans closest to the blades.

Then your shaking will let the larger pieces come closer to the bottom blade. Again, this is not an optimal process. But hey! We’re talking about life hacks here, right?

With A Blender

  1. If the blender has a “grinder” mode, select it. Otherwise, start with a medium-high speed
  2. Pour a small batch of coffee beans into the grinder. Place the lid firmly on top
  3. Grind your coffee beans to your desired consistency. Using the “pulse” technique, keep grinding in quick and short bursts
  4. For optimal results, while grinding slightly tilt the blender from side to side. This causes the larger coffee beans to move into the blades’ path. Ensuring a possibility to have a more even grind
  5. Finally, empty the blender. Add new beans batch. Now repeat until you reach the preferred amount of ground coffee powder


How Long Do Conical Burr Grinders Last?

On average, a regularly used burr coffee grinder should last about 5-7 years. The lifespan will vary. Depending on the type of coffee beans, brands, grind sizes, roasts, volumes, and foreign particles that may be present.

Why Is A Conical Burr Grinder Better?

The conical burrs are easier to clean. Produce consistent flavor with less cleaning, and wastes fewer amount grounds.

How Many Grams Are In An 8oz Cup Of Coffee?

Per 8oz of water is 2 round tablespoons. More precisely 7 grams per cup.

How Often Should You Clean A Burr Grinder?

Excess grounds dusting – every day. Ground chamber and hopper – every couple of weeks. Deep full cleaning – per 3 to 6 months.

When Should I Replace My Burr Grinder?

If you grind a pound every week then it will last about 10 years.


Nowadays there are so many options to explore on the market. However, not all of them are as effective as they are advertised to be. They all carry some kind of limitations that halts them from brewing top-grade coffee. Thankfully, few brands like to stand out from the usual crowd. Because they contain a certain level of functionality and workability that molds them to stand out.

It is these coffee-grinding machines that make our life simpler and more stress-free for coffee aficionados. The conical burr grinder that we have discussed here is definitely one such machine indeed. The Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is one hell of a superb machine. And it has got the attributes to show for it. If you are trying to look for a sensibly priced, efficient, and long-lasting the best coffee grinder, then we are concluding with a strong suggestion for this one.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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