Cracking The Secret Of Best Coffee To Water Ratio For Pour Over

1:17 for regular and 1:15 for strong – these are the best coffee to water ratios for pour over method. The gap in water ratio for the regular and the strong pour-over coffee is much less than for other types of coffee preparation.

Let’s assume a standard scenario.

We have a cup of 300 mL (10.14 US fl. Oz.). For a regular cup of pour over coffee, the amount of 17.65 grams of coffee (0.62 ounces) is required. On the other hand, for strong coffee, we need 20 grams (0.71 ounces).

Let’s try to put it another way.

Chemex 8-Cup serving is one of the very popular pour over coffee makers. The measurement of Chemex is 5 US fl. ounces for a cup. So, we calculate, for an 8-cup serving of 40 US fl. oz. pour over coffee – Chemex needs 2.45 ounces of coffee for regular strength. And, for strong taste, the amount of coffee needed is 2.78 ounces.

Best Coffee To Water Ratio For Pour Over
Different Pour Over Coffee Makers

Defining Pour Over Coffee

‘Pouring hot water onto coffee grounds.’ – The idea of pour over coffee. Alternatively, it is known as drip-brewed coffee.

The process of pour over is done with filter paper. A filter paper over the coffee pot holds the coffee grounds. Water passes through. Coffee stores in the pot. Perfect. You can taste the coffee now.

Let’s talk about the sizes of the cups and mugs for a proper pour over coffee.

There is a difference in the amount between a normal cup and a serving cup.

In general, a regular coffee cup serving is 5 US fl. oz. Coffee maker manufacturers build their machines based on that. And a mug serves 8 US fl. oz. Each type of coffee has a different standard cup size. When we get served by restaurants or baristas, we easily notice that. Your cup or mug can be different than those. Often, the size of the cup varies with the design.

Let’s have a look at pour over coffee ratio chart based on 1 mug of coffee equivalent to 8 US fl. oz.

Charting the Best Coffee To Water Ratio For Pour Over

Amount of
Grams of
Ounces of
8 oz (237 ml) 1 MugRegular13.940.49
8 oz (237 ml) 1 MugStrong15.80.56
16 oz (473 ml) 2 MugsRegular27.820.98
16 oz (473 ml) 2 MugsStrong31.531.11
24 oz (710 ml) 3 MugsRegular41.761.47
24 oz (710 ml) 3 MugsStrong47.331.67
32 oz (946 ml) 4 MugsRegular55.651.96
32 oz (946 ml) 4 MugsStrong63.072.22
40 oz (1183 ml) 5 MugsRegular69.592.45
40 oz (1183 ml) 5 MugsStrong78.872.78
48 oz (1420 ml) 6 MugsRegular83.532.95
48 oz (1420 ml) 6 MugsStrong94.673.34
Coffee To Water Ratio For Pour Over Chart

Out of many pour-over brewers, two of them are very popular. Chemex and Hario V60.

They have differences among all other pour-over brewers and between themselves. Serving size, grind size, the thickness of filter paper, brew time, and most important for us – amount of coffee ratio to the amount of water, etc.

Let’s talk about Chemex’s coffee-to-water ratio first.

Chemex is a beautifully designed pour-over glass coffee maker. Chemex has different models of serving sizes like 3-cup serving, 6-cup serving, 8-cup serving, or 10–cup serving.  

All Chemex coffeemakers measure 1 cup of coffee is equivalent to 5 US fl. oz.

best coffee to water ratio Chemex
Chemex Coffee Maker

the Best Coffee To Water Ratio For Chemex

Amount of
Grams of
Ounces of
5 oz (148 ml) 1 CupRegular8.710.31
5 oz (148 ml) 1 CupStrong9.870.35
10 oz (296 ml) 2 CupsRegular17.410.61
10 oz (296 ml) 2 CupsStrong19.730.7
15 oz (444 ml) 3 CupsRegular26.120.92
15 oz (444 ml) 3 CupsStrong29.61.04
20 oz (591 ml) 4 CupsRegular34.761.23
20 oz (591 ml) 4 CupsStrong39.41.39
30 oz (887 ml) 6 CupsRegular52.181.84
30 oz (887 ml) 6 CupsStrong59.132.09
40 oz (1183 ml) 8 CupsRegular69.592.45
40 oz (1183 ml) 8 CupsStrong78.872.78
50 oz (1479 ml) 10 CupsRegular873.07
50 oz (1479 ml) 10 CupsStrong98.63.48
Best Coffee to Water Ratio For Chemex

Hario V60 comes in different sizes. It has a capacity of 1-4 cups of coffee for different models.

When it comes to the best coffee to water ratio for the V60, Hario itself recommends 16 to 18 grams of coffee for 120 ml of water according to taste.

That makes the ratio of 1:12 and 1:14 approximately.

Pour over coffee ratio for hario v60 dripper
Hario V60 Dripper

Pour Over Coffee Ratio For Hario V60 Dripper

Amount of
Grams of
Ounces of
220 ml1 CupRegular15.710.55
 220 ml1 CupStrong18.330.65
 440 ml2 CupsRegular31.431.11
 440 ml2 CupsStrong36.671.29
 660 ml3 CupsRegular47.141.66
660 ml3 CupsStrong551.94
Best Coffee to Water Ratio For Hario v60

Making the Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Making pour-over coffee is a straightforward procedure once you get used to it, but it requires time. Read our instructions below to learn how you can make perfect cups of pour-over coffee with ease!

Step 1: Preparation

Boil your brewing water first and pour it into a preheated kettle. If you have a gooseneck kettle, then that would be best. Then put the paper coffee filter inside your preferred brewer (i.e., a Hario V60) and rinse it with some of that hot water.

Step 2: Weighing and grinding

Now, measure out the coffee beans and grind them. It’d be ideal if you could use medium-dark roasted and single-origin beans for your pour over brewing. In terms of grind level, coarse (medium to medium-fine) grind is ideal for a pour-over. You should use a 1:17 coffee to water ratio for your regular strength pour-over. Use a 1:15 ratio for a stronger brew.

Step 3: Blooming the Grinds

Saturate all the coffee grounds with as little water as you can. Wait for 30 seconds to settle into the blooming phase. This “pre-infusing” starts the extraction process by releasing gases and oils.

Step 4: Making The Coffee

Pour the hot water again through the filter very slowly. Let the water reach halfway up the filter cone. Once the foam forms on top of the coffee grounds, pour in the rest of the hot water to complete the brewing. Keep the water level high and don’t leave any grounds high and dry!

Finally, wait until the pouring stream turns into drips. After that, only pour the and enjoy!


What is the pour-over coffee’s golden ratio?

It’s a 1:17 coffee-to-water ratio. For a stronger brew, follow the 1:15 ratio.

How much coffee do you put in a 16-ounce pour-over?

With the 1:16 ratio, for every 16 oz. of water, you should put 1 oz. of coffee.

How do you make 2 cups of pour-over coffee?

Two cups of pour-over require 10 oz. of water and about 0.7 oz. of coffee grinds.

Why is my pour-over coffee weak?

Weak pour-over happens mainly because of using coarser grinds. So use moderately coarse grinds for your pour-over.

What is the ideal pour-over coffee temperature?

Maintain a temperature of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit if you want a perfectly flavored and bitter-free pour-over brew.

Final Words

To make it a perfect cup of coffee, you always need to maintain the water and coffee ratio.

But, pour over brewing method is different than others. You are not boiling, pressurizing, or mixing coffee and water. Instead, simply add water to coffee grounds and filter them.

So, for ‘Your’ perfect taste, you should do some experiments and find out your best coffee to water ratio for pour over and others also, like a French press.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!!

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