Comparison Of Different Breville Espresso Machines – Read Before You Buy One!

People have varying brewing preferences and habits. Consequently, people have also created a demand for various brewing machines. Out of all the types, espresso machines are by far the most popular kind. Not only because of its brewing versatility, but also because of its value for the money, ingenuity, aesthetics, convenience, great coffee experience, and prestige.

Espresso machines from Breville do tick all the boxes since their very beginning and have been continuing to do so. So, obviously, this has made them a prestigious household name in the game. Our comparison of Breville espresso machines article will center on how and why it has gained such a reputation by showcasing some of its magnificent espresso machines.

Breville Espresso Machines Overview

Since its foundation in Sydney, in 1932, Breville has become an iconic worldwide brand. As their kitchen appliances have been enhancing people’s lives. Always coming up with thoughtful designs and brilliant merrymaking of innovation and convenience through their products. Breville’s impressive kitchenware includes Nespresso machines, ovens, coffee machines, coffee grinders, kettles, tea makers, cookers, food processors, bluicers, juicers, sous vide, and blenders. But their crowning jewel is their espresso machines. Through their semi and full-automatic espresso machines, they empower people’s potential to do espresso more impressively and easily in their own kitchen.

History Of Breville

Breville is an Australian brand that specializes in small home appliances. It was founded by Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville, back in 1932, Sydney, Australia. They joined their last names together and thus Breville was born. At first, they made radios, mine detectors, radiograms, and television sets. From the 80s, Breville turned its attention to manufacturing household appliances mostly. Breville’s R&D team has taken out more than 100 active patents and has been awarded over 40 international design awards. Now over 70 countries worldwide you can find Breville products. In 2010, under the name “Sage by Heston Blumenthal”, they entered the UK market. Since 2001, the Breville teams of Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong are under the ownership of the Breville Group Limited (formerly known as Housewares International Limited) which also includes Kambrook and Sage. All Breville products are designed and engineered in Australia but manufactured and assembled in China.

Specialty Of Breville Espresso Machine

Breville espresso machines focus on the 3rd wave specialty coffee brewing. Breville machines are produced to offer the ultimate taste experience with this artisanal coffee and there are no cutting corners. That’s why Breville has been manufacturing a range of manual, semi, and full-automatic espresso machines that honor the tradition and techniques defined by the very fundamentals of third-wave specialty coffee making.

Every Breville espresso makers use the “4 Keys Formula”. The formula helps to optimize each aspect – the use of the right dosage of fresh grinds, precise temperature control (referring to their famous PID technology), optimal water pressure, and authentic micro-foam milk. As a result, you get a harmonious blend of golden espresso and velvety-textured milk.

Breville’s next-generation automatic espresso makers let you simply swipe and select café favorites on the touchscreen. The manual and semi-automatics, on the other hand, give you hands-on control, much like a barista but at your home comfort.

Different Breville Espresso Machines And Their Comparisons

We’ve amassed all the popular series and the machines they have under. Due to avoid information overload, we’ve highlighted the crucial features only so that it’d be easier for the readers to understand the differences between all of them.

Oracle Series

Breville Oracle Touch

The latest of them all, we start our Breville espresso machine comparisons with the Breville Oracle Touch, which offers utter convenience for brewing the coffee beverages your palate most desires. It’s a machine packed with savvy features, a fully automatic espresso machine that’s capable of preparing your favorite beverages in just 3 easy touch screen motions – swipe, select, and tap.

The Oracle Touch has gained its fame for the presence of dual boilers in it. Meaning it’s capable of simultaneous brewing and steaming. You can prepare and customize 5 single or double pre-programmed Café favorites with it. Then there are 8 customizable user profiles for your drinks. You can also adjust the grind settings as well as milk temperature and its texture. It has a built-in grind tamper for making consistent dosage. Best of all, this sophisticated device is easy to use and maintain.

All of these features and convenience make it one of the high-end espresso machines by Breville. Also the water filter in its 84 oz. tank is irreplaceable.

You’ll definitely love Oracle Touch if you’re a fan of full-automatic espresso machines. Just make sure that this machine offers everything you need since it has a high price tag.

Breville Oracle

The Oracle, the original of the series, is a revolutionary espresso machine. Because it takes all the guesswork out of making your specialty coffee drinks. The Oracle grinds, doses, stamps, and then textures the milk all by itself. So enjoy your perfect cup of single or double shots coffee involves pushing a couple of buttons!

The Breville Oracle automates 2 key parts of making an espresso – grinding beans and texturing the milk. As it ensures automated precision, you can enjoy specialty coffees at home without any fear of failure. It comes with dual boilers for simultaneous coffee brewing. Its whopping 45 adjustable grind settings ensure the finest grind quality for your espresso. The digital pressure control (PID) enables users to brew at the best stable temperature. All functions are accessible from the LCD screen and the button controls. The double spout ensures a one-touch Americano with this machine.

Aside from its lofty price tag, the Oracle has no replacements for the water filter. Also, it takes much longer to warm up when compared to other super-automatic machines.

The Oracle is a revolutionary machine that makes brewing unimaginably easy for its automated grinding, perfect tamping, precise extraction, and rich milk texturing – all done in under 1 minute. For the best-tasting latte or cappuccino, this is an ideal choice.

Barista Series

Breville Barista Touch

The Barista Touch brings café-quality lattes and cappuccinos to your home with ease. Its intuitive touch screen display lets you pick from a menu of 5 pre-programmed specialty coffees or create 8 custom beverages to suit your tastebuds. Its built-in conical grinder offers 30 precise grind settings. Capable of brewing under 2 minutes, there’s no reason not to admire this machine and Breville’s ingenuity.

The Barista Touch applies Breville’s trademark 4 key formula in this espresso machine. Its intuitive touch screen display, customizable coffee settings, automated milk texturing, and a hands-free operation at the touch of a button give you the full satisfaction of a home café. It’s one of the fastest machines around as it takes only 3-second to heat up the machine. Also, it allows its users to have complete control over the brew temperature and the brew length.

Surprisingly, this expensive machine from this series missing a simple feature – a preheating option for cups/mugs. Another drawback is cleaning. Because the coffee puck sometimes sticks to the group-head rather than in the portafilter.

Overall, the Barista Touch comes with easily accessible features and functionalities, which makes it a newbie-friendly espresso machine that offers café-quality espresso drinks. Best of all, it lets you experiment with multi-layer customizations.

Breville Barista Pro

Barista Pro is designed to satisfy both beginners and experienced baristas. It has easy-to-follow operating instructions through its innovative features and a user-friendly touchscreen control panel. A benchmark among the best of automated espresso machines with a built-in smart 30 precision settings grinder for perfect brewing every time.

Barista Pro is equipped with volumetric controlled single and double shots. Its automated water pressure control hails from the trademark PID technology. The innovative Thermojet heating system heats up the machine in 3 seconds. You’ll be able to manually texture your milk with this machine too. An espresso machine that’s fully loaded with nifty functions.

The main drawback with this model is, it can be messy for its shared drip tray under the grinder. To avoid this mess, prepare to do some frequent cleaning.

Overall, it’s an exemplary combination of versatility and craftsmanship. The frequent need for cleaning doesn’t outweigh the pros. The machine brews excellent quality espresso and is stacked with all the latest technologies. The price point is also in line with its worthy competitors.

Breville Barista Express

Arguably, the most popular pick from the Breville espresso machine comparison. The Barista Express is the surprise all-in-one, espresso maker. It gives you full control over your daily coffee experience. You can easily make barista-quality latte arts and enjoy smooth microfoam milk texturing whether you have zero skills or prior training.

It’s known that this Barista Express model is a steal. As it comes with adjustable 16 grind settings, manual over-ride option, Thermocoil system, PID temperature control, and 67 oz. water tank – all contributing to quality single or double shots. It’s incredibly easy to use, for hassle-free grinding and brewing.

The machine does take time and effort to operate. But do note, it produces quality coffee consistently. It demands a higher price tag when compared to other semi-automatic machines in the market.

The Barista Express is a sleek and user-friendly model that punches above its weight when it comes to espresso quality. It’s also comparatively easy to clean and maintain. The Barista Express demands patience compared with other fancy super-automatic models, but its outstanding value for the money makes up for it.

Bambino Series

Breville Bambino Plus

Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine comes with a single-steel boiler that can prepare 3rd wave specialty coffee just in 3 seconds. The 64 oz. water reservoir lets you make single and double shots. This sleek machine fits so cozily in any small kitchen space for its 12.6 height and 7.7 width. Despite being small, it does come with practical features such as PID controls, milk temperature, and texture controls.

The Bambino Plus is perfect for entry-level to moderately skilled coffee enthusiasts. The powerful device is capable of producing rich espresso shots with the push of just one button. The 600W Thermojet technology provides precise control over the water temperature throughout the brewing process.

Unfortunately, the Bambino Plus’s double shot pre-programmed setting somehow lowers the extraction quickly, giving a duller espresso. Thus, you need a quality grinder paired up with this machine. Since it’s a small machine, you have to hold it while locking or unlocking the portafilter.

The Bambino Plus can be an excellent companion for you to explore the art of making cafe-like espresso if you’re new to this craft. It’s tiny and effortless to use.

Breville Bambino

The Bambino is a pint-sized machine and original of the Bambino series. Designed with your tight budget in mind. Although, it has all the bells and whistles well enough for a practicing barista or a simple homebrewer. Made with the 4 keys formula, it delivers barista-quality performance using its 54 mm. portafilter. This portafilter carries 18 grams of coffee for full flavor. The Thermojet heating system makes the machine ready in 3 seconds.

With its not-so-technical control panel, it’s simple to use. The brewing process only requires the 2-button control scheme. You can make silky microfoam for latte art for its powerful Thermojet-powered steam wand. Best of them all, the Bambino is equipped with pressurized brew baskets that work well with pre-ground coffee also!

If you’re into intuitive coffee making, this machine isn’t for you. It’s a manual steam milk texturing machine with no control over the water temperature.

The Breville Bambino is a good choice for those who’re looking for a machine with essential features but at the same time makes quality espresso. It allows you to practice espresso making and milk texturing.

Breville’s Single Release Machines

A proper comparison of Breville coffee machines won’t be complete without these single release machines. So let’s check these machines below! 

Breville Dual Boiler

The Breville Dual Boiler has everything you love about your favorite café. This is a mighty fine espresso machine for brewing 3rd wave espresso. With it on your kitchen counter, you’ll be having all sorts of fancy-tasting espresso drinks in your home comfort.

The Breville Dual Boiler is a semi-automatic machine. So, you’ll have complete control in preparing your daily espresso. It has 2 PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control systems to monitor both the water temperature and ensures quality shot extraction. Its integrated grinder can be adjusted for grinding fresh beans. Furthermore, you can adjust the brewing pressure with this machine!

This Dual Boiler espresso maker relies on your ability to perfectly grind the beans, then tamp the grounds, and finally pull a shot manually. For the newcomers or full-automatic users, this is a lot of work. So this machine is good for experienced users.

On a positive note, espresso lovers who’re looking to improve their barista skills can use this machine as their perfect tool thanks to its semi-automatic nature. Also, some of its features are a rare find, like programmable pre-infusion, steady extraction temperature, precise extraction pressure, and simultaneous extraction and steaming.

Breville Duo Temp Pro

The Breville Duo Temp Pro is hailed as a game-changer of an espresso machine as it combines the best of modern technology with unique aesthetics. It’s equipped with advanced Thermocoil and PID technologies for perfect temperature control and extracting shots without any bitterness or acidity.

If you love your espresso to be rich, flavorful, and balanced this machine is for you! Its perfect brewing temperature and pre-infusion technology offer control and flexibility that are worth every penny. The auto-purging heat system after steaming ensures the right temperature for the next shot of espresso. Not only capable of preparing various drinks in various sizes but also capable of making latte quality microfoam. Cleaning and Drip Tray alerts from this smart piece of the device will make your scheduled maintenance a breeze.

The Duo Temp Pro also has a few downsides too. Along with its hefty price tag, this model lacks an integrated burr grinder. Also, it’s hard to clean and spare parts are sparse.

Even with its shortcomings, if you demand complete control and flexibility in your brewing process, this semi-automatic is worth every penny. It’s a great startup espresso machine for amateur coffee enthusiasts as it offers a steep learning curve.

Breville Infuser

The Infuser is a semi-automatic machine made for quality-tasting coffee that gives complete freedom in customizing each shot of espresso. Its pre-infused even extraction technology ensures correct pressure for brewing delicious cups of espresso consistently.

With its volumetric control, you can choose between 1 or 2 shots of espresso for your perfect dose every time or even have manual control over it. Maximize flavor potential is guaranteed since it begins with low-pressure pre-infusion, then digital PID temperature control, and pressure gauge that guides the grinds to a gentle expansion to high-pressure extraction. It also features manual microfoam texturing and key maintenance indicators. You can manually override the settings for experimenting with latte arts from the shot selection settings.

Regarding drawbacks, the Infuser demands your patience as figuring out the precise dosing can be quite a challenge. It’s a rare feature in modern espresso machines, nonetheless.

Other than some maintenance and descaling (not enough info from Breville) related shortcomings, the Infuser, and its features make it a candidate for an almost perfect espresso maker.

Popular Breville Coffee Machine Comparisons

FeaturesBambino PlusBarista ExpressBarista ProBarista TouchOracle Touch
Portafilter (mm)5454545458
Auto PurgeYesYesYesYesYes
Non-pressurized PortafilterNoYesYesYesYes
Hot Water SpoutNoYesYesYesYes
Internal GrinderNoYesYesYesYes
Auto SteamYesNoNoYesYes
Touch ScreenNoNoNoYesYes
Drink RecipesNoNoNoYesYes
Pressure GaugeNoYesNoNoNo
Steel BoilerNoNoNoNoYes
Auto TampNoNoNoNoYes
Auto OnNoNoNoNoYes

Comparison Of Breville Coffee Machines: The Nespresso Line

Creatista Series

Creatista Pro

The Nespresso Creatista Pro gives you the capability of creating personalized café-quality coffees at home easily. The ThermoJet technology allows this machine a lightning-fast 3-second heat-up time. It also has 8 pre-set drinks that are customizable with coffee volume, milk texture, and temperature settings. Its color TFT touchscreen provides all the access to the settings – just swipe, select, and then enjoy!

The touchscreen also works as a guide for initial setups and cleaning instructions. Dedicated 2 independent spouts provide hot water and espresso. So with 1 touch, you’ll get your Americanos. The Thermojet heating system also keeps the machine at stable enough warmth that it can make 2 cappuccinos in less than 2 minutes.

Creatista Plus

The ever-stylish and sleek Creatista Plus paired with advanced microfoam technology enables the ability to brew café-style customized drinks at home. The Creatista Plus also has a quick 3-second heat-up time. Furthermore, it has 8 texture levels and 11 milk temperature modes. Each Creatista Plus machine comes with a stainless steel milk jug.

From black coffee to a latte with perfectly texturized milk, all possible with this machine. The intuitive digital display will help you through multiple recipes as well as help you to personalize those. When it all ends, the auto-clean function purges the steam wand to ease some of your maintenance duties.

Vertuo Series

Vertuo Next Bundle

A Breville coffee machine comparison article won’t be admissible without this beauty from the Vertuo line. Vertuo Next Bundle pushes the boundary of Nespresso coffee styles. Because, with a touch of a button, you’ll be able to select between 5 cup sizes. Astonishingly, this newer advanced aesthetically pleasing model is made from 54% recycled plastics. Vertuo Next is fit enough to squeeze in even the tiniest kitchen spaces and can connect to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for a more chic user experience.

It’s equipped with the Centrifusion technology that spins a capsule up to 7,000 per minute. Meaning it blends the ground coffee with water to produce the perfect crema to enjoy quality espresso in larger cup sizes. It also comes with the Aeroccino3 milk frother. This frother can create perfect milk textures for latte and cappuccino with this machine.

Vertuo Bundle

The Nespresso Vertuo ensures the ultimate brewing experience with 4 different cup sizes at the touch of a button. Espresso from this machine carries trademark characteristics like rich crema and a generous hazelnut-colored foam on top – thanks to the brilliant Centrifusion technology-based brewing formula developed by Nespresso.

Vertuo has the ability to deliver optimal in-cup results for each specific blend because of its capsule recognition and code reading technology. Vertuo includes a high capacity (40 oz. / 1.2 L) water tank. It has also an automatic switch-off mode to conserve electricity. It also comes with the Aeroccino3 milk frother for perfect milk texturing for a delicious latte and cappuccino.

Pixie Series


Nespresso Pixie’s compact design with effective functionality suits smaller kitchen spaces to a tee. With the addition of Nespresso’s unique 19 bar pressure extraction system, the Pixie can create quality coffee time after time while consuming minimal energy.

The Pixie takes only 30 seconds of heat-up time. It has a 24 oz. removable water reservoir in its 6.6 lbs. compact body which is good enough for it to offer 2 automatic and programmable Espresso and Lungo cup sizes. It switches off after 9 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy.

Essenza Series

Essenza Plus

The Essenza Plus is touted perfect for an Espresso, an Americano, a Lungo, or even for Tea for its hot water option. It even sounds out an alert for its descaling. A little plus, just like the namesake – Essenza (essential).

The machine has 4 programmable coffee selections and 4 different cup sizes plus a hot water option. Drink options include Espresso, Lungo, Americano, and Americano XL. The water tank is adjustable so that users can fit it in any kitchen space. A re-order button is embedded into the machine so that you may never run out of the capsules. This smart connectivity mode also enables you to receive maintenance notifications and customize the recipes.

Essenza Mini

Essenza Mini is a small machine but for big coffee moments. It mixes the ease of use, minimalist aesthete, and unrivaled Nespresso quality to create a precious coffee experience every time.

The Essenza Mini comes with 2 programmable cup sizes for Espresso and Lungo options. Once you power it on, it heats up the machine in 25 seconds. It has an auto switch-off mode that works only after 9 minutes of inactivity. It has a removable drip tray for easy maintenance and this 5.1 lbs. machine can fit in small kitchen spaces. 

Why You Should Buy Breville…

Not only impressive features with utmost precision, but Breville also has well-versed variations to their espresso, Nespresso, and coffee machines. Dive below to see if the reasons that you should go for one are worth it!

Integration Of The 4 Keys Formula

As we’ve already mentioned in our Breville coffee machine comparison, these machines are intended to extract the best results for the 3rd wave specialty coffees. The 4 keys formula by Breville through their 54-58 mm portafilters, low-pressure pre-infusion, high-pressure extraction, digitally controlled water temperature (PID) technology guarantees rich, sweet milky, and syrupy golden espresso.

Constantly Innovating And Optimizing

Breville is one of the leading brands that consistently find innovative solutions for their machines. The Breville R&D has valuable patents and they optimize every aspect of their machines with the knowledge.

Grinder For Freshness

Breville knows that freshly ground coffee is the 1st step. That’s why Breville offers in-built burr grinders with 18 – 45 settings across their machines.

Superior Control

The features provided by Breville machines are there not for any gimmicks. They are all meticulously thought out and all contribute to making quality coffee consistently. In fact, these features outweigh the extra cost Breville demands compared to its competitors. Breville machines are viewed as the industry benchmark among coffee experts. They are so well built that with proper care, Breville machines will serve you for more than 10 years.


Which Breville Espresso Is The Best?

If budget is not an issue then go for Oracle touch, otherwise Barista Express is the best option for all.

Is Breville A Good Brand For Espresso Machines?

Yes, because these machines are efficient, long-lasting, and make way better espresso than the others.

Who Makes Breville Coffee Machines?

The Breville Group Ltd. designs its machines in Australia and assembled in China.

How Long Should A Breville Barista Express Last?

With proper care, it should go over 10 years easily.

What Does The Breville Bambino Plus Come With?

It comes with a 54 mm tamper, a trimming razor, a 16 oz. stainless steel milk jug, dual-wall filter baskets (single and double), and cleaning kits.

Are Breville And Nespresso The Same?

Nespresso is a coffee pod formula owned by Nestle. But the rights to produce the capsule machines for these pods were given to Delonghi and Breville. 

Is Breville A Premium Brand?

In terms of product quality, yes. In terms of high-end pricing, no, there are worse.

Who Owns Breville Company?

Since, 2001, it’s been under the multi-national Breville Group Ltd.


The Breville Espresso Machines are attractive, user-friendly with outstanding value in a pricey category. The only broad limitation is that they require some effort to operate even though they are semi/full-automatics. When it comes to picking one, we’ve laid the blueprint in our Breville espresso machine comparison article here, the rest is now up to you!

Happy Brwing!

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