Breville Barista Pro Review 2023: The Espresso Machine With Perfection

Needless to say, we are extremely thrilled about the Breville Barista Pro Espresso machine review. Breville Barista Pro is an upgrade to the sought-after Barista Express model. Breville Barista Pro has upgrades like faster heating technology for water (3 seconds), steam pressure is more efficient (45 seconds and beyond), a more user-friendly interface, and a tougher in-built grinder.

The espresso machine is typically $200 to $300 more expensive compared to Barista Express. While some customers may say this model is too expensive. But we believe that coffee connoisseurs or suave coffee lovers could really love what this model has to offer.

By the time of our Breville barista pro review, it is eye candy already. Just like its predecessor, the Express, it is equipped with Breville’s outstanding Smart Grinder Pro. But rather than giving the cylinder coil, which Breville has been applying for years, it is installed with a quieter, faster, and more powerful “ThermoJet” technology. It’s a rich stainless steel-based design that doesn’t hurt.

Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine: Overview

The Breville Barista Pro is the perfect solution for coffee lovers who want to enjoy barista-quality espresso drinks at home. With a faster heat-up time, an intuitive user interface, and a built-in grinder with dose control for maximum flavor, this machine will help you make professional-level espresso drinks quickly and easily. The LCD display with grinding and extracting progress animations makes it easy to customize your drinks, while the 19-22 grams dose ensures full flavor in every cup. With all these features packed into a compact footprint, the Breville Barista Pro is perfect for making café-quality espresso drinks at home.  ​

Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine

  • Get perfectly balanced flavors with a ThermoJet heating system and PID temperature control
  • Intuitive interface with volumetric shot control and LCD display for precision accuracy
  • Integrated conical burr grinder with adjustable grind size and dose for maximum flavor
  • Dosing Funnel attachment to reduce mess and waste
  • Powerful 266°F steam for fast, silky microfoam
  • Professional features like auto grind & dose, 54mm stainless steel portafilter, and low-pressure pre-infusion for full flavor extraction


  • 30 grind settings for precise coffee grinding
  • ThermoJet heating system heats up in 3 seconds
  • PID digital temperature control and automatic pre-infusion for optimal espresso extraction
  • Powerful steam wand for perfect microfoam milk and latte art
  • Easy-to-use LCD display control panel and intuitive design ideal for beginners


  • Lower build quality compared to the price
  • Not easy to clean
  • Loud grinder noise

Breville Barista Pro Review: Key Features

Beverage Size

Breville Barista Pro Espresso maker brews both the 1-shot and 2-shot espressos. It does such with the help of its volumetric control feature. The default volumes are about 1 ounce or 30 ml for a single shot. 2 ounces or 60 ml for double shots. However, although the model has default volumes of 1 and 2 cups, it is also viable to override the default settings manually. Meaning the user can program his/her own shot volumes.

Water Reservoir

Breville Barista Pro has a 67-ounce of detachable water reservoir. It is on the backside of the machine. The water tank does have a handle, which makes it painless to pull up for refilling or cleaning. The tank also has a water filter that is replaceable. The water tank can get burned if you use the maker while no water in it. So refill it regularly.

3-Way Solenoid

Breville Barista Pro comes with this valve for better cleaning convenience and coffee results. The solenoid valve is generally present in commercial-grade machines. Its job is to free up pressure off the coffee for an easy and dry discarded puck.


Breville Barista Pro offers this heating system for quicker results. This new heating system gives the optimum temperature for extraction in 3 seconds. Also with a swift transition from the espresso to steam. This is something with a double boiler heater espresso machines can usually achieve only. By that argument, it is clear that Barista Pro is indeed quite impressive. We can always be able to brew the best quality coffee, faster.


Breville Barista Pro Espresso machine controls the brew temperature with PID. It is for more consistent temperatures. Thus ensuring better and more evenly extracted coffee. The PID supplies water at the correct temperature. Making sure of optimal espresso extraction. Pre-infusion with low pressure gradually grows pressure at the beginning of brewing. It ensures that evenly all the flavorings are drawn out for a balanced tasting cup during the extraction process.

Steam Wand

Perfect milk froth, it offers micro-foam milk texturing. Its powerful steam wand performs at a level that permits the user to get the quality of the micro-foam milk. Therefore it enhances the taste of the espresso as well as blossoms the art of latté creation.

Built-In Grinder

Provides more variety and flexibility for any coffee. With a single touch and dose control, its in-built dose control grinder gives the right amount of coffee you demand, with maximum flavor. The grind dose and the size are both adjustable. Barista Pro offers a span of 30 sizes of grind to select from.

Hot Water Dispenser

Breville Barista Pro is made with a dedicated hot water dispenser for americano, tea, and pre-heating. It is made to flow the water directly into the cup. Without having to budge the cup from underneath the portafilter

Basket Size

In Breville Barista Pro, 54 mm is the size of their coffee basket, and the machine sells with two unpressurized and two pressurized baskets (both in single and double dosage).


120V is what Breville Barista Pro is made for. It can be useful in the US and Canada only. Though, because this model is made for the international market, there are adapted models available for 220V to 250V in the Asian and European markets. If you buy this model in Canada or the US, it will most likely be a compatible version only with 120 Volt.

Size & Weight

Barista Pro loads about 20 pounds. Simply, a bit heavy for the users. It is not the kind of espresso machine for moving around easily. Its dimension is 13.77 x 16.14 x 16.14 inches. Making Breville Barista Pro is quite large too! (a tiny bit bigger than the Barista Express also).

Additional Perks

We like to focus on this Breville Barista Pro review that the model is filled with an unparalleled number of attributes to brew coffee better. Furthermore, it has upgraded some features from the Express model. This makes it a faster and simpler espresso machine.

In our opinion, there are some traits that make this machine very lucrative. Breville Barista Pro also came with some other tools for this review such as 1 and 2 shots single and dual wall baskets, filter baskets, cleaning kit, water filter, integrated magnetic tamper, 16-ounce stainless steel milk jug, and razor precision dose trimming tool. This machine is one of the best from Breville.

Breville Bes878bss Review: Technical Specifications


If you are looking for versatile and modern, you may find it in our Breville Barista Pro review.

The Breville Barista Pro espresso model appears to be very lucrative with its uncluttered and clean look. Its exterior is more polished and glossier than that of the Barista Express. Breville Barista Pro is typically sold in 3 different color designs:

  1. Sea Salt
  2. Black Truffle
  3. Stainless Steel

Note: For our Breville Barista espresso machine review, we have only tested the stainless steel model.

The steamer, the portafilter, and the control panel are all situated on the front of the unit. The model has a contemporary looking with an LCD control panel. Breville Barista Pro does not have a pressure indicator in the front, unlike Breville Barista Express.

On top of the machine, the integrated conical burr grinder can be found. The knob that selects the grind size is situated on the side of the coffee machine. On the back of the machine, the water tank is located. Despite its location, it is easily reachable. By pulling the handle upwards you will be able to detach it. Overall the Barista Pro is strong. It is crafted mostly of solid stainless steel.


  1. Brewing time: Thanks to the ThermoJet heating system in the espresso machine Breville produced, takes only 3 seconds to get ready. This significantly cuts the time to brew coffee. However, we advise leaving your machine before brewing for 5 to 10 minutes. This guarantees more finesse in brewing temperatures. The real brewing period depends on whether you select either one shot or two shots. Nonetheless, the brewing time is indeed very short. And the espresso is prepared in 15 to 20 seconds
  2. Flavor: Regardless of your cup size, expect flavorful, rich coffee. Both the Barista Pro and Express espresso machines serve top-quality espresso thanks to their PID technology otherwise known as digital temperature control. The steam wand creates a creamy, smooth micro-foam that mixes perfectly with your coffee, amplifying its taste
  3. Temperature: Digital temperature control (PID) ensures precisely the right temperature for water, providing optimal extraction of espresso. PID technology minimizes and detects any change during extraction. Making sure the temperature is retained at its ideal range, every single time
  4. Milk frother: The 360 degrees spindle action of the steam wand gives rich, beautiful milk micro-foam. That puts an extra veneer of delicious taste to your coffee. The Barista Pro is equipped with an upgraded steam wand. On the milk, it applies expanded steam pressure. Thus it shortens the time for frothing. We’ve calculated for one cup of milk it has reduced to 45 seconds from 60 seconds
  5. Pressure Gauge: Breville Barista Pro runs on a pre-infusion low pressure. Following an extraction pressure of 9 bar. It delivers creamy and rich coffee in every cup. The pre-infusion helps it expand and immerses the grounded coffee for incredible espresso results
  6. Noise Levels: This coffee maker makes a buzzing sound. Specific to an espresso machine-like while brewing. This noise and the noise of the built-in grinder can be deemed a bit high by some folks. But the noise levels have reduced compared to Barista Express

Health and Safety

Breville Barista Pro has a stainless steel body. It also has a few plastic parts, like the water tank, the grinder burr, and the bottom and top of the machine.

Claims were made by Breville made so far that, the model is BPA-free. And all the parts that can come into contact with the water and coffee are also BPA-free.

However, we are specifically worried about espresso machines and coffee makers where the plastic comes in contact with warm water. Even though this machine may be BPA-free, other possibly unsafe plastics may or may not be involved in the manufacturing procedure.

How To Use Breville Barista Pro

First Use Cycle

The first use cycle of the Breville Barista Pro Espresso machine must be finished before the first use of your machine. The first use cycle washes the machine and optimizes the heating system.

  1. Fill up the water tank
  2. Make sure the machine with the bean hopper is fully assembled
  3. Check if the water tank and drip tray are securely adjoined to the machine
  4. Press the POWER button on. The machine goes into FIRST CYCLE mode
  5. The LCD will show FLUSH. And the 1 CUP button will light up
  6. Press the 1 CUP button. The LCD will display a countdown for the remainder of your first use cycle
  7. Once finished, your machine will get into READY mode

Dosing The Coffee

  1. Fill your hopper with fresh beans
  2. Into the portafilter enter the required filter basket
  3. Place your portafilter into the grinding cradle
  4. If needed, press the FILTER SIZE button to choose the size of the filter basket
  5. Turn the GRIND AMOUNT dial if required to alter the grind time. Clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise to decrease

Tamping The Ground Coffee

  1. From the grinding cradle take out the portafilter
  2. Several times tap the portafilter to distribute and collapse the coffee evenly in the filter basket
  3. Tamp down firmly by using the tamper at approximately 15 to 20kg of pressure. Consistent pressure is more important than the amount of pressure
  4. On the tamper, the top edge of the cap should be level with the top of your filter basket

Extracting Espresso

  1. The espresso will begin to run after 8 to 10 seconds and should have the consistency of dripping honey
  2. If your espresso begins to flow early in 6 seconds, you have either ground too coarse and/or under-dosed the filter basket. This is known as an UNDER EXTRACTED shot
  3. If your espresso starts to drip but after 15 seconds does not run, then the grind is too fine. This would be an OVER EXTRACTED espresso shot

Cleaning And Caring

The Barista Express machine has a “Clean me” light. It illuminates whenever your machine is in need of cleaning. However, the Barista Pro has two types of cleaning modes. The flush cleaning and descaling.

When the machine needs a cycle of flush cleaning, the LCD will show the FLUSH alert. When such happens, in the filter inside your portafilter, you need to enter a cleaning disk along with a cleaning tablet on top of it. Run a 1-cup brewing cycle. Follow the steps explained in your machine’s care manual.

After regular usage, hard water can create mineral-build on and in many of the inner functioning parts. Ultimately reducing the power of the machine, the flow of brewing, the taste of the espresso, and the brewing temperature. The LCD will show a DESCALE alert. It means a descaling cycle is needed. Use recommended descaling agent only for Descaling.

As expected, the exterior of the machine should be scoured regularly. Use a wet clean cloth. The steam wand should be rinsed and purged after each time in order to stop clogging. The portafilter, the water tank, the milk jug, the filter baskets, and the drip tray can be washed using hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid.

For Who Breville Barista Pro Is Perfect…

As we ran testing of the Breville Barista Pro review, we wanted to observe who this machine can be a gripping choice for.

First, we feel that Breville Barista Pro may be appealing to users who want their machines to grow with them. This machine can be an ideal investment for beginners to even intermediate users. Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine has a lot of things to offer. So even intermediate and advanced coffee lovers will have their hands full with it!

Second, this espresso maker might be a prime fit for coffee connoisseurs. The machine is even though expensive, it brews coffee with high quality.

We feel that Barista Pro can be best for those who are searching for an espresso machine that has all or any of the following features:

  1. Modern and sleek design
  2. Brews high-end and delicious espresso
  3. Powerful heating for rich and creamy foam
  4. Comes with a fused coffee grinder with 30 different grind sizes
  5. More convenient and easier espresso brewing with fewer tasks to control

For Who Breville Barista Pro Is Not Perfect…

Just like with any other coffee machine reviews, we also would like to stand honestly in this Breville Barista Pro review.

While this machine provides perfectly great coffee, we feel that coffee lovers with sophisticated and more nuanced tastes will find this product to be lacking.

The Breville Barista Pro model comes with a hefty price tag. It generally sells for under $1,000.  Often hovering around the $900 mark. However, the price point is justifiable given the attributes that it arrives with. The machine is amazingly high quality and comes with traits that support the craft of high-quality coffee beverages. The ThermoJet heating system, the PID technology, a high-grade steaming wand, and a 3-way solenoid valve are expensive parts to integrate into an espresso machine.

Here are some issues for the users that may find Breville Barista Pro to be inapt:

  1. Lightweight appliance
  2. Small kitchen space and/or low budget
  3. Lack of more advanced and sophisticated espresso machine functions
  4. Seasoned users need a more advanced and powerful machine for an absolutely perfect shot of coffee

Comparing With Competitors

breville bes878 review
Breville Barista Pro vs Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine VS. De’Longhi La Specialista

  1. Handling: The La Specialista’s manual rotary dials and levers along with the pressure gauge, give it a traditional feel and look. The Barista Pro is crafted with a more contemporary look than the La Specialista. With an LCD display, the settings are selected, and a couple of casual manual controls. It’s a bit cheaper too
  2. Tamping: Once it has grounded your coffee, you have to use a lever to tamp the grounds. It compacts them for an even extraction. Tamping is done manually, so the lever is constructed to make this procedure a little simpler. On the other hand, tamping is a little bit hands-on. So you will have to use manual tampering to compact the grounds rather than just pull the lever
  3. Drink Options: La Specialista has three pre-programmed drink sizes. Espresso, long and medium coffee. Or you can select and save the preferred length of your coffee. You can customize the temperature also of the coffee to befit you. The milk frother wand has a sliding control. It lets you switch easily between hot milk and foam. Unlike La Specialista, Barista Pro does not offer several preset drink choices. It only has the option of a double and single shot. And the steam wand only has just one frothing setting

Breville Barista Pro VS. Breville Barista Touch

  1. Customization: The Barista Touch is more automated than the Pro. So, it’s even easier to use. It puts all your favorite coffee recipes right at your fingertips. Grind settings include an integrated conical burr grinder and grind size, selectors. The touch model is geared with an outstanding intuitive LCD interface. All the coffee recipes are already pre-programmed and ready for you to be made and enjoyed with full flavor. And of course, you can switch between single and double shots. Control and customize the volume of your espresso shots as well as the coffee strength. Hot water spout for your long blacks. The milk texture and temperature are also included in this customization range
  2. Temperature and Texture: Let’s talk about how you can control the milk temperature and hand texture of microfoam milk. Well, it’s another automated process for the Barista Touch that enhances flavor and delivers flavorful coffee. The machine uses its special milk jug and the automatic steam wand for this. The wand will heat up and texture the milk to your preferred temperature and also the microfoam milk texturing
  3. Recipe Storing: Not only you can customize your precise espresso extraction formula with the Touch but it also allows you to store them under unique names given to you of these delicious espresso drinks for later use. You can do such as create and store as many as 8 recipes

Breville Barista Pro VS. Breville Oracle Touch

  1. Most Advanced: The Oracle Touch is on the higher end for coffee enthusiasts and espresso lovers in terms of overall features compared to the Barista Pro, or Barista Touch machines
  2. Dual Boilers: The Oracle has dual boilers. These boilers are also steel-made. This means these dual boilers will be able to extract espresso and do frothing or milk steaming at the same time. All the while also being regulated with PID for its precise temperature control. The self-cleaning steam wand which is powered by its dedicated boiler, automated the microfoam milk texturing to your liking and delivers a barista-quality brewing process that enhances the flavor
  3. Auto Tamping: In addition to its adjustable grind control, which both the Barista Touch and Pro have, the Oracle has automated tamping, too! Meaning it will automatically grind and tamp coffee (22 grams) straight into its 58 mm. portafilter for full flavor
  4. Bigger Water Reservoir: Now, not only a bigger 58 mm. group head but also an 84 oz. water reservoir comes with the Oracle Touch. Barista Pro has a 54 mm. portafilter. Both the Pro’s and Touch’s water tanks have 67 oz. capacity. Overall, the Oracle Touch packs more advanced barista-quality coffee technologies that enhance flavors. It was built to cater to advanced home users, or for the amateurs who expect some training as well as learning until they get things right


What is the difference between Breville Barista Express and Pro?

The biggest gap between those analog and digital displays. The Express has some buttons for varying functions with an analog pressure gauge. In comparison, the Pro has a beaming, backlit digital display and smaller buttons.

Is Breville better than Nespresso?

Actually, Nespresso does not make any machines by itself. The ones available on their website are the same ones you will buy in stores. The sole difference is the branding. Nespresso omits the maker’s seal on all models sold through their website. All of the big brands also follow the Nespresso technology too.

Is Breville a good brand for coffee machines?

Yes. They are an award winner for making quality and innovative kitchen appliances.

What comes with Breville Barista Pro?

Filter Baskets of single and dual walls for 1 and 2 Cups respectively, 480 ml stainless steel jug, razor precision dose trimming tool, water filter, and cleaning kit.

Are Breville espresso machines worth it?

Their customizable settings, convenient design, and high-quality espresso make it well worth the price.

How long should a Breville espresso machine last?

With proper maintenance, it will last from 5 to 10 years.

Are sage coffee machines made by Breville?

Yes. Sage is just named for Heston Blumenthal, who owns the UK operating portion for Breville. Breville is actually an Australian company.

Final Words

An espresso machine of this caliber is a damn big purchase; there are no two ways about the fact. Even at beginner-level, we’re talking about $400 to $500 as a minimum. Machines with that price tag come without a burr grinder. In short, you want to pick and buy correctly.

Where the all-in-one, an in-home espresso machine is of concern, our Breville Barista Pro Espresso machine review argued that it is now the most user-friendly, safest choice in the $1,000 range. The barista quality performance of the machine will give you the liberty of doing experiments like any coffee shop.

Happy Brewing!

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