Keurig K Mini Plus Review 2023: To Make Perfect Coffee, Anywhere

The Keurig K-Mini Plus is one of the most popular portable single-serving coffee brewers in the market. With the unveiling of the K-Mini Plus, Keurig has streamlined the aesthetics, size, design as well as brewing power of this coffee maker. The Keurig K-Mini Plus doesn’t come with all the goods of some of the more advanced and larger Keurig machines, but that’s fine.

This machine is made small and compact. So it’s ideal for single cups of delicious and quick cups of hot coffee. It’s perfect for picnics, a camper van, or a desk at the office. So let’s take a dive into the Keurig K Mini Plus review!

Keurig K Mini Plus Review: Key Features

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

  • Coffee is made in minutes
  • Pod storage Holds 9 K-cup pods and fits in the brewer
  • Cord storage For easy transport and tidy countertops
  • The removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7.0 inches tall
  • Holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup

Small Footprint

The Keurig K Mini Plus coffee maker is just 5 inches in width, which is suitable for all sizes of kitchens. This Keurig has such a tiny footprint, do not be amazed if you can fit this machine even in the most jammed areas of your kitchen too. The compact is indeed the name of the game! – And K-Mini Plus swears by it colorfully.

Portable and travel-friendly

Coming in at less than 7 pounds, the Keurig K-Mini Plus is inconceivably portable. While we wouldn’t advise carrying it around in your suitcase or backpack while traveling, it is a quintessential companion for a campervan or an RV. Or a stationed buddy on the smallest office or homework desk. Plus, the K-Mini Plus can fit in most travel mugs up to about 7 inches tall. All you have to do is detach the drip tray to create that extra room. This is a cool feature for brewing the last cup of joe to go!

Removable Drip Tray

The K-Mini Plus brewer has a detachable drip tray that can contain up to a cup of liquid in case you, unfortunately, forget to slide your mug/cup beneath the brew nozzle. To make emptying and rinsing less stressful, the drip tray hence is removable.

The Pod Storage Container

Very well-thought-out feature, to say the least. The K-Mini Plus single-serve coffee maker has this semi-cylindrical pod storage container. It can store a maximum of 9 K-Cup pods. You store the container underneath the brew nozzle when you won’t be using the machine. It keeps your coffee within reach but concealed and the whole thing looks nifty.

Auto-off Feature

It’s common to forget to power off your appliances. Fortunately, this brewer has an auto-off program that will shut down the coffee machine. It’s formulated to automatically shut off after brewing a single cup.

Detachable Water Reservoir

The Keurig K Mini Plus coffee maker is equipped with a water reservoir for meeting a single serving and the same can be said about the drip tray. The tray is also removable. So, filling, rinsing, and cleaning is a breeze.

Range of Servings

The K-Mini Plus is designed to make a few different sizes of coffee ranging from 6 to 12 ounces. All you have to do is to fill up the water reservoir with your desired amount of water. And you’re good to go! Alternatively, just fill up your mug and pour it into the tank.

Product Specifications

  • Voltage – 120V
  • Material – Plastic
  • Sizes – 6 oz. to 12 oz.
  • Capacity – 0.75 pounds
  • Item Weight – 6.4 pounds
  • Max. Mug Height – 7.25 inches
  • Human Interface Input – Buttons
  • Avg. Coffee Temperature – 175°F
  • Product Dimensions – 11.3 x 4.5 x 12.1 inches (12.1” height can extend to 16.8 inches when the water reservoir lid is opened)
  • Variants – Variety pack 40ct K-Cup Pods (with Black colored model) and Green Mountain 12-count Tin (with Grey colored model)
  • Colors Available – Matte Black, Black, Grey, Cool Aqua, Cardinal Red, Evening Teal, Studio Grey, and White


  1. Auto-off function
  2. It has discreet cord storage
  3. Ease and convenience in use
  4. Brews any size from 6oz to 12 oz.
  5. Strength control option for coffee
  6. The modern and clean exterior appearance
  7. Its size makes it suitable for smaller spaces
  8. A small but detachable water reservoir. It uses the exact amount of water poured into the tank for each brewing cycle


  1. K-cups usable only
  2. Limited programmability featured
  3. Product made primarily with plastic
  4. The plastic feels and looks a bit cheap
  5. No control over brewing temperature
  6. Needs the usage of aluminum coffee pods
  7. It’s overly expensive (low price-to-value ratio point of argument)

Comparing K-Mini Plus And K-Mini

FeaturesK-Mini PlusK-Mini
Weight6.4 lbs.4.5 lbs.
Recommended AccessoriesK-CupsRinse Pods
Pod StorageYesNo
Water ReservoirDetachableNon-detachable
Strength ControlYesNo

Keurig K-Mini Pros And Cons

Pros: Easy and convenient, clean and modern exterior, auto-off function, brews between 6oz to 12oz, comes with cord storage, does not waste water, affordable price point, and small fitting size.

Cons: K-cups only, few programmabilities, no temperature or strength control, made of plastic, needs aluminum coffee pods, small and non-removable water tank.

How To Use Keurig Mini Plus

Getting this machine set up doesn’t take much effort. Plug it in and you are ready to go after giving it a test batch run.

  • Power it on first
  • Add water and let it heat up to the temperature
  • Add your preferred coffee pod
  • Close the lid and press the brew button
  • You’ll hear the brewer sucking the water inside to heat it up. It takes about a minute. The machine remains silent while it’s working
  • After a minute later, fresh hot coffee is ready for you
  • You do need Keurig-compatible coffee pods though. These are in abundant supply at the local grocery stores or on Amazon, and with many different brands, styles, and roasts

How long does it take to brew?

The brewing period feels a bit long with the K-Mini Plus. It’s timed at over 50 seconds. In the grand scheme of things, it may not matter to you, but it feels prolonged when you’re waiting for the 1st cup in the morning.

How To Clean Keurig Mini Plus

Before First Use

  1. Plug the Keurig K Mini Plus coffee maker into a grounded outlet. Power it on, the power button will illuminate
  2. Lift up the water tank lid and pour 1 cup/8 oz. of water into the reservoir. Do not fill over the MAX or under the MIN lines. Close the lid and place a mug on the drip tray
  3. Lift and lower the handle and do not install a K-Cup pod. The brew indicator light will flash meaning the brewer is ready
  4. Press the brew button. The brew indicator light will glow solid, then start to pulse as the brewer will be heating up
  5. After 2 minutes, the brew indicator light will glow solid again. Thus water will start to dispense. Pour this hot water into your sink

Brewer Caring

  1. Clean the exterior from time to time with a soapy, damp, lint-free, non-abrasive fabric. Never submerge the brewer in water or any other liquid
  2. The drip tray can contain 8 ounces of overflow. It should occasionally be emptied and cleaned. Rinse and clean with a damp, lint-free, soapy, non-abrasive fabric
  3. The detachable water tank should be periodically cleaned with a soapy, damp, non-abrasive cloth. Rinse the tank after cleaning thoroughly. Let the tank dry completely

For further Keurig Caring and Troubleshooting Article read our “How To Reset Keurig Coffee Machine” here.


You should descale your Keurig K Mini Plus coffee maker each 3 – 6 months. Follow the descaling procedures below.

Please allow almost 45 minutes for the descaling cycle

  1. Cleansing Rinse – Turn on the brewer. Pour 4.6 oz. of the Keurig descaling solution into the water tank. Then add fresh water to the 10 oz. level. Put a large ceramic mug over the drip tray. Lift and lower the handle. But do not install a K-Cup pod. Press the brew button now. Once the solution comes out, throw it into the sink
  2. Internal Tank Cleaning – Repeat step – A. When the brew indicator glows solid, press the power button when the brewer begins to dispense. Let the brewer rest for 30 minutes minimum. Press and keep holding the brew button until all of the solutions get dispensed. Throw out the solution into the sink
  3. Fresh Water Rinse – Repeat step – A. by only using 12 oz. of fresh water. Don’t add Keurig descaling solution. Repeat this step two more times. Perform extra fresh water rinse cycling if you taste/smell any residual taste

For Whom Keurig K-Mini Plus Is Perfect

  • The machine can fit into many different kitchen lifestyles and purposes
  • Suitable and efficient enough for dorms, kitchens, or offices. Able to fit in a travel mug as well
  • The Keurig K-Mini Plus is among the best for coffee lovers who do not care for the ins and outs of brewing. The single-serve coffee maker is quick, simple, and easy
  • Keurig K-Mini Plus is one of the easiest coffee makers to use. The machine looks very intuitive for folks of all ages: from novices to more mature users
  • Despite the convenience and ease, K-Mini Plus lets some flexibility in brewing. Specifically, it lets you brew bolder and stronger coffee, due to an addition of a strength control function

To Whom Keurig K-Mini Is Not Perfect

Just like any other coffee maker or grinder reviews, we review Keurig K-Mini Plus coffee maker with honesty and found some points to talk about.

  • If you serve coffee in larger gatherings or enjoy drinking with others then this is not it!
  • If you are used to or plainly looking for a larger water tank capacity then this will not meet your demand

Keurig K-Mini Plus is a good coffee machine, but very likely will not fit everyone. We think that Keurig K-Mini Plus is a bit overpriced juxtaposed with its offered quality, features, and capacity. There are coffee machines with far more advanced features, allowing tastier brew, richer and deeper java. Some examples include even other Keurig lines, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach, Black, and Decker, etc.

What Are The Critics And Customers Saying?

  • Users complained about its longevity
  • Hugely appreciated as an easy-to-clean and store this model
  • Critics and users alike loved the sizes and color variants of this model
  • Those who love a machine that can be carried around recommends K-Mini Plus the most 
  • Customers described it as a fit on their counter with minimal space while looking attractive and inviting
  • Even critics who review Keurig K Mini-series with skepticism over the years love it as a frequent 1 – 2 cups of quick coffee brewing machine throughout a regular day
Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer
6,524 Reviews

Pod Recycling: What To Do With Keurig K-Cup Waste

There’s been a lot of concerns of late on the huge waste of single-use disposable pods. While Keurig’s competitor Nespresso made an envelope for users to return their used pods for recycling. Keurig does not have any system such as. Instead, they kind of leave it to you and your responsibility.

Keurig stated their solution is simple – the pods are built to peel off the foil lid. Furthermore, coffee grounds can be composted. They also insisted that the plastic #5 cup is recyclable, along with other recyclable containers from households that can be sent to local community recycling programs.

Well, it sounds like a solid no-fuss idea, but in most cities, recycling programs don’t accept such small pieces of plastic. Experts say Coffee discs and pods are too light and small to be rightly sorted at a recycling facility.

Unlike other K Mini Plus reviews, this is a major criticism from us to Keurig. There’s a lot of extra waste with no real solution and Keurig is not doing enough to cut it down.


Is The Keurig Mini Plus Any Good?

Ranked #7 in the best single-serve coffee machine, it comes with cord storage, fast brewing, an auto-off feature, and a compatible K-cup universal reusable coffee filter. It’s a very good single-serve coffee machine. 

When Did The Keurig Mini Plus Come Out?

It was first made available in July 2018. 

How Do I Make My Keurig Mini Hotter?

You can change the temperature of the coffee using Keurig Mini as it has no such functionality. Keurig only allows a few of their machines this function. But you can put hot water right before you make the coffee to add temperature.

What K Cups Are Compatible With Keurig Mini?

My K-Cups Universal Reusable coffee filter and Delibru Reusable K Cups are compatible with Mini.

Does A Keurig Get Hot Enough To Kill Bacteria?

The water temperature for a Keurig is 192 degrees F. That temperature takes less than half a second to kill all of the bacteria in the unit.


We’d like to highlight in our Keurig K Mini Plus review, this coffee machine is an interesting entity in the market. The crucial advantage is its cute size. Cosmopolitan users are aware of proper space allocation in their households and buy appliances that fit their blueprint saving as much space as possible in the process.

Keurig K-Mini Plus serves that purpose incredibly well. Furthermore, users can also take this machine with them on vacation, picnics, or any sort of outside gathering. Keurig fans and neutrals alike will appreciate K-Mini’s modern and clean design. Slightly more advanced than the original Keurig K-Mini version. Serves as an ideal machine for one cup of coffee at a time.

Happy Brewing!

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