Real Good Coffee Co Review [2023]: Quality Coffee With All The Flavors And No Fuss

The majority of specialty coffee brands always focus more on ergonomic packaging and mass marketing than the actual quality of their coffee. Mass-marketed coffee is geared to achieve one goal – more volume to rake in more profit. But the truth is that coffee consumers really do care about taste and quality the most. Our focus today is on the Real Good Coffee Co review, which is a Seattle-based coffee brand, that mastered the art of “keeping it simple” when it comes to taste and bean quality. So, we’ll be reviewing some of their highlighted products to see what they’re all about.

Real Good Choice Co Has A Real Good Story

real good coffee company reviews

A company hailed from the American coffee city, Seattle, Real Good Coffee Co began as a small business that ran by people who had passion and dedication for quality coffee.

With over 3 decades of roasting experience, the company has been sourcing coffee and crafting the best roasts. They produce good coffee for all, not with any presumptuous intentions.

You have the options of whole beans, Keurig-compatible pods, and Nespresso-compatible pods with various levels of roasts and flavors. You can also order individual packages or sign-up for their subscription service.

Real Good Coffee Co makes its pods with 100% recyclable materials. The company follows all the ethical, and environmental rules which make the coffee good to drink, good for our planet, and definitely good value for the money.

Real Good Coffee Motto

Quality, sustainability, and affordability are helping them to stand tall from other coffee brands.

Quality – Less focus on fancy names and packaging while more focus on sourcing and roasting the best coffee beans. Their only priority is to let you love the experience of drinking their coffee – can’t be simple enough!

Affordability – They offer not only quality coffee but quality coffee at an affordable price. Also, online order across the USA is shipment cost-free!

Sustainability – Great coffee farming and processing don’t have to hurt the environment. At Real Good Coffee Co, the A-Z coffee cycle is sustainable, organic, and environment-friendly. Their pods are 100% recyclable too!

Real Good Choice Co Review: Pros And Cons

What We Like

  • Uncomplicated range of choices
  • Makes recyclable coffee packaging
  • Roasted freshly and in small batches
  • Maintains responsible business practices
  • Prime quality coffee at a reasonable price
  • Free shipping from online purchases all across the USA
  • No nonsense advertising, just straight deliverance of quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Prioritize dark roasts
  • A small range of item variations
  • Little information about the bean source and processing regulations

Review Of Real Good Whole Beans

Just like the coffee types, the coffee drinkers are different too! But as we’ve already mentioned, they focus on delivering quality coffee above anything. So, you won’t find a maddening amount of product varieties from them.

That’s why they only offer 4 options to cover their variety of preferences. Light with bright notes or dark with more robust notes – All capable of delivering the perfect blend for you. Their whole bean coffees are sold in 2-pound bags only. They source the beans from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and Brazil. They only use 100% pure Arabica beans.

The dark roast range includes the French roast also. Do note that most of their varieties come from dark roasts. Real Good Coffee does a limited number of medium roasts and it’s darker than many other brands. Light roast has only 1 roast and that’s their Breakfast Blend. It also tends to be on the darker side.

real good coffee co review

Breakfast Blend Light Roast Whole Bean

The first cup of the day is the most special one. The Breakfast Blend is perfect for giving you that much-needed kick-up. The light roast gives a citrus flavor note and a crisp finish with a boost to start your day off. The Breakfast Blend aims to deliver a smooth flavor – a brisk citrus taste comes before smooth aromatic notes of milk chocolate and cream. A perfect premium quality light roast beans. Guarantees to wake you up in the morning and give you much-needed energy.

The coffee is made with premium quality Arabica beans. The beans come from Central and South American farms. They are grown, sourced, and then packaged responsibly. The roasting happens in Seattle, USA.

The grinds from this classic-styled light roast whole bean are suitable for a drip machine, espresso maker, French press, Aeropress, pour-over, and Moka pot.

Breakfast Blend Light Roast Coffee Beans - 2 Pound Bag - 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • 100% recyclable package
  • Only light-roasted coffee beans
  • Citrus flavor with notes of milk chocolate and cream

Donut Shop Medium Roast Whole Bean

Real Good Coffee’s Donut Shop whole bean is for the purists who are looking for an effortless mix of nostalgia and flavor. Its medium roast and extra boldness bring together the Arabica beans’ sweet and smooth flavor from the first sip to the last sip. Capable to transport you to an old-fashioned donut shop with its aroma and flavor of brown sugar and hazelnut. Notes end with a little sweetness of plum. Coffee from this blend is the perfect company for morning pastries but is also smooth enough to be a drink on its own.

If you want the taste of your favorite donut shop flavors right in your own home, this Donut Shop blend is made for you! It comes with perfectly medium roasted 100% Arabica beans. A bold and no-frills brew that’s crafted especially for pairing with any of your favorite glazed donuts. Can it get any more perfect to start your day? – We tend to think not!

The beans are grown, sourced, and packaged only after being roasted fresh in their Seattle facility. Grinds from this medium roast whole beans are suitable for drip machines, espresso machines, French press, Aeropress, pour-over, and Moka pots.

Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee Beans - 2 Pound Bag - 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • 100% recyclable package
  • Medium roasted pure Arabica
  • Perfect to be your morning coffee
  • Brown sugar tastes with a Hazelnut flavor with a hint of sweet plum

Dark French Roast Whole Bean

The French Roast coffee from Real Good Coffee Co is an extra dark roast and extra bold. Surprisingly, its bold flavor doesn’t make it bitter, unlike many French Roasts. Premium whole beans helped to create a full-bodied roast, even for the most hardcore drinkers. The French Roasts’ strong flavor is paired with the rich undertones of fruity raspberry and dark chocolate that finish with an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise.

Bold but never bitter – One and only principle behind this French roast coffee. The in-depth dark roasting makes this a rich and full-bodied flavor blend. It is reminiscent of dark chocolate, which is perfect company while savoring a dessert or simply worthy enough to be your first sip of the day.

The grinds from the beans are good to go with a drip machine, espresso maker, French press, pour-over, Aeropress, and Moka pot.

Extra Dark French Roast Coffee Beans - 2 Pound Bag - 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • Deep dark roast
  • Bold without any bitterness
  • Roasted in Seattle and packaged with 100% recyclable materials
  • Rich undertones of raspberry and dark chocolate come with a hint of anise

Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean

real good coffee review

This Organic Dark Roast will fulfill your dream to sip exotic cups of coffee every morning. Real Good Coffees’ USDA Certified Organic whole bean will hit all the right notes in each cup. This dark roast is crafted by using bold and organic single-origin Sumatran whole beans. Flavors include a mix of bell pepper, cedar, and lemony acidity. The coffee has a ripe full body because of the presence of Sumatra’s South Asian spice and non-aggressive roasted notes.

If you desire delicious-tasting coffee that is sourced from sustainable sources exclusively, you have to go with Organic Dark Roast coffee. Grown in small batches from organic and sustainable farms, this roast is utterly unique. Because it carries a powerful flavor and rich fragrance.

Grinds from this invigorating classic dark roast beans are suitable for French press, drip machine, espresso maker, Aeropress, pour-over, and Moka pot.

Organic Dark Roast Coffee Beans - 2 Pound Bag - 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • Organic Sumatran whole beans
  • Beans are grown in small batches
  • Notes of bell pepper, cedar, and lemon
  • The package is made of 100% recyclable materials

Decaf Medium Roast Whole Bean

real good coffee co reviews

Many people have a preconceived fear that switching to decaf is equal to a compromise on taste. But Real Good Coffee Co offers a decaf coffee solution that has a full-bodied taste with a pronounced flavor. This blend features dark chocolate and caramel notes with a nutty yet creamy finish. The premium quality Arabica beans are sourced from organic Central and South American farms. With an uncompromising delivery of flavor, this decaf blend is the right decaf choice for you.

Decaf coffee is less caffeine but it shouldn’t be a flavorless coffee, right? This Decaf Medium Roast gives you exactly that! – A flavorful rich brew that comes with notes of caramel and chocolate.

Grinds from these medium roast blends are suitable for French press, drip machine, Aeropress, espresso maker, pour-over, and Moka pot.

Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Beans - 2 Pound Bag - 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • Decaf medium roast
  • Notes of caramel and chocolate
  • 100% recyclable packaging and roasted fresh in Seattle

The Keurig Pods

The coffee pods are compatible with all single-serve brewers and coffee pods. So you can shop their pods online with no worries. We’ll also show the selections for you to choose from. Coffee pods are available in 10-count (only for the Variety Pack), 36-count, and 72-count packages.

Real Good Coffee Co Keurig compatible pods are 100% recyclable. You don’t have to leave home as they’ll deliver your online order (from the official website) right to your door.

Light Roast Breakfast Blend Pod

The lighter roast promises a “wake-up cup” because of its light, refreshing taste with a warming comfort. As their whole beans blend, this also offers a brisk citrus taste with smooth aromatic notes in each cup of coffee.

Breakfast Blend Light Roast Single Use Coffee Pods
1,647 Reviews

Donut Shop Medium Roast Pod

This blend punches you with the heavenly aroma of baked goods from your favorite local donut shop that’ll take you to a nostalgic euphoria. Stay in your pajamas, grab your fresh-baked donuts, and enjoy the natural sweetness of brown sugar, and notes of hazelnut paired with a hint of plum.

Dark French Roast Pod

Perfectly done French roast without any hint of a burnt or bitter taste. With this blend, nothing has to compromise. Experience the complex combinations of dark chocolate, raspberry, and Mediterranean spice Anise; all in a bold dark roast. Pair this brew with a chocolate croissant, or a berry tart to kick-start your perfect day.

Organic Roast Pod

Invigorating and harmonious with perfect dark roast and spiced taste – Enough to refresh without overwhelming you. Crafted with single-origin Arabica beans from Sumatra, this USDA-certified organic roast pod is a must-have.

Variety Pack

Perfect solution if you have multiple drinkers with different preferences in your home. The variety pack offers an exciting combination of all the roasts mentioned above. It’s also a great way to try all of their roasts with a single purchase.

The Nespresso Pods

If you’re looking for a prime-quality brew that’s compatible with an OriginalLine Nespresso machine, this is your chance to pick some up from what Real Good Coffee Co has to offer. The capsules are available at a competitive price too! Keep in mind though, these pods are NOT compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

Taste ProfileVanilla and caramel create a creamy and tangy tasteNuts, floral, lemon, and grapefruit create a tart, smooth, and mild tasteChocolate, butter, and spices create a woody, spicy, and clean tasteBerry and smoke create an earthy, smoky, balanced, rich, and lingering tasteThe Tasting notes vary based on the espresso pod type

Real Good Coffee Co has created a range of Nespresso pods and strengths, so you can pick your favorite one. Their selections are all mentioned below.

Strong Pod

This mildly brewed Nespresso-compatible pod offers creamy and tangy tones of vanilla and caramel with a subtle sweetness. Its unmistakable caffeine undertone will get you ready for the day.

Stronger Pod

Carrying a light dash of bright citrusy floral notes from lemon and grapefruit with a smooth nutty base. The base that’ll leave you with a tangy experience till the last sip. The Stronger pods give a respite from your morning rush and enjoy a sensational cup of coffee.

Strongest Pod

Specialized for the extra kicks, the Strongest Nespresso pod is bold without being bitter. It combines spice and sweet subtleties expertly. The extra bold roast ensures a rich buttery chocolate flavor with a hint of spice.

Organic Pod

Intense, full-bodied organic Nespresso-compatible capsule offers a smoky taste. Now, you get to enjoy your espresso, knowing your choice with these pods will not hurt the environment in any shape or form.

Variety Pack

With this mixture pods option, you’ll simply be able to sample everything and pick your favorite. Also, suitable for multiple drinkers in a single household. Better yet, pick a flavor of espresso depending on your mood for the day!


How To Recycle Coffee Pods?

Allow the pod to cool down, remove the foil lid, and recycle it with aluminum. Empty out the used grounds. Use them as compost. Discard the plastic cup and filter with recyclable plastics.

Is Real Good Coffee Fair Trade Certified?

All of their coffees are sourced ethically and paid at fair prices. But they are not Fair Trade certified.

How Many K-Cups Can Be Made Out Of Their 2 lbs. Bag?

A 2 lbs. whole bean bag is good to make around 80 k-cups worth of brew.


We can confidently conclude this Real Good Coffee Co review, the most attractive thing about Real Good Coffee is that you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Straightforward, no-frills, and no-hassle quality coffee experience with excellent value and customer service. Once you confirm your online purchase, they’ll bring it to your door with zero shipping cost.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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