Will Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

It’s the time of year when people are resolving to drink more coffee. And while coffee has health benefits, there is a rumor going around that it leads to weight gain. So is there any truth to this claim? Here’s what you need to know about coffee and weight gain.

The answer is not that simple. The scales are heavy on NO, but there is a catch! Coffee may help you to REDUCE weight but, the additives may do exactly the opposite.

Coffee is the most popular non-alcoholic beverage on our planet. It serves in both hot and iced forms nowadays. Once we become fond of the coffee drink, we level up our intake amount.

The high caffeine content of coffee drinks stimulates our nervous system. It makes you feel refreshed and energized. Sometimes caffeine helps to reduce the risk of other health diseases. But, will coffee make you gain weight?

Well, caffeine always boosts our energy levels. It does not deal with our weight directly. But, you may gain weight because of the additive ingredients.

Okay, I am here to clear all of your doubts. Let’s dive together into it.

does coffee make you gain weight

Relation Between Coffee And Body Weight

Let us explain the relationship between body weight and coffee drinks. Most people like to start their day with a cup of coffee drink. Even they drink several cups in a day. In this cup, there is a wide range of coffee varieties. It may start with Black Coffee and end with high-fattening additives. For example, cream, sugar, chocolate, syrup, etc.

Caffeine is the main component of coffee drinks. It stimulates our nerves and brain. It never deals with our weight. But, the additives are highly responsible for our weight gain. There are a lot of studies about weight fluctuation and coffee usage. Most research states that, 

  • Coffee can improve your metabolism. And, high metabolism can reduce your fat. It performs a series of chemical reactions within your body to burn calories
  • Coffee is also known as an appetite suppressant. So, people who drink a lot do not need to eat a lot of food

These facts lead you to think that drinking java helps you to lose weight. But remember, these happen for Black Coffee with its bitter taste. To reduce the bitterness, we are adding tasty additives that are fattening monsters. As a result, we gain weight.

Also, too many coffee drinks cause insomnia and disrupt our daily life. This disturbance may lead your body to store more calories for future crises. Consequently, you gain more weight because of your daily life disturbance.

It is clear now that coffee does not help in your weight gain. Rather our wrong decision about additives or routine of consumption influences obesity. More detailed information is discussed in the below sections.

The Impact of Caffeine

can coffee make you gain weight

Caffeine is a very famous psychoactive substance in the world. All the carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate that you consume have caffeine. According to historical records, you can see the use of caffeine across many cultures for a long time.

Caffeine works as a natural pesticide in plants. In that way, it defends a plant and ensures the species’ survival. As it plays a strong influence on insects, it leaves some impact on humans too.

Caffeine stimulates alertness and energy. It reduces the drowsiness that you might be feeling. So, caffeine helps you to concentrate on your work. Even, aid you to take more workloads sometimes. It also resists insulin which is a metabolism hormone. In this way, you might be able to maintain good health.

Caffeine, though, increases heart rate and might cause you to have insomnia if you take it in a high dose. I must add that caffeine is very addictive. The absence of caffeine leads you to have unpleasant headaches and irritability. It has some negative impacts too that you may find in the side effects sections.

Health Benefits of Caffeine

Coffee benefits our health in many ways. Below you can see how it helps us. 

  • Coffee enhances the adrenaline level in your body. This stimulant increases your energy level and lets you focus on work
  • Caffeine in your coffee drink boosts your metabolism
  • It is a natural source of antioxidants for you
  • Coffee beans have many nutrients that you get in coffee drinks
  • Caffeine can lower the risk of various diseases and protects you from those as well
  • Coffee can reduce depression

Despite having these health benefits, coffee drink has some detriments. It is responsible for the rise in cholesterol, insomnia, and loss of appetite. So, the intake of coffee drinks is within healthy limits.

coffee and weight gain

Negative Side Effects Of Coffee

Like everything else, there are some negative side effects of coffee. Such as:

  • Coffee stimulates your body and mind. It excites your hormone within a short time. You may feel so tired while the influence reduces. This excitement might make your anxiety worse
  • Caffeine can keep you awake. It is one of its most known qualities. But, studies have found that high caffeine intake may cause insomnia. And that may reduce your total sleeping time
  • Coffee works as a laxative. So, too much coffee intake may lead you to have digestive problems
  • Coffee is very addictive. So, if you ever skip drinking coffee, it might lead you to feel headache and drowsiness
  • Caffeine does not seem to increase the risk of disease in most people. But, it may raise your blood pressure due to its stimulatory effect on the nervous system
  • Coffee has very low cholesterol. But if you take it in large amounts or drink it with extra fatty elements, then it may lead you to heart disease
  • Coffee is usually not safe for pregnant women. If you badly need to drink, then contact your doctor for a recommendation
  • Coffee is not safe for children and adolescents if they take it every day in large amounts

Be aware of your coffee intake and health issues. Coffee may be good for your health, but an excess amount of coffee drink is not right. Sometimes, too much coffee causes severe destruction of health.

Can The Drinking Of Coffee Lead To More Body Weight?

After knowing all the positive and negative impacts of Coffee, do you still have the doubt? Then, let us get to the point straight. In short, coffee can help you to reduce weight in the ways that are mentioned below:

  • Coffee as a drink is low in calories
  • It may increase metabolism
  • It may reduce your appetite

Except for these merits of Coffee, there are some demerits too. Those are,

  • It may disrupt healthy sleep patterns
  • Popular coffee additives may be fattening
  • A long time of consumption also makes you irritable and stressed

Rather than being demerits, it is more related to our unawareness. If we are not conscious enough about our daily coffee habits, we will develop bad habits. Of course, bad habits lead you to the above demerits. And, the consequences lead to obesity.

Coffee is not bad enough if you drink it in a routine. On the other hand, you can say Coffee is a healthy beverage. It is only applicable to pure coffee drinks. But, not suitable for varieties from Cappuccino to Affogato. Now, the question is, how will coffee make you gain weight?

does coffee cause weight gain

Coffee with milk, sugar, cream or other additives directly increases your weight. Other additives spoil the healthy activities of Coffee. Also, dominating those corresponding unhealthy effects.

If you want to drink Coffee with additives, then use low-sugar components or other spices. If there are no options, then reduce the intake amount of your daily schedule. Otherwise, you may face health problems with weight gain.

I hope you understand the importance of Coffee and weight gain issues. Now, it is your turn to make the right decision.

Nutritional Values Of Coffee

As coffee drinks are popular beverages, it has significant value in health issues. Experts estimate that people drink around 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day. So, we should be careful before drinking. 

You could follow the below charts that could help you to decide. Here, we are talking about the nutrients of coffee without additives.

NutrientsValues per 100 gValues per 1 fl ozValues per 1 cup (8 fl oz)
Caffeine40 mg11.8 mg94.8 mg
Protein120 mg36 mg284 mg
Total lipid (fat)20 mg6 mg47 mg
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg0 mg
(Fatty acids) Total saturated2 mg1 mg5 mg
(Fatty acids) Total monounsaturated15 mg4 mg36 mg
(Fatty acids) Total polyunsaturated1 mg0 mg2 mg
Ash350 mg104 mg830 mg
Sugars (Total including NLEA)0 mg0 mg0 mg
Calcium2 mg0.592 mg4.74 mg
Magnesium3 mg0.888 mg7.11 mg
Potassium49 mg14.5 mg116 mg
Sodium2 mg0.592 mg4.74 mg
Phosphorus3 mg0.888 mg7.11 mg
Iron0.01 mg0.0268 mg0.024 mg
Vitamin B-60.001 mg0 mg0.002 mg
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)0.1 µg0.03 µg0.237 µg
Choline2.6 mg0.77 mg6.16 mg
Fluoride0.0907 mg0.0268 mg0.215 mg

From this chart, you could follow that coffee has significant nutrients for health. You will not get many vitamins from coffee drinks. But, you will get an excellent amount of protein, caffeine, ash, and potassium. Besides this, you will also get some other types of nutrients in a small amount. Lastly, there is no sugar or cholesterol at all in your Black Coffee. This chart shows you that coffee is a healthy drink.

Black Coffee – Healthy Or Not?

For the coffee connoisseur, Black Coffee is the most desired drink. People start their day with a hot cup of Black Coffee. Black Coffee is the extract of roasted coffee beans that brew with hot water. Black Coffee serves without using any additives. It tastes more bitter than the other coffee drinks. Is drinking Black Coffee healthy for your body?

will coffee make you gain weight

It is healthy if you consume Black Coffee as it is. Black Coffee has antioxidants and nutrients that help our health fit. Let us take a look at it.

  • The caffeine of Black Coffee boosts your memory. Regular and limited amount consumption helps to reduce Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Black Coffee helps to prevent liver diseases. For example, liver cancer, hepatic steatosis, and alcoholic cirrhosis
  • It cleanses your stomach and reduces weight as well
  • Black Coffee boosts the metabolism of the human body and helps to lose weight
  • Black Coffee is rich in antioxidants. It prevents gout in elders. Black coffee reduces the uric acids and insulin levels in your body
  • It also helps as an anti-aging tonic. Besides, it relieves you from stress and depression
  • Decrease the risk of diabetes, mostly type 2
  • Black Coffee reduces the risk of cancer too
  • Black Coffee also improves the cardiovascular health of humans. It reduces cardiovascular diseases and strokes

Black Coffee is playing a vital role in protecting your physical and mental health. But, the primary caution for you is do not overdo it. Because the excess of anything always leaves a negative impact on your body. If you intake too much, then you will experience some side effects. These include acidity, increased stress, low rate of mineral absorption, and insomnia. Also, avoid Black Coffee if you have an empty stomach.

Additional Information

And don’t forget! There are some alternative additives for your coffee that you should know about. You can enjoy your daily cup of coffee without gaining weight. Here are a few ways to make your Coffee healthy while still adding flavors:

  • Use cinnamon in your drink
  • Use a small amount of unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk
  • Use a small number of no-calorie sweeteners, such as stevia
  • Add a bit of vanilla extract
  • May use high-quality dark chocolate in your Coffee drink

Final Words

In conclusion, moderate consumption and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the best solutions. But, only you know how to balance the consumption of coffee. You may drink coffee in a moderate amount and use a healthy pairing with it.

Sleep at the proper time to maintain a healthy life. Drinking on an empty stomach is not right for your health. Avoid too much coffee drink and do not drink before sleeping time.

If you follow these, then I am sure you would not gain weight from coffee. You would only get the benefit of the lovely drink.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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