Are There Any Health Benefits Of Coffee?

Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world. Some people love it and some people can’t live without it, but what are the health benefits of coffee? According to recent studies, there may be several benefits to drinking coffee on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Do you know every day, people in the world consume around 1.6 billion cups of coffee?

In the United States only, we drink more than 450 million cups of coffee every day.

With coffee, more than 1000 chemical compounds enter our bodies. As we are drinking so much coffee, naturally, the question arises – ‘Does coffee have any advantageous for our health?’

When we drink coffee, we consume caffeine more than any other thing. The amount of caffeine in our coffee varies with coffee bean types, roast level, brewing methods, and others.

Now, caffeine plays the most important part in coffee health. There are numerous health benefits of coffee like reducing the chance of heart disease, lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, controlling Parkinson’s, and many more.

There are tons of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. But Americans get more of them from coffee than others. In that sense, coffee is a big warehouse of nutrients and antioxidants. Coffee provides caffeine, protein, potassium, magnesium, different types of vitamins, and others.

You would be surprised to know that, coffee has various advantages for our skin, body, and hair.

benefits of drinking coffee everyday

Health Benefits Of Coffee

Long May We Live

“Coffee helps us to live longer”.

Finding it difficult to believe that?

No matter how unimaginable it looks, it is well-researched and proven.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the United States’ biomedical and public health research institution, performed research in 2012. Their study proved the relationship between mortality and coffee consumption. People with higher coffee consumption have a lower risk of death.

Death is inevitable. But an extended life is obviously desirable to everyone.

  • 2-4 cups of coffee every day lower the risk of death by all disease
  • 4 cups a day lowers 16% risk of all-cause mortality
  • 3 cups a day lowers 21% risk of cardiovascular disease mortality
benefits of drinking coffee everyday

Coffee Drinkers May Avoid Cancer

Cancer is the worst disease in the world.

‘Uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells – is the definition of cancer. There are more than 200 types of cancer.

But, drinking coffee can reduce the possibility of some of them.

  • Drinking coffee up to 6 cups a day reduces the risk of several types of cancer
    • Liver Cancer
    • Skin Cancer
    • Colorectal Cancer
    • At least one cup of coffee a day reduces 20% risk of liver cirrhosis which could lead to liver cancer
      • A study published in 2006
      • Included over 125,000 people
      • Studied over 22 years
    • 4+ cups of coffee every day lowers the risk of melanoma (A type of skin cancer) by 20%
      • Studied over 447,000 people
      • Studied over 10 years

Lower Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

are there any benefits to drinking coffee

90% of cases of diabetes in the world are type 2 diabetes. In 2015, approximately 392 million people were diagnosed with type II diabetes.

  • 4+ cups of coffee daily reduce risk by 50%
    • Every additional caffeinated coffee in a day lowers the risk by 9%
    • Every additional decaffeinated coffee in a day lowers the risk by 6%
    • Results of systematic review and meta-analysis from –
      • 28 prospective observational studies
      • Over one million participants

Controls Parkinson’s Disease

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s mainly affects the motor system. Shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement, and difficulty with walking are the most common symptoms.

This disease usually develops after the age of 60.

  • Having caffeine reduces the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease
    • Research published in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology, August 1, 2012

Slow Down Dementia (Alzheimer’s)

60-70% of the causes of dementia are Alzheimer’s. And unfortunately, Alzheimer’s also has no cure now.

Dementia decreases the ability to remember and think.

In general, Alzheimer’s starts after the age of 65.

  • People who drink 3-5 cups of coffee every day have a 60% less chance of developing dementia and Alzheimer
    • Studied in Sweden & Finland
    • Included 1400 people
    • Studied over 20 years

keep Your Heart Healthy

drinking coffee everyday benefits

The leading cause of death in the world is cardiovascular disease (Except in Africa).

In common terms, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related diseases.

Coffee consumption has a very great impact on heart health.

  • Every 8-ounce cup of coffee per day reduces the risk of heart failure, stroke, and coronary heart disease by 7%, 8%, and 5% respectively compared to no coffee
  • 1-3 cups a day reduce the risk of abnormal heart rhythms by 20%
  • As type II diabetes can lead to heart disease and stroke, coffee reduces this risk with type II diabetes
  • Drinking 3-5 cups of coffee lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke BUT drinking more than 5 cups or drinking no coffee may increase the risk

Boost Up The Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can cause high blood pressure, muscle cramps, blood clots, numbness, vertigo, dizziness, etc.

It is important to keep up good blood circulation for good health.

Burn Calories, Stay Fit

Reduces Pain

are there any health benefits to drinking coffee
  • After a workout, 2-3 cups of coffee consumption reduces the perceived level of pain
    • Research from the University of Illinois
  • Coffee decreases by 48% muscle soreness, where naproxen lowers by 30% and aspirin by 25%
    • Research from the University of Georgia
  • Drinking coffee helps reduce headaches and chronic pain

Healthier Brain

  • Having coffee improves various brain function
    • Reaction Time
    • Vigilance
    • Attention
    • Logical Reasoning
  • 2 eight-ounce cups of coffee every day improve long-term memory
  • Enhance neuromuscular coordination, the brain can coordinate muscles faster
  • Improves complex functions associated with intelligence

Say Goodbye To Depression

  • 4 eight-ounce cups of coffee a day lowers depression by 20%
  • Reduces depression more for women than men
  • Reduces the risk of suicide by 50%
  • Examined 44,000 men and 74,000 women
  • Some antioxidants in coffee make us feel happier

Smart, Focused, Energetic, And Alert

health benefits of coffee
  • Enhances mental performance
  • Boost stamina and energy levels
  • Escalate feelings of alertness
  • Increases focus especially in case of insufficient sleep
  • The aroma of coffee reduces stress from insufficient sleep
is there any benefits to drinking coffee?

The health benefits of coffee do not end here. It would take a huge time if we go through all the advantages in detail. That may bore you.

Let’s have a glimpse of some more health benefits of coffee in very short words –

  • Provides a significant number of antioxidants and nutrients
  • Helpful to the skin, body, and hair in various ways
  • Improves endurance
  • Boost up mood
  • Helps with weight loss

Side Effects Of Caffeine

Well, everything in the world has two faces.


Let me explain. If you want it or not, a very helpful thing can make you suffer. For example, the right amount of medicine can heal your body, but at the same time, the wrong amount can cause a bad impact.

Like that, our so advantageous coffee has some side effects if not taken properly.

The caffeine portion in coffee can cause various types of trouble. Let’s look at some issue coffee can make when taken in excessive amounts –

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep Latency
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Issues
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent Urination
  • Urgency in Urination
  • Addiction

As the wrong amount of a good thing can make damage, for coffee, we need to know the amount of too much, when to drink and when to not.

There is some exception with coffee for women in some situations. During pregnancy, there might be some possible risk of fetal loss or decreased birth weight for women who drink much coffee. Also, coffee consumption can increase the risk to women who have bone fractures.

Though the study that showed the result was not very concreating. Still, you should consult with your doctor about that.


Is it okay to drink coffee every day?

Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee every day is not harmful. But more than this will make physical dependency. You may experience insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and many more. Even the withdrawal symptoms can be more dangerous.

Is drinking coffee good for the skin?

Yes, it is good for the skin as it is a cup of antioxidants. The antioxidant helps you from aging your skin. The compounds of coffee can also fight against skin cancer but not beyond the medication. Regular intake of a limited amount of coffee is good for health.

Why coffee is better than tea?

Coffee has two times more caffeine and antioxidants than tea. Unlike tea, coffee reaches its peak level within 30-60 minutes. So, it’s more effective and provides a quick boost in exhausting periods. Coffee also helps to prevent a few diseases in long-term uses.

Is it better to drink coffee in the morning?

The best time to drink coffee is mid to late morning. The level of cortisol is lower at this time. So, coffee can increase the level. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is harmful to health. It may cause various stomach problems.

Which is healthier coffee or green tea?

Coffee and green tea both are healthier drinks with lots of caffeine and antioxidants. Coffee works so quickly, whereas green tea works a little bit slowly but in a stable way. If you have insomnia or anxiety, avoiding coffee is a better choice.

Should you drink coffee first thing?

It is not a wise thing to drink coffee first in the morning. Coffee on an empty stomach may cause various stomach problems. Even cortisol is higher in the morning. It is best to drink coffee when cortisol drops from 9 am to 11:30 am

Final Words

While drinking coffee as per your taste, you might want to keep in mind the issues as well. Coffee drinkers generally take milk, sugar, cream, or others with coffee. Too much sugar will affect your body in a bad way. Some people drink coffee without any additional ingredients. Commonly known as black coffee. Black coffee contains 0% fat, 0% cholesterol, 0% sodium, 0% carbohydrates, and 0% sugar. Moreover, black coffee has many health benefits.

We now know, having too much caffeine can cause problems. But you are a coffee lover and drink too much coffee. What to do?

There is a straightforward solution for you. You can try decaf coffee or low-caffeine coffee. Decaf coffee is regular coffee beans that go through the decaffeination process. Decaffeinated coffee contains a very low amount of caffeine. There are also other health benefits of decaf coffee. Sometimes, doctors suggest having decaf coffee some times in a particular situation. However, low-caffeine coffee naturally contains a low amount of caffeine without any process. 

In the final analysis, coffee is just not only a good morning drink, but it is also your friend who helps you to be fit, and healthier.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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