How To Drink Black Coffee: Make Your Every Sip Enjoyable!

Although Americans prefer to drink coffee by mixing additives like sugar or cream, the numbers of black coffee drinkers aren’t negligible too. According to E-Imports, about 35% of Americans love to drink their coffee black.

Black Coffee is full of tons of health benefits. If you want to get the most health benefits out of coffee, you should go for Black Coffee.

In today’s guide, we will talk about How To Drink Black Coffee to Enjoy every sip! Besides, we will talk about the benefits of Black Coffee and a little bit about how to get used to black coffee. Lastly, you will get several FAQs that might arise in your mind.

Wanna know How To Enjoy Black Coffee? Hang tight and let’s dive right in…

how to adjust to drinking black coffee

Black Coffee: At A Glance

Black Coffee is simply regular coffee without any additives. By referring to coffee, folks used to indicate Black Coffee. There are quite a few methods of making Black Coffee such as Pour Over, French Press, AeroPress, etc. All of these methods can give fairly good black coffee however in, unlike ways.

Although methods of making Black Coffee are almost identical, you can bring variations by changing coffee beans or grind size. Needless to say, Black Coffee has lots of health benefits. In general, when we talk about the benefits of coffee we often specify the benefits of Black Coffee.

According to HealthifyMe, Black Coffee doesn’t contain Sugar and Fat which are two core compounds for gaining weight rapidly. Black Coffee can even help in losing weight by suppressing hunger, increasing the metabolic rate, and many other ways which we will talk about in our Health Benefits segment. After all, Black Coffee could be a superior drink for you if you feel that health benefits matter more than deliciousness.

How To Drink Black Coffee And Enjoy It

Yeap, we know that switching to Black Coffee from your milk coffee is certainly not an easy job. However, if you are dedicated and want to gain its potential health benefits then we are here to show you how to drink black coffee and enjoy it as well.

Now, some folks bear an ideology that Black Coffee is always a bit bitter. That is not actually wrong by the way. But you can easily turn a little sweetness to your Black Coffee by using coffee beans that have a naturally sweet taste.

Now Let’s take a look at a couple of methods of making black coffee.

How To Make Black Coffee Using Pour Over Method

how to drink coffee black

Lots of folks prefer Pour-Over because, with this particular method, you can control every single variable of brewing coffee. That way, you can make a superior cup of joe without even breaking your bank by purchasing an expensive coffee maker. Let’s see how to make Black Coffee using the Pour Over Coffee maker by following some simple steps.

  1. Collect some freshly roasted coffee beans directly from roasters within the first week of being roasted, if possible. If not, purchase a bag of coffee beans that is vacuum-sealed from a national coffee roaster.
  2. After purchasing good quality coffee beans according to your flavor preferences, grab your burr grinder and grind them into a medium to medium-fine size.
  3. Place your paper filter, wet it by pouring some hot water, and put some measured amount of ground coffee in that paper filter. Make an even bed of coffee by rocking the brewer.
  4. Pour just enough water to make sure that all the coffee grounds are wet properly. This will extract the flavor, release gases, and result in an even extraction of the coffee. Now, wait about 30-45 seconds. This process is called blooming.
  5. After that, 30-45 seconds, pour the remaining water into the brewer. Make sure that your measured amount of water’s temperature is 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole coffee-making process takes around 3 to 4 minutes including the blooming part.

How To Make Black Coffee Using French Press

enjoy every sip of coffee

Some people absolutely love to consume French Press coffee because of its bold flavor profile. As there is no use of paper filters in this method, the final cup contains coffee’s essential oil, therefore, delivering an authentic taste. Now, let’s look at how to make black coffee using a French Press.

  1. As always, collect some freshly roasted coffee beans. Make sure to pick the right bag of beans that suits your taste preferences.
  2. Grind them into coarsely ground coffee beans and put them in the glass carafe of the French Press. Now, pour some measured amount of hot water into that carafe. Stir using a spoon and let the mixture sit for about 4 minutes before pressing the plunger.
  3. After passing that particular time, slowly press the plunger all the way down. That way, you can separate coffee grounds from the liquid. And that’s pretty much it, pour coffee into your serving vessel and enjoy your Black Coffee.

How To Make Black Coffee Using AeroPress

black coffee how to make

AeroPress is relatively a newcomer in the coffee-making world. It’s a compact-looking manual coffee maker introduced by Alan Adler in 2005. AeroPress is known for its versatility. You can make both Black Coffee and Espresso style coffee with this tiny little coffee maker. Let’s take a look at how to make black coffee using AeroPress.

  1. Collect some freshly roasted coffee beans. Grind a measured amount of beans into medium to fine-grind sizes depending on your preferences.
  2. Now the cap of your AeroPress and place a paper filter inside of it. Lock the cap again in its place.
  3. Place the cap side over your coffee cup. Rinse the whole system with some hot water so that you won’t get any plastic or paper taste on your coffee. Besides, the temperature of your coffee will be just perfect. Remove the water from your coffee cup and you are now ready to make coffee.
  4. It’s time to place your coffee grounds into the AeroPress, and pour some hot water (94-Degree Celsius) up to the top of the AeroPress. Stir the water and ground mixture gently with a scoop.
  5. Place the plunger over the AeroPress chamber and wait about 1 to 1½ minutes. Now, press the plunger slowly all the way down, and in no time, you should get your perfectly flavored cup of Black Coffee made from AeroPress.

These are some of the most popular methods of making black coffee. Switching to Black Coffee suddenly from Milk coffee is certainly not a piece of cake. However, by using sweet-tasting coffee beans you can get some sweetness from your coffee.

Just like Dark Chocolate, drinking Black Coffee is also an acquired taste. By consuming more and more Black Coffee you can discover its fine flavor profile. So, we would recommend you try consuming Black Coffee for the sake of getting health benefits. Shortly after the switch, you will see that you really like it. After all, It would be pretty good for your health if you could completely switch from milk and sugar-based coffee to Black Coffee.

Benefits Of Black Coffee

While mentioning the benefits of coffee we used to indicate the benefits of Black Coffee. Almost all sorts of coffee contain some health benefits. But as there are no harmful additives available in Black Coffee, therefore, it can bring only health benefits while consuming in moderation.

benefits of black coffee

Black Coffee contains Antioxidants such as Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, and Vitamins B2, B3, and B5 that can inhibit the oxidation process. Thus, preventing damage to the cells of organisms. Various studies have shown that Black Coffee consumption can lower the risk of developing Cancers. Besides, it can cause inflammation in our body and reduce the development of Tumor cells.

Black coffee may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well. Scientists have found that the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is 16% lower than folks who don’t drink coffee. Black coffee is also good for lowering the risk of Cirrhosis by up to 30% for non-alcoholic people and 80% for alcoholic people.

Furthermore, consuming Black Coffee can make you proactive by increasing your metabolic rate. An increased amount of metabolic rate means burning more fat. Burning more fat means more energy and simultaneously losing weight. Hence, Black Coffee can help with weight loss too.

Another significant benefit of Black Coffee is that it can prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Drinking 3-4 cups of coffee regularly may lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes as well as reduce the depression risk of in any adult.

How Many Calories Does Black Coffee Have?

Black Coffee is widely known as a low-calorie beverage. According to WebMD, Black Coffee contains only 2 calories. Coffee is famous for its calorie-burning characteristic, hence it’s pretty normal not to have many calories.

How To Get Used To Black Coffee

Before switching to Black Coffee, you need to know how to get used to Black Coffee. Certainly, cutting off sugar or milk suddenly from your regular cup of joe is pretty tough. So better go for a slow but effective process.

 In such a case, coffee enthusiasts suggest reducing sugar a little bit every week. Let’s break down the reduction process.

how to get used to coffee without sugar

Let’s say, you add 1 tsp of sugar to your coffee and want to cut off sugar completely. From that day, reduce ⅕ spoon of sugar and continue it until the end of the week. That way, you will get used to that particular amount of sugar in your coffee.

Similarly, from the very next week, reduce another ⅕ spoon of sugar and continue it for the whole week. Continue this sugar-reducing process consistently for 5 weeks. If you follow the procedure thoroughly, you should now be able to consume coffee without sugar or any other sweeteners.

This complete procedure is for those who pass a tough time removing sugar or milk from their coffee. However, some folks are quite dedicated so that they can cut off sugar or milk without any hassle. After a few days, you can get used to the new taste experience of Black Coffee. As we have mentioned before that Black Coffee is an acquired taste, therefore, you have to get used to it by consuming more and more Black Coffee.


What Is The Best Way To Drink Black Coffee?

The best way to drink Black Coffee is to not add any additives such as sugar, milk, or cream into it. If you want to make a switch from milk coffee to Black Coffee, try to reduce the number of additives gradually, and after a couple of months, you will be getting used to drinking Black Coffee.

How Do You Make Black Coffee Taste Better?

By choosing single-origin coffee or any other coffee blend that has a pleasant flavor profile, you can bring some good taste into your regular cup of joe.

How Do You Transition To Black Coffee?

To transition to Black Coffee from Milk/sugar-based coffee, you have to reduce the amount of sugar or milk you used to use in your coffee. By reducing a pretty little amount of sugar gradually it will be easy for you to get used to Black Coffee.

Does Black Coffee Help In Weight Loss?

Absolutely. Coffee increases our metabolic rate therefore burning more and more fat and burning fat is simply the result of losing weight.

Can We Drink Black Coffee With An Empty Stomach?

Coffee indeed increases stomach acid but that doesn’t cause any disturbance to our digestive system, therefore, you can drink Black Coffee on an empty stomach.

Can We Add Honey In Black Coffee?

Why not! Honey could be a better alternative compared to sugar if you can adjust the taste. Learn a bit more about Honey In Coffee from our research-based guide.

Which Is The Best Time To Drink Black Coffee?

According to Healthline, the best time to drink Black Coffee is 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Make sure to not consume coffee for at least 6 hours your bedtime in order to avoid any sleep disturbance.


Hopefully, you have got a pretty satisfactory answer on how to drink black coffee. We have tried to put as much information as possible for a better understanding. However, if you still have any queries regarding this topic feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We would love to answer all of your queries.    

Make sure to share this comprehensive guide with your coffee lover friend and let him/her know the benefits of Black Coffee and why it’s superior.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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