24 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers In 2022: Reviews, Buying Tips, And More!

If you have an avid coffee lover in your life, you probably already know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. Most coffee enthusiasts already have their morning routine all figured out, from their favorite type of bean to their preferred coffee machine.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t help your friend improve their coffee ceremony with the right gift. Even if you’re a coffee novice, we can show you some of the best gifts for coffee lovers and how you can choose the best option for the caffeine enthusiast in your life.

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How to Choose The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

It’s never easy choosing the perfect gift for someone in your life, no matter how well you might know them. You don’t want to end up getting your loved one something that they’ll never get the chance to use.

best gift for coffee lovers

#1 – Interest

The most important thing when picking out a gift for any coffee lover is to consider their interests.

For example, someone who prefers light roasts may not appreciate a dark roast gift set. Try to figure out what type of coffee your loved one likes, how they prefer to brew it, and how they like to drink it.

#2 – Observe

By thinking about a person’s interests, you can ensure that you’ll get them a gift they can use and enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting space in their kitchen cabinets.

If necessary, you may have to do a bit of snooping to figure out how they like their coffee. Find excuses to go to coffee shops in the morning, or observe them as they go about their routine.

You’ll see not only how they like to brew, but also which tools they might be lacking.

#3- Ask

Asking around is another surefire way to figure out what type of gift your loved one might enjoy.

If you have mutual friends and family members, you can ask them if they know anything about your giftee’s coffee habits.

You can even visit their favorite coffee shop and ask the baristas for any advice they might have.

Popular Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

There are endless ideas for what to get a coffee enthusiast, and it can be overwhelming deciding what might be the best gift for your loved one.

Here, we’re going to go over some of the best gifts for coffee lovers and why they might make a good choice for you.

Gift Baskets and Boxes

good gifts for coffee lovers

Gift baskets for coffee lovers make an ideal choice for any occasion. Many gift baskets come with a variety of goodies so that your loved one is sure to find something that they love. You can even find themed baskets depending on their particular tastes.

If you want to get your favorite coffee enthusiast a gift that keeps on giving, you may want to consider looking into subscription boxes.

Each month, a themed gift box will arrive at your friend’s doorstep with a range of new goodies. You can find coffee-themed subscription boxes that offer beans, accessories, and more each month.

Premium Coffee Beans

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind as a good gift for coffee lovers is, obviously, coffee.

If you know someone who loves coffee, a few bags of premium beans makes a great gift. You can help them expand their tastes with a new coffee flavor, or you can opt for a variety pack to let them sample at their leisure.

great gifts for coffee lovers

Beans don’t always make the best gift for experienced coffee lovers, however. People who have been drinking coffee for years tend to know just what they like in a beverage. If your loved one has a preferred coffee flavor, you may want to avoid getting them a new bean flavor.

Coffee Machines

A coffee machine is a more serious gift than cheaper options like mugs or brewing accessories. Most high-quality coffee makers are a significant investment, so it’s best to think carefully before choosing to give one as a gift.

Despite the high price, some machines are worth it. Like- Jura S8 costs nearly three grand and Jura E8 around two. But the functionality and the amazing features are truly remarkable.

You should first check and see if your loved one has any need for a new coffee maker. They may not want to switch over if they already have a model they like. If they do, you can always consider getting them another machine style.

It’s a good idea to check and make sure your loved one has the space for a new machine. When choosing a model, opt for one with high reviews, and that brews the style of coffee your giftee prefers.

Some machines have very cool features but lower price. They are very popular with coffee lovers. Breville Barista Express and De’Longhi La Specialista are perfect example for that.

For at a very affordable price, check out the list bellow.

Cups and Mug Sets

Coffee mugs are a relatively safe choice when it comes to coffee lovers. Most enthusiasts would agree that one can never have too many mugs around the kitchen. You can buy them a classic mug, or opt for specialized styles such as travel mugs and tumblers.

gifts for coffee enthusiasts

When looking at mugs, try to consider your loved one’s interests. You can find mugs in all sorts of colors and designs that offer the perfect personalized gifts for coffee lovers. You can even find novelty mugs made in interesting shapes and styles.

Coffee Accessories

When in doubt, you can always get the coffee lover in your life a fancy new accessory for their brewing routine. There are plenty of ways to make brewing coffee faster, easier, and in the end, tastier.

Some popular coffee accessories to consider include a grinder, kettle, scale, and a milk frother, though there are endless gizmos and gadgets to choose from as well. If you’re going to get your loved one a coffee accessory, it’s best to check and make sure they don’t already have something similar sitting in their kitchen.

Milk Frother

Electric Kettle

Unique Gifts For Coffee Lovers

You may be thinking of giving a nice gift to your coffee lover friend. Unfortunately, you are unable to come up with any gift ideas that are not traditional or popular. Think about giving such a gift to your friend that is not widely available at the local supermarket. Items may not be pricey but aesthetic looking.

As a genuine coffee lover, he or she may have all the necessary gear for making everyday cups of coffee. But when you give a unique gift related to coffee, it will make him/her happier than he might be if you provide a pricey but popular coffee gear.

That being said, in the following segment, we have shared quite a few gift ideas for your coffee lover friend. We have mentioned some of them specifically for those who love to travel, a bit busier than others, perfectionists in brewing coffee, and many more. Make sure to find the right one for your friend.

Collapsible coffee maker

If you have a friend who enjoys brewing coffee the same as camping or hiking, then this can be a splendid gift for him/her. Usually, the person who likes camping or hiking has less scope to bring lots of items, let alone taking a big coffee maker. In that case, a collapsible coffee Maker could be a great companion.

unique gifts for coffee lovers

When you collapse it, you will find nothing but a 5-6 inch diameter disc for effortless packing. Besides, if you think a compact-sized pour-over coffee maker could be a great addition to your friend’s kitchen, then consider giving this tiny little coffee gear to your friend as a gift. 

Coffee Warmer

Coffee warmers are another handy coffee gear that will let you sip enjoyable hot coffee hour after hour. For those who used to drink coffee while working, this could be a generous gift for them.

Some people are so absent-minded that they can easily forget about the coffee mug staying right after them for a couple of minutes. As a result, he won’t find that hot and enjoyable coffee cup that was served earlier.

Because of that, you may go for making another cup of coffee by spending your valuable work time. An electric coffee warmer can be the absolute solution to this condition. After every sip, you can place your coffee mug on the warming place of the coffee warmer and can keep the coffee warm as long as you want.

Glass Jar (To Preserve Coffee)

Most coffee connoisseurs think that grinding coffee beans right before brewing is the best way to extract flavors from the coffee. If you agree with that, you need good quality beans and a glass jar where you can preserve coffee. You may think glass jars are not so impressive for giving gifts to a coffee addict.

cool gifts for coffee lovers

Yes, absolutely, but people always love to have something funny. For instance, you can find some funny glass jars where you will see a man hanging on a jar lid and trying to open the lid. It’s kind of funny that you can make smiles on your friend’s face every time he or she opens it. Therefore, this could be a pretty good pick to gift.

Canister (To Preserve Coffee)

Some people are so minimalist that they try to keep everything in their house minimal. In that case, a nice and compact designed canister could be an excellent way to gift them. You will find quite a few colored canisters but try to pick the one by matching your friend’s kitchen or coffee corner color.

Most people are used to grinding freshly roasted coffee beans right before brewing. With a canister, they can store coffee beans securely. So, if you see that every time your friend collects coffee beans from the packet, then you can give a beautiful looking canister so that he or she can store the beans in it. 

Coffee Bean Plant

As a coffee lover, you may want to have a small coffee plant at the corner of your living room. If you’re going to surprise your coffee lover friend by giving such a gift that is not related to brewing but kind of unique and related to the word of coffee, then it could be an excellent pick.

birthday gifts for coffee lovers

Coffee plants have a white-colored flower, which is pretty similar to Jasmine. The smell of the flower is also quite satisfying and can add a bit more luxury to the living room.

Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee beans can remain flavorful after just one week of roasting. Hence, some coffee lovers try to roast their coffee at home. However, most people purchase ready-made roasted coffee and grind them according to their brewing method.

But for getting a rich flavor profile, it’s worth roasting coffee beans on your own. In order to roast coffee beans, you need a bean roaster. This can be a convenient gift for those who want to roast the bean at home. Coffee Roasters is not so pricy at all but quite handy to get the job done.

Candle with Coffee Secant

Nothing is more pleasant than having your coffee in a coffee-scented house. You may think that this is possible only in a coffee shop. Nowadays, you can find some coffee or espresso scented candles on the market that can give you that feel. They tend to burn slowly by delivering a pleasant coffee smell for a couple of hours.

present for coffee lovers

Generally, this type of candle comes with two wicks where one can crackles. Along with the pleasant smell, the crackling sound is quite satisfying that can give you a homey fireplace effect. Who doesn’t enjoy such a magnificent environment while drinking coffee? Overall, it is also a pretty useful item to gift a coffee lover.

Coffee Filter Holder

Whether you’re brewing coffee or even cooking in your lovely kitchen, you always want to do it in an organized way. As a coffee lover, you don’t want to make a mess while brewing coffee. Think about facing the lack of spaces because of the big filter storage.

A unique and compact-sized coffee filter holder can save you from that annoying condition. There’s some filter holder available at the market that can take almost every type of filter. Besides, they can effortlessly hang on the coffee corner wall so that you can save much more space. The elegant look and compact design make it a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Capsule pod

Without any doubt, no one likes to brew coffee after grinding coffee beans while they are in a rush. In that case, a capsule pod can be a great help. Capsule pods are convenient, time-efficient, and can provide consistency of taste. They are recyclable, therefore eco-friendly, and can be a pretty good gift item for your busy coffee lover friend.

Wooden coffee scoop

Wood made items are always preferable to gift. You can use wood made scoop to tamp your grounded coffee before placing the portafilter under the group head of a coffee machine. Though, the scoop is specially used for collecting coffee from the jar. However, you can use a scoop for measuring the right amount of coffee while grinding for brewing.

This type of wood made scoop is ideal for someone who likes to take coffee with him while camping, backpacking, hiking, or other outdoor activities. It becomes a good option for gifting to a coffee lover because of its pretty looks and versatility.

Coffee art

Arts that are related to coffee are also a great way to gift your friend. The art may be about the brewing process of different types of coffee. Anyone can place it at the wall of their coffee corner to get ideas while making coffee. Again, this type of item is not that expensive but is able to make your coffee lover friend happy. That’s why we have kept coffee art on our list of ‘coffee lovers’ gifts.’

Coffee Maple Syrup

Most people use sugar while making their everyday cup of coffee. Though, we all know the health risk of having too much sugar. Instead of using sugar, maple syrup could be a pretty good alternative as it is healthier and contains antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients.

By using a good quality maple syrup, you will get the best output from the coffee than the regular sugar. Anyone can use it not only for coffee but can also use it with hot milk, vanilla, pancakes, and many more. Hence, this is also another item that you can give to your coffee lover friend.

Printed Phone case (Coffee Theme)

People love to have elegantly printed phone cases. You can gift an attractive looking coffee printed phone case to a coffee lover. For that, you need to make sure about the phone model of your coffee lover friend. Then purchase a suitable case, pack it nicely, and suddenly gift the case by surprising your friend. Ensure that the case is also pretty good in quality to protect the phone against drops and damage.

Slipper (Coffee Theme)

We all wear slippers at home. But, have you ever wear any that bear a specific theme? Well, for coffee lovers, a pair of cute, comfortable, and lightweight slippers could be a pretty good gift item. There are quite a few slippers available at the market that look pretty good, and people love to give them to their close ones as gifts. Like the phone model, make sure that you ordered the right size that will be perfect for the gift holder.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee is a source of rich antioxidants hence pretty good for getting a healthier skin tone. The coffee lover who knows the benefits of coffee for skin may use coffee scrub on a regular basis.

There are quite a few amazing advantages of coffee scrub, such as making smooth skin, improving blood circulation, tightening the skin, removing dark skin cells, reducing inflammation, and protecting against some bacteria strains.

Because of all these benefits, a coffee lover would love to use coffee scrubs. Therefore it becomes a nice item to gift.

Coasters (For Putting Cup Over)

Coaster Set is a convenient accessory for daily coffee time. It helps to protect your table cloths. Moreover, by putting it over the coffee cup, you can keep your coffee safe from any unexpected contamination by insects or dust.

This inexpensive item can add some extra vibe while presenting a nice cup of coffee. Some coasters come with written, funny coffee quotes that can add a bit more pleasure while having coffee.

Coffee shirts (Clothes With Coffee Quotes/Image/Writing)

Wearing T-Shirts by matching your hobby is not a recent trend. Some people love to wear nicely quoted hoodies or T-shirts that can make others smile as well. So, a coffee lover can definitely wear something related to coffee. Nowadays, there are some online platforms available where you can purchase pretty looking clothing.

People love to share their thoughts by wearing something related to coffee. This is an excellent way to express how passionate you are about coffee. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique gift idea for your coffee lover friend, consider purchasing a funny coffee T-Shirt.

Coffee Related Books

A passionate coffee lover tries to spend some time learning new brewing techniques. You may think that there’s a lot of helpful websites out there where anyone can learn how to make different types of coffee. But think again, do you find 40-50 types of coffee making process in a particular place?

Obviously, the answer will be no. Experienced baristas often spend their valuable time making guides for brewing different types of coffee. It’s kind of a must-have item on every coffee corner. This can be a great gift for those who love to drink coffee and are looking for a recipe guide for making different types of coffee on their own.

Final Words

It’s not always easy to find the right gift for an experienced coffee lover. Look for something that will spice up their routine or fun tools that they would find useful.

The best gifts for coffee lovers are the ones that show that you’ve put care and thought into your choice. As long as you consider their habits, needs, and interests, the coffee enthusiast in your life is bound to love whatever you end up getting them.

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